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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Barney Reynolds, Bruges Group Speech
25th November 2023

The UK's national governance is being corroded by a failure to identify and take the steps necessary to re-emerge as a sovereign country after leaving the EU. This is causing lower economic growth and an ungoverned clash of cultures which threatens the credibility of our system itself. The problem is that we are seeking to maintain large elements o...

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Bruges Group Conference 2023

The National Interest  Advancing freedom, Brexit, and the British national interest.  Speakers include;Sir Christopher Chope MP, Bernard Connolly, Barry Legg, Barney Reynolds, The Rt Hon. the Lord Lilley, PC and Sir Bill Cash MP. AGENDARegistration and Coffee: 10.30am Morning Session: 11am – 1pmLunch: 1pm – 2pm Afternoon Session...

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The Blob Triumphant

I have no idea whether Rishi Sunak worships Kali among his pantheon of Hindu Gods. His betrayal of Johnson and coup against Truss and the membership of the Conservative party certainly bear they hallmarks of the Thuggee sect that worshipped her. The word 'Thug' comes from the Hindu word 'Thag' which means 'swindler' or 'deceiver'. Certainly it seem...

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Is re-joining the EU an option?

Leading economist Professor Tim Congdon, CBE, discussed whether or not Brexit was here to stay, and if re-joining the European Union was ever an option. Below is a transcript of his speech. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, it's a great honor and pleasure to be talking at a Bruges Group meeting again. Thank you very much for inviting me. I have...

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The Climate Scam - Part 2

THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM  Major factors affecting global temperatures in order of importance are:- 1. Variations in solar radiation reaching our planet, (not much we can do about that). 2. Relative concentrations of gases and particulates in our atmosphere due to natural causes. (volcanic eruptions; marsh gas; animals releasing bowel gas; plant...

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The Climate Scam - Part 1

Deceits; Fake Science and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  Dr C Landsea, Hurricane Researcher at NOAA resigned from the IPCC when his contribution, "Little if Any Increase in Hurricane Strength in the Next Eighty Years" was replaced with different conclusions. In his resignation he wrote, "I cannot in good f...

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Why Do So Many Students Dream of Studying at UK Universities?

The United Kingdom, with its rich academic heritage and a diverse range of universities, stands as a beacon for higher education globally. Thousands of students worldwide dream of and strive to study in the UK every year. This article explores the key reasons behind this enduring aspiration to pursue academic goals in British universities. World-Cl...

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Beyond the Books: How Digital Tools are Enriching the Educational Landscape

The wave of digital transformation is reshaping numerous sectors, with education standing as a notable sphere of influence. In Pembrokeshire and across the wider UK, schools and educational institutions are progressively moving beyond traditional teaching paradigms, venturing into a domain where digital tools are becoming the linchpins of modern-da...

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Teaching Cultural Exchange Through Historical Artifacts and Objects

Cultural interchange promotes tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and understanding among diverse societies. It is a crucial aspect of our globalized world. One effective way to encourage this exchange is using historical artifacts and objects. Teachers can impart cultural exchange in a way that is immersive and tangible with the aid of these tangible...

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Where Has My Country Gone?

By  Dr Jonathan S. Swift On Saturday 14 October, I took my daughter to the Open Day at Manchester University. It is some five years since I have spent any length of time in Manchester, and I was shocked by what had happened to a once-vibrant and beautiful city. The most disturbing part of the whole experience was the seeming acceptance - dare ...

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The Spiders and the Web

Are Israel and the West walking into a trap? In this increasingly binary, digital and divided world people are encouraged to take sides on almost anything and respond to events, people and actions emotionally rather than objectively. Israel's response to unspeakable acts of terror against its civilians has resulted in death and injury to women, chi...

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Comment: On European Defence by David Banks

The following is comment on recent comments by European Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, a potential Commission President candidate, regarding Commissioner Breton's calls for an EU carrier strike group and missile defence shield. Forgive my long read here on EU defence. It is relevant to the UK and hopefully gives you something use...

