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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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6 Popular Kitchen Renovation Projects in The UK


Home improvement projects topped the list of things that Brits spent the most during the pandemic. The trend is expected to continue even as the pandemic shows signs of easing. Based on the 2020 Renovation Nation Report, UK homeowners spent £55 billion on home improvement projects.

The various renovation works Brits took up include kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and basement makeovers. Kitchen renovations were the most popular projects for Brits. We have listed 7 of the most popular kitchen renovation works done in the past couple of years.


Homeowners are beginning to choose experimental and raw colours to bring a spark to the space. Some of the main trends seen in kitchen colours are:

  • Bold and dark hues are in trend now.
  • Green, navy, and burgundy are the top favourites.
  • Green is used mostly as an accent and in cabinetry.
  • Jewel blue and metallic shades are the top preferences.

Two-toned colours help to break up the kitchen space and prevent the overpowering caused by a single colour.

Kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks are no longer chosen for their functionality alone. There are several models, designs, and types available making homeowners spoilt for choices. Corner sinks, composite sinks with drainer and a half bowl, and more are present to choose from.

The modern additions may look expensive, but you can find great black kitchen sinks deals online that help you stay within budget. Besides matte black, you can find copper sinks that blend well with any colour or countertop material you choose. Adding taps, hinges, and hooks in similar metal will keep the décor elegant.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting has become a top priority in kitchen projects now. Lighting can change the kitchen into a bright spot. The lighting can highlight the working area or make the special features of the kitchen stand out.

For high ceilings, the use of enormous pendants is trending now. They provide bright lighting and create a unique look for the space. Glimmering shades with metallic coatings and statement lighting are other trending ideas.

Switching over to LED light fixtures is a great way to save energy and improve the lighting in the kitchen.Adding windows to the ceiling is another way to turn a congested kitchen space bigger. It can make the space airy and comfortable to work in.Light colours in the flooring, cabinets, and walls will bounce the light around and make the place brighter.


Rather than replacing a laminate or stone countertop consider resurfacing the top. Marble countertops are back in trend now. They are popular for many reasons:

  • Marble signifies luxury
  • It is highly sustainable and durable
  • Adds statement value by creating textural contrast between metals, wood, and other polished surfaces.

Quartz is another popular material choice due to its higher durability than granite tops. It is nonporous and more resistant to dents, cracks, and scratches.Cleaning is also easier when compared to marble or granite as the material does not absorb liquid.

For a fail-safe choice tiled countertops are apt. You can choose traditional or modern designs with the material having good customisation features. Ceramic tiles are popular in kitchen countertop renovations.

Cabinet makeover

A cabinet renovation helps to infuse better function and style into your kitchen. It is less expensive to replace the cabinets than to stain or reface the storage areas.

Have cabinets made by manufacturers that use similar wood for the custom or stock lines. This will ensure you have the same grain in new and old wood surfaces.

You can turn the cabinet storage area into a statement piece in your kitchen. Use internal lighting and glass inserts to make the storage units look attractive.

Since cabinets form a focal point of any kitchen, using bold colours like glossy white doors provide a modern look. The effect is maximised when added to low-level lighting.Lighter hues on the cabinets will help reflect bright morning light making the space lighter.


For hardwood floors, a simple refinish or paint will help. Upgrading flooring is an expensive task. Floor paint for concrete or wood floors is a cheaper alternative that adds style to the kitchen. Before you consider painting, make sure the floor is well-prepared.

Concrete is a great alternative to wood flooring. It saves on material expenses. For homeowners who need the kitchen to be warm and cosy, the addition of suitable lighting and rugs can help. Subway tiles are an affordable addition when compared to marble. They look stylish and add a sparkly look to the kitchen.

Final thoughts

Kitchen renovations can become expensive if you are not careful about the choices you make. While choosing improvement ideas, make sure the changes are in trend for a longer period. Choosing designs and colours that become outdated quickly can reduce the value of the renovation.

Whether it is the flooring, cabinets, or wall colour, establish a theme and choose the styles, patterns, and colours. Shopping for affordable deals also helps to keep the renovations within budget. 

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