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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.


Supporting Activists

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These short films are intended as a training tool for front line activists. They are to equip team leaders with quick ways to express the ideas we all feel - and to give pertinent facts and figures that you can readily deploy.

If you find these useful, please consider making a small (or enormous) donation to the Bruges Group or join us.


The EU Referendum and the Asian Vote
Justice and Home Affairs
Free movement - the human cost
Street Stall - Part I
Street Stall - Part II
Part III - The Strategic Street Stall
Trade and free movement
The British Option
Peace and the EU
Security and the EU Arrest Warrant
Exclusion from the Single Market?
Workers' rights
Paying for trade

Justice and Home Affairs

Civil liberties and the European Arrest Warrant

Morten Dam
7th June 2016
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Morten Dam of Peoples Movement Against EU in Denmark contrasts Danish referendum result to keep the Justice and Home Affairs opt-out with the UK government discarding the opt-out without so much as a debate in Parliament.

This does rather show David Cameron's contempt for parliament as well as the idea of repatriating powers from Brussels.

The JHA opt-out included the European Arrest Warrant which is a serious reduction in traditional Common Law rights in England as well as under Scottish law. Serious criminals are dealt with by conventional extradition but ordinary people can be arrested on the order of a foreign prosecutor without evidence.


For the local press and social media

David Wilkinson
16th May 2016
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As we approach the referendum, local newspapers will be running local referendum stories. It would be nice if the story was about how local people are making a stand. And that is you; local people making a bit of history.
The problem is that local papers often do not have photographers free on a Saturday morning or they are at historically more significant events like village fetes. You are going to have to write a nice little press release and send some photos to illustrate and accompany the story.
Taking photographs for local papers is not necessarily the same as taking photos for camera club competitions or art galleries. But it is not that difficult - you are not after an award, just a nice big photo on the inside pages of your local rag.
We only have a few weeks left and your Saturday street stall will make a good photo (if you are doing it as we suggest in other videos). So, sit back and relax and watch this short video below.

We know BSE watch these videos because they complain about being in them - but you do not need to watch this one as you just employ some agency.

The EU Referendum and the Asian Vote

Finding our support in new communities

Arun Singh Ahluwalia and Susanna Dyre-Greensite
4th June 2016
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Our activists find that contrary to the Government's propaganda the Leave message is winning in the most ethnically diverse parts of London.

There is a misconception particularly within UK media and elitist chattering classes that immigrants by default favour immigration. This defies logic as the first group of people who suffer from more immigration are immigrants. Few wealthy Chinese or rich Russian oligarchs might move into Knightsbridge or Mayfair but the majority of new comers settle into the already overcrowded and deprived areas of our dilapidated metropolis. Therefore whether it is Southall in West London or Tower Hamlets in East London both areas of ethnic diversity there are tens of thousands of established British Asians who will vote to leave the EU on 23rd June.

The sub continent is a bastion of world democracy where turnout at all sorts of elections can reach 95%. So why would these same folk when in the UK vote for what they know is a totally undemocratic institution far away from their community. Further, ask many of them, they will tell you free movement within the EU is responsible for the untenable burden on housing, schools, the NHS and all sorts of other services. These British Asians will also tell you they came here gradually over decades so have had time enough to assimilate. In contrast, in just a ten year period UK has taken in 3.5 million EU migrants. This is all too fast and leads to a fractious society . It indeed is not ironic that on the recent ITV debate it actually took an Asian immigrant to wrong foot David Cameron on this.

London is not for Remain. There is clearly a great deal of support for Leaving the EU especially in diverse parts of the capital such as in Southall. The undemoractic nature of the EU is a big concern for people. Uncontrolled immigration is also a major issue, especially for those who are settled in the UK.

Street Stall Part III: The Strategic Street Stall

The aims and objectives of your street stall and what you can achieve

James Harvard

4th May 2016
This is the third in the Street Stall Trilogy - although it should maybe be the first you watch.
Here James Harvard, a seasoned anti-EU campaigner, talks about the strategic objectives of your day on the street stall.
We often suspect that the reason we are being asked to operate a street stall is that it is the only person who is asking us can think of. Sometimes, I bet that is true. But it is a mainstay of political campaigning for some good reasons.
Now watch James in the video below

So, there are four good things to be trying to achieve out on your stall. 
He also mentions a couple of operational points covered in the other videos in more depth: the basic necessity of having a street stall with something visible above head height (what is the point of an invisible street stall - and people are still doing that) and the desirability of activists in casual uniform or at least visibly recognisable as being connected to Static Campaign Feature - or stall.
When you have finished, please spend a little more time watching the other two videos in this series on the Street Stall - and then go on to teh other Bruges Group training videos. It is your ability to campaign effectively that will win this referendum. It is not a game so do not play at it.

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