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A Moment so Brief it Never Happened

Women seem to provide us with consistently better common sense leadership than men. Leadership that reflects the values of the majority rather than a self-indulgent minority. Elizabeth 1, Queen Anne, Victoria, Margaret Thatcher all reflected the hopes and wishes of the people. All were proud of their country and their pride was matched by the ...

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Bruges Group Conference @ DemocracyZone

 The Bruges Group, in collaboration with the Conservative Democratic Organisation, the Campaign for an Independent Britain, and The Freedom Association, is proud to announce that we will be hosting the Democracy Zone at the Friends’ Meeting House in Manchester at the Conservative Party Conference. Attendees will have the chance to he...

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Transforming Your Creative Ideas Into Professional Digital Publications

The skill of turning creative ideas into professional digital publications has become increasingly important. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a freelance designer, or just someone with a compelling story, being able to effectively share your vision is a key differentiator in the crowded online landscape. Your unique ideas deserve a platfo...

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Why Work With a Third Party Logistics Company?

Managing logistics and your supply chain is time consuming, expensive, and complicated. But it's a key aspect of your business that needs to be covered adequately. So why not consider outsourcing it to a third party logistics company? The premise is simple. You'll hire an external partner to take care of most, if not all, of your logistics and supp...

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David Banks' Take on World War II: The First Culture War

You'll rarely find a historical book on any era which takes such a fresh approach to its subject.The thorough analysis of the cultural reasons for victory and defeat (as well as countries' attempts to remain neutral) is such a crucial component that this book can make others appear devoid for omitting the subject, as is so often the case.The author...

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World War II: The First Culture War, by Robert Oulds

This remarkable and comprehensive study of World War II focuses on the crucial role of ideas - moral and intellectual - in the different ways the opposing sides fought, and explains the role of these ideas in the Allies' ultimate victory. The author examines the differing strategies pursued by each of the rival powers, and their tactics and weaponr...

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Fred's Nightmare

It was just gone midnight when a loud banging on the door woke Fred blogs from his slumber. The banging on the door increased as Fred donned his dressing gown, stepped into his slippers and, bleary eyed, stumbled downstairs to see who was creating the racket on his front door. The sight that confronted him made his mouth drop as he s...

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Danegeld and Cult Crash

The chief executive of Deutsche Bank Christian Sewing told a meeting in Frankfurt "We are not the sick man of Europe. But, it is also true that there are structural weaknesses that hold back our economy and prevent it from developing its great potential. And we will become the sick man of Europe if we do not address these structural issues now." Ac...

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3 Ways to Future-Proof Your B2B SaaS Business

The global SaaS market size is predicted to grow from $261.15 billion in 2022 to $819.23 billion in 2030.  It shows that the growth of the SaaS industry isn't slowing down. But is this a guarantee of a high growth trajectory for your B2B SaaS business too? Hardly. To achieve constant growth, you have to adapt your business to the changing dema...

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RAAC: Brutalism's last straw

It's yet another few weeks and the government has received criticism over a report over historic structural issues with schools, namely the structural defects found in Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC). Now an international concern, with the German public broadcaster DW identifying it as a 'global issue', it is clear that this has moved...

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Pro Birmingham And Contra HMG

Brum is bust, but the problem is not that the council is 'socialist'; the problem is that the national government is not 'conservative.' When did the soi-disant Conservative Party last show a deep interest in the security and welfare of the nation as a whole? For example, it's estimated that the UK's spending on defence for Ukraine totals £4.6 bill...

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What are UK Players' Priorities and How Does Generation VIP Cater To Them?

Hey there gaming enthusiasts and casino connoisseurs! Have you ever wondered what truly matters to UK players in the world of online casinos? From seamless gameplay to enticing bonuses and personalised experiences, UK players have discerning tastes. Enter Generation VIP, a platform that not only understands but also caters to these priorities like ...

