The strategy of chaos is in full swing in the United Kingdom! The country has been plunged in a total information warfare, the EU having lost the legal and popular argument when the referendum took place in 2016. They have now resorted to using their weapon of choice: disinformation.

The Brexiteers are making a serious mistake by focusing on May when they should be preventing the Withdrawal Agreement from passing. Let's hope that MPs in the European Research Group are just bluffing when they say they will vote for her deal because there is no way she will leave even if the deal passes. Remember the Prime Minister is a consummate liar! Is May a European Trojan Horse? Brexiteers made a mistake when they gave her the keys to Downing Street after David Cameron's resignation, and failed to take them away from her in December 2018. They should move on and accept they have lost on this front. However, all is not lost.

The Gina Miller case gave the UK law precedent over the EU law and by doing so render her extension agreed with the EU unlawful since the PM cannot use royal prerogatives without the prior consent of the House of Commons. This effectively mean that with little time to change the exit date and amend the 'Withdrawal' Agreement, we are still likely to be leaving the European Union at 11pm on Friday 12th April.

Brexiteers must understand that whilst victory may be in reach, it will not stop people from campaigning to re-join the European Union. The presumed next phase is only designed to endeavour to entrap the UK and bound the country to the European Union. One must be aware of that! There will be no point of a second phase if the deal passes because we would have handed the EU our parliamentary system for nothing in return but legal slavery. This will mark the end of our Common Law and our democratic system will no longer function (look at France!).

However, should we leave the European Union on the new agreed date, it is inconceivable that countries within the European Union will not 'beg' for a deal. The EU economy (even Germany heading for a recession) is dependent on the UK market. And remember, we remain the clearing house of the Eurozone.

We have now entered a virtual world controlled by those we are 'negotiating' with. The pro-EU march presumably attended by 1 million people, but in reality just a quarter of that number attended, was just a spectacle designed to destabilise us cognitively, and some of the images shown were taken from the Queen's Jubilee. This coincided with the petition to revoke Article 50, which gathered signatures from all over the world and was plagued by bots and pranksters. The fallacious figures and a timing such that comfort the challenges the EU is facing as the United Kingdom is preparing to exit the European Union.

The corrosive and intensive nature of the EU's campaign is only further proof that our freedom is near. They would never have put so much effort in these types of disinformation tactics if they thought they were winning this contest. This also demonstrates that the EU never intended to negotiate unless we leave without a deal. The backstop is the perfect example of this.

By reluctantly but still publicly endorsing May's deal Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson gave a slight glimmer of hope to our Europhile Prime Minister which encouraged her to add to the political chaos. Parliament however voted down her deal for the third time. So we are close to the revised exit date, the game's up, it's time to leave and honour the result of the referendum.