On the second anniversary of the successful Leave vote, Robert Oulds condemns Airbus, in receipt of £16 billion from the EU, and BMW, for choosing this day to advise the UK to stay in the single market and customs union. While the eurozone lurches from crisis to crisis, the UK has its highest rate of employment in history and we should look forward to doing business with the rest of the world where, according to the IMF, 90% of economic growth is expected.

As for another referendum, this would make no sense as all due legislative processes have been followed. Parliament voted for the referendum, the government made it clear that they would respect the result, including stating that voting leave meant exiting the single market. Parliament also awarded the Government the power to take Britain out of the EU. And have voted for the EU Withdrawal Bill which includes repealing the European Communities Act 1972.

Over 80% of MPs were elected at the last general election on a mandate to not only respect the referendum result but also to take the UK out of both the single market and customs union; it is therefore clear that leaving the EU has an overwhelmingly powerful mandate. Any attempt to overturn the result and keep us in the undemocratic EU is exactly that, undemocratic and a failure to look to the future which is beyond Europe.