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Reasons Why You Should Seek Legal Counsel for Personal Injury

It's a little-known fact that many people injured due to another person's action may be entitled to financial compensation. But with so much information and intricate legalities, the process can be daunting for someone unfamiliar with the law. Thankfully, consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer can guide how best to proceed—and often, they...

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A Guide to Seasonal Skin Care for Pembrokeshire Residents

Pembrokeshire, with its pristine coastlines and varying climate, offers a unique blend of experiences for both residents and visitors alike. But, with its seasonal charm comes a set of challenges, especially for skin health. As the weather shifts from the brisk cold of winter to the warm glow of summer, our skin, too, experiences a myriad of change...

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North and South in a new geopolitical dichotomy

.What used to be East and West is now the global North and South in a new geopolitical dichotomy. While not strictly ideologically divided, the ascendancy of (southern) BRICS members being largely economic, they and the whole Global South are increasingly defined politically according to their perceived history. Much is spoken about multipolarity b...

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Our Nation State its Past, Present and Future. By Bob Lomas

The intellect of mankind has developed down through millennia which has facilitated his progression of understanding. Unfortunately the level of understanding is not, and has never been, universal due to group isolation and environmental limitations. On a world scale it has been and remains a long and very slow learning curve, its progression ...

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The Elites: Myth or Reality?

The word 'elites' has come to mean a shorthand for 'the powers that be', which may include or be separate from and above one's elected representatives including international regulators that dictate to and restrict governments. This comprising an embryonic world government for whom and for which no one voted. According to various conspiracy theorie...

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Stealing Freedom of Movement

 The photo of me is from 1968 when I was young, beardless and fresh faced, it was one taken for my very first passport. In those days our British passports were wonderful things, they were dark blue with a hard cover and inside were the instructions from our Monarch to let the holder of the passport pass without let or hinderance. As I used th...

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The mass media are warped as a barley twist

On Tuesday night BBC4 screened a 1980 episode of 'Yes, Minister' about the dangers to personal privacy of a governmental national database. Things have certainly moved on since then - we surrender our DPA rights almost every time we shop or go online. But the information asymmetry between officialdom and the citizen is still a live issue over four ...

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Were all our tomorrows yesterday?

'Thirteen Wasted Years' is the war cry of Starmer's Labour party. To those who remember, it simply demonstrates that they have not got a new idea - on anything. The slogan was used by Wilson for the 1964 General Election. I suggest that the truth is that, apart from Thatcher, we have had 84 wasted years, well 79 if one deducts WW2. Neville Chamberl...

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Censorship is deadly

The danger of suppressing information and alternative views in matters of public interest is that it will likely lead to costly and lethal policy errors. Alastair Campbell says it is a shame that the UK does not jail politicians for misleading Parliament. Can he have forgotten that Blair assured the Commons that he knew - rather than was personally...

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Mastering the Startup Space: Key Moves for New Entrepreneurs

Diving into the world of startups is akin to embarking on an exhilarating yet demanding adventure. It's an expedition filled with opportunities, challenges, victories, and lessons. Every new entrepreneur brings to the table a spark, a dream. Yet, while the energy is abundant, the path to success can be elusive. This guide aims to illuminate that pa...

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Legal Trumpery

Donald Trump is to 'surrender' to a court in Atlanta on Thursday to face thirteen charges. As a Brit I have no dog in this fight, and DJT is definitely a Marmite person, but I am not alone in viewing the whole affair as at least partly party-politically motivated, employing a spray-and-pray tactic in the hope that at least one bullet will hit its t...

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Batten the Hatches!

I have been following a select group of (mostly American) financial commentators since 2007, before the Global Financial Crisis. Their tone is even more sombre now. Charles Hugh Smith posted 'I Have a Very Bad Feeling About This' a few days ago, following it with 'No, Central Banks Won't Save Us This Time.' He has been warning for years that we sho...

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Climate (sic) "Science" Mythology and an Historical Perspective. 

One of the few benefits of being old is a weary perspective - that our untameable climate has caused self-acclaimed scientists to be perpetually baffled. When it comes to this force of nature I am firmly encamped with King Canute who, possibly unlike our present king, deserves to be remembered as a debunker of baloney. Growing up in the 60's, and f...

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Artificial Idiocy and Productivity Damage

Last Saturday we went to the theatre in Windsor. The car park no longer has a machine that takes cash. It does have two parking aps. The first was out of order, or at least it could not be downloaded. The second was one my wife has. Her credit card is registered with them, but she could not pay. She phoned them. A human sorted the problem, confirme...

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Cock-a-knee Rebels

A friend once gave me a spray can of 'bullshit repellent.' The cover showed a man in an Edwardian swimming costume chesting back prime surfer quality waves of the stuff. There's so much of it now. Bookmaker Paddy Power has just released a promo video linking to the Women's World Cup (htp: PJW), insulting white men as misogynist gammons uninterested...

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Robert Oulds in the Express: World War 2 was the first culture war and now we are fighting another

Director Robert Oulds' recent article in the Daily Express on what his latest book, World War II: The First Culture War, means to him had struck a chord with readers and explains his thinking behind his latest book. Embedded in this latest publication is a deeper exploration of Britain and the societies it created, the Empire it built, and wha...

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EU and Maui: Burning Issues

Everything is proof we should have not left the EU and that climate change will kill us all. If the UK has an economic boom and Arctic weather, those are sure signs that a bust will follow and our trees will burst into flame. We are in a time like the periodic madnesses that seized Europe in the Middle Ages - Norman Cohn's 'The Pursuit Of The Mille...

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World War II: The First Culture War

Mr Robert Oulds' new book, World War II: The First Culture War has received praise and plaudits from all quarters. War strategists, academics, and politicians alike have praised his book as detailed, illuminating, and comprehensive. It's a book that goes deeper than merely the events, the politics, or the history many of us understand - it's a...

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Why Inflation Must Be Killed

The inflation rate was over 11 per cent last Autumn; in the mid-Seventies it surpassed 25 per cent. You would want to be protected against this rotting of your money, especially if you were a pensioner. Last month I explained how the Government's choice and operation of inflation indices for State benefits doesn't work. Now I want to show how, even...

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World War II The First Culture War

Robert Oulds new book, 'World War II The First Culture War', is a remarkable literary accomplishment. This is history of a different sort. It looks in detail at nations, cultures and people and examines the reasons for events. Rather than a catalogue, with endless references, of events, it examines the reason for the event(s). When the events thems...

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The EU - A GDP Graveyard - Proved by 40 Years of IMF Statistics

Still Want to Rejoin? - Read This  If you want still to rejoin the EU, ask yourself after reading about nearly four decades of IMF economic data, how in the name of good judgement anyone might want to do that.   For those four decades the EU has been a graveyard for UK GDP along with the r...

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Affairs are now soul size

Why do bad men do bad things? Because they are mad, that is the modern explanation. But 'mad' is just English for 'I don't understand.' It's become common wisdom that all religious belief from Animism to Zoroastrianism is wrong, loopy and solely responsible for mankind's atrocities; but it's the irrationality and inhumanity of worldly wisemen that ...

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Booze Boosts Budgets

The tax on alcohol has been raised by 10.1%; the reasons given are 'wider UK tax and public health objectives.' It's mostly to do with the money: last year the Treasury raised £12.4 billion from alcohol duties. This compares with around £8 billion in the US, which has 5 times our population. Clearly the UK Government needs the cash and depends on d...

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A Guide to Understanding Casino Payout Rates

When diving into the world of online casinos, one term you'll frequently encounter is "payout rate." It's a crucial metric that can significantly influence your gaming experience. I've often found that players, both new and seasoned, can benefit from a clear understanding of this concept. In a study conducted by, they shed light on t...

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Is Natural Gas a Good Investment? Analysing Benefits, Risks, and Opportunities

Natural gas has emerged as a significant player in the global energy landscape, positioned as an intermediary energy source between traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy. Its cleaner and lower-cost attributes have attracted attention, making it a potential investment opportunity. However, with the transition to renewable energy gaining mome...

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Immigration: Robert Oulds' TalkTV Interview with Mike Graham

In a recent interview with Mike Graham on TalkTV's 'The Independent Republic of Mike Graham', Director of The Bruges Group Mr. Robert Oulds spoke on Immigration, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's priorities before the next General Election, and what can be done to stop the boats. Mr Oulds said that for the Prime Minister to retain the trust of many of t...

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Keith Shotbolt: The True Science of Climate Change

As part of the Bruges Group's Climate Change Programme, we present this paper on the True Science on Climate Change by Keith Shotbolt. Download PDF File Here

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Nick Schroeder: Greenhouse theory goes kerbluey

Greenhouse Emissions say, without Greenhouse Gases, Earth becomes -18 C ball of ice.Science says not so.K-T balance graphics show a 396/333/63 GHE energy loop.Science says bad math & badder physics.GHE says Earth upwells "extra" energy as a BB surface. Science says not possible. No Greenhouse Emissions, no Greenhouse Gas hea...

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Britain's debt pile is NOT higher than the EU's

Contrary to the Daily Telegraph's story today claiming that Britain's debt pile does not outstrip the EU's, Britain's is far lower, because the EU's is masked by creative accounting. The full extent of the EU's debts and other financial liabilities is detailed in my book recent book 'The shadow liabilities of EU Member States, and the threat they p...

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How Live Streaming Works and Its Impact on the Gambling Industry

Live streaming has become a transformative force in the gambling industry, creating a bridge between physical casinos and virtual platforms. Through the use of high-definition cameras, specialized software, and secure internet connections, live streaming delivers real-time data from casino floors or live studios directly to users' devices. Technolo...

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A Physician Assistant's Amazing Role in Healthcare

Physician assistants (PAs) are rapidly becoming integral providers in healthcare. Their advanced medical training, versatility, and collaborative approach enable PAs to help fill provider gaps, increase access, coordinate care, and elevate outcomes. Pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant offers tremendous rewards and growth opportunities. PAs e...

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How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Dealing with a personal injury is an unfortunate and challenging experience, but when legal action becomes necessary, it's important to be well-prepared for the journey ahead. A personal injury lawsuit can arise from various situations, such as car accidents, slips, and falls, medical malpractice, or workplace incidents. Navigating the legal proces...

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6 Situations When You Need To Hire A Lawyer

Do you find yourself in legal hot water and unsure where to turn? Have you been recently served with a restraining order or faced with bankruptcy proceedings? Or maybe you're starting your own business and want some specific pieces of advice. No matter what kind of situation you've found yourself in, if it involves legalese, it may be time to call ...

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The Importance of Office Furniture to Achieve Business Success

Choosing the best office furniture is more critical than many realize. Presenting the right professional atmosphere begins with choosing complementary office furniture. Shopping for office furniture takes a concerted effort, but it is worth the time spent. Why Is the Right Office Furniture So Critical? Before searching for furniture, business owner...

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Strategies to Maximize Your Car Accident Claim Settlement

Being involved in a car accident can be an extremely stressful experience, especially if you don't know what to do the moment it happens. From understanding how claims work to navigating medical bills and insurance quotes, you may feel lost and overwhelmed—which is why ensuring that you get the maximum settlement for your car accident claim is esse...

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The Biggest Issues That Keep Men Up At Night (And How They Can Sort Them)

There's nothing worse than a worry that keeps you up at night. That niggling feeling that you can't shake, that your brain starts to fret over as soon as you try and rest. And let's face it: there's hardly been a shortage of things to worry about recently! Ranging from personal relationships to career aspirations and health concerns, all of these i...

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A Curated List of Ways to Get Your Lost or Deleted Data Back

As we continue our journey into the digital age, data has become a universal currency of immense value. It is the backbone of businesses, the anchor of personal memories, and the foundation of countless intellectual endeavors. Protecting this data is imperative, yet many fail to realize its importance until it is too late. Data loss can result from...

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ULEZ and the Poll Tax

If you want more money off the poor you'll have to give it to them first. Even the Conservatives took some account of this when they first proposed a Community Charge. Here is how they announced it in their 1987 General Election manifesto: 'We will legislate in the first Session of the new Parliament to abolish the unfair domestic rating system and...

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Inflation and pay claims

Strikers are all evil, of course. I know because I was a teacher in 1987 and the newspapers made it clear how wicked and greedy we all were; a change from the cheery contempt everybody has for our profession. Now it's overpaid railway workers and horrid grasping doctors. Nobody in the public sector should be allowed to withhold their labour or othe...

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Predictable Panic and Populism

The by-election results have had a predictable effect on MPs of the two main parties. The real story is that because there is not a Conservative party to vote for, Tories stayed at home. With the exception of a minority of democrats still fighting to implement Brexit, the conservative party is now Labour-lite. The real Labour party in full throated...

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The Ultimate Guide To Investing In Precious Metals

Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have long intrigued investors due to their aesthetic appeal. But beyond their timeless beauty, these metals also provide unique portfolio diversification, wealth protection, and hedging abilities. Their distinguishing financial attributes explain the enduring investor attraction. This guide...

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No Deposit Bonuses Unveiled: How to Play With Free Money at Online Casinos

Have you ever heard the term "risk-free betting"? It is the dream of every online casino player, and these dreams have become a reality. You can get free money to play games online. While many new sites are popping up in the industry and seeking to convince gamblers to join their platforms, long-operating online casinos are constantly trying to win...

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Disadvantages Of The EU Universities Or Why UK Universities Are The Best Choice?

In recent years, choosing the right university has become an increasingly important decision for students around the world. With the rise in globalization, students now have a wider range of options when it comes to pursuing higher education. While European Union (EU) universities may seem like an attractive choice, several disadvantages make UK un...

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The Impact of Distracted Driving on Pedestrian Safety

In this day and age, the combination of busy life schedules, technology overload, and commuting to work or school can be a lethal cocktail for distracted driving. While most drivers focus on reducing their own risk factors while behind the wheel, few remember that there are others who rely just as heavily on the consideration of motorists—the pedes...

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'The European Project is Making People Poorer'

Have we in the UK been getting steadily poorer year-on-year over 46 years in the "European Project" [the EEC and then the EU] than if the UK had been out? What is the evidence? Remainers claim "We're better off in". But is it true? And if "We're better off out" people should know. The UK is tipped to overtake Germany and become the largest economy ...

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Too Many Chiefs

There is an old saying for organisations that are over managed, which is: 'Too many chiefs and not enough indians'. No doubt such a saying these days falls foul of the P.C., woke, right-on campaigners and mad leftie nutters, who will want anyone cancelled for saying such a thing. However, as I stay clear of all social media as I feel it is the inte...

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Liberal Totalitarians

I agree with George Monbiot when he says 'Overwhelmingly, the risk of climate change is due to moving billions of tons of carbon from deep underground into the atmosphere.'Over time, if we keep doing this, the chemical makeup of our atmosphere will change enough to induce meaningful climate change.' So sorry, that was an error on my behalf. That wa...

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Brexit is Working - Part TWO

We are pleased to publish this analysis by Sebastian James based on his blog at The Blue Anchor. PART TWO In part two we look at GDP growth. The dataset is here. Here is the graph:  Below is the section from 1956 when records began up to the 1975 referendum vote to remain:  I see a line going up from bottom left to top right. GDP grew fro...

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Inquisition Resurgent

As Cayetano Ripoll slowly choked to death on the Spanish scaffold, he would have been unaware that he was the last to suffer that fate at the hands of the Inquisition. They had demanded he be burned at the stake. As a compromise he was hanged, a slow death compared with the recently mandated garrote. Ripoll's crime was to have taught Deism, that th...

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Unfinished Business of Brexit

It's time to well and truly close a chapter and consolidate those newfound freedoms. Post-Brexit Britain needs a plan, it needs a rallying cry, and the anxiety of Britain's place in the world needs to end. Managed decline or nostalgia-driven fantasies of 'Global Britain', dictates the naysayers charter. There are no solutions, they claim. Well ther...

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Brexit is Working

We are pleased to publish this analysis by Sebastian James based on his blog at The Blue Anchor.  PART ONE After the vote to leave The Guardian started a regular tracker to chart its impact on the economy. But as the Remainer predictions turned to dust and the good news kept piling up the Guardian quietly dropped this feature. So I'm reviving ...

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Eurozone’s ‘shadow debts’ start to become real ones, and threaten the Bundesbank with bankruptcy

The German Federal Audit Office ('Bundesrechnungshof') has warned that the Bundesbank may need a bailout due to losses on the EUR650 billion of bonds it bought as part of the Eurozone's equivalent of Quantitative Easing. The Daily Telegraph reported on this on 26 June. Of course the risk is not for the entire EUR650 billion but for the fraction by ...

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Indulge in Premium Gaming: A Look at the PlayStar Slots

The world of online gaming has witnessed a remarkable evolution in recent years, with advancements in technology and innovative gameplay experiences captivating players around the globe. One noteworthy contributor to this trend is PlayStar, a prominent player in the online casino industry that offers an array of premium gaming options, including ca...

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The Seven Year Tantrum

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about the show trial of Boris Johnson. It attracted attention and comment on twitter. I have never looked at comments on the Bruges Twitter feed and it was a revelation. The level of spite and childish name calling was staggering. Since the removal of Boris the antics of EU acolytes and their rejoiner friends has be...

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Born in the right body: gender identity ideology from a medical and feminist perspective

By Isidora Sanger, paperback, 359 pages, ISBN 9798364867902, independently published, 2022, £11.99.   Isidora Sanger is the nom-de-plume of a retired medical doctor. In this splendid book she demolishes the case for gender identity ideology. Both the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act have been systematically misrepresented to ju...

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Turning Things Around

The UK must not listen to declinists and defeatists. It is amazing how fast things can be turned around, and I've seen it in education, where the material we work with is often difficult. In the late Seventies I taught in an inner-city multiracial secondary school neighbouring Handsworth, where the first riots were to come three years later. The bu...

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No To Left-Wing Declinism !

coThe economist Duncan Weldon has told the New Statesman's Will Dunn that 'Brexit is a "slow puncture" on the UK economy.' As former business editor of BBC's Newsnight and so presumably of the Left he received soft treatment by Dunn. Let us deflate his arguments a little. Clearly much of our difficulty with the EU post-Brexit is intentional on thei...

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Why Casinos Have a High Impact on the UK Economy

When it comes to the UK economy, casinos are more than just places of entertainment and gambling. They profoundly impact the country's economic landscape, contributing significantly to its growth and development. This blog post will help us explore the top compelling reasons why casinos play a crucial role in the UK economy, driving employment, tou...

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Partygate: Mixed Feelings

The news is full of political parties at the moment - the drinking and dancing kind. No sooner did Boris Johnson decide to jump Parliament before he was pushed than it transpired one of the Privileges Committee himself attended a jolly during lockdown. The Guardian's piece on Bernard Jenkin is uncharacteristically balanced, perhaps because of mixed...

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Wannabe Dictators

Why do we ape America, but so badly? Let's start with our 'big brother': On Tuesday, an editor at Fox News (fascists!) subtitled a live feed 'WANNABE DICTATOR SPEAKS AT THE WHITE HOUSE AFTER HAVING HIS POLITICAL RIVAL ARRESTED.' The banner was taken down within seconds and the editor told to get his National Insurance card stamped or whatever they ...

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An Attack on Law and Democracy

The hatred of Brexit is so great that it seems its opponents are happy to destroy not just the rule of law, but democracy itself in their quest for vengeance. Those who deny this, should read the Guardian newspaper Opinion piece 13th June 2023 Titled "Brexit was Johnson and Johnson was Brexit. Now that he has gone, Britain must think again" Its sub...

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A Closer Look at Playtech's Age of the Gods Jackpot Slot Series

Playtech is a market-leading online casino software provider that has developed some of the world's most-loved games. They have produced and supplied games to casino sites since the late 90s. On this page, we will be taking a look at the hugely successful Age of the Gods progressive jackpot slot series. You can also find out where to play some of t...

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Derek Norman Obituary

It was sad to receive the news of the death of Derek Norman from the head of the British Weights & Measures Association (BWMA), which he had been an active member of for many years, as well as an active UKIP member in his part of Cambridgeshire. He became well known as one of a team who, when given the location of illegal council signs showing ...

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Call to arms

The Conservative Party killed the golden goose and got a lame duck. The wolves (now blooded) circle… A former prime minister has not only been pushed from office, but chased out of Parliament as well. Did that happen to Neville Chamberlain? Did it happen to Edward Heath? These days, however, former leaders need to be extinguished as well as removed...

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Boris is playing 8D Chess

'It is very sad to be leaving parliament - at least for now - but above all I am bewildered and appalled that I can be forced out, anti-democratically, by a committee chaired and managed, by Harriet Harman, with such egregious bias.' This resignation of Bojo first starting point was the kangaroo court that was image  of the modern po...

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Boris and the divided house

Boris Johnson's letter of resignation wonders how Harriet Harman's panel could have come to its conclusion: I have received a letter from the Privileges Committee making it clear - much to my amazement - that they are determined to use the proceedings against me to drive me out of Parliament. That sense of injustice is reminiscent of Sir Thomas Mor...

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Answer the Question

Seven years after the Brexit referendum and three years since we actually left the EU project fear has intensified. Those who could never, and still cannot, explain why they want to be ruled by an unelected and democratically unaccountable president and 27 person commission, daily attack democracy. According to Osborne, Soros, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP...

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Tories: The Party's Over

It's time to call it a day. I'm not the only one saying it - ask Dominic Cummings, for another. The Party is moribund and we need to put it out of our misery. As for the Labour Party, that died a long time ago. New Labour gave a new meaning to the word 'New': 'Not.' Now it is a soft-handed version of revolutionary Communism, dedicated to the overth...

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Brexit and Day Trading: What You Need to Know

The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union has had a significant impact on many aspects of life, including day trading in the UK. As businesses had to adapt their international collaborations and activities, their market values were put through a new set of challenges. Before Brexit, the United Kingdom was a central hub for day trading ...

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Unlocking the secrets of winning at online slots

Slot machines are one of the most iconic aspects of the casino experience. The flashing lights add vibrancy to the casino floor while the bells and whistles provide an exciting soundtrack. It's hard to imagine a casino without slot machines. Online casinos have brought the slot machine into the 21st century. The continuing popularity of slots is ob...

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Do Small Businesses Need to Provide Health Insurance?

Are Small Business Owners Obligated to Offer Health Insurance to Employees?  As a small business owner, you're incentivized to cut costs wherever possible so you can remain profitable and operational. At the same time, you want to keep your employees happy so you can retain your top talent. Do small businesses need to provide health insurance?...

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The Comprehensive Guide to Daily Fantasy Sports Wagering

Imagine a realm where sports aficionados combine their love for the game with their analytical prowess to win monetary rewards. Welcome to the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). This rapidly growing avenue in the sphere of online gaming allows you to exercise your knowledge of sports while chancing your arm at earning handsome rewards. Understand...

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Asian Wedding

When we came back off holiday our next door neighbours invited us to their son's wedding. The previous occupants had been Hindu refugees from Idi Amin's purges and when one of their sons got married the festivities were held at home. We looked in: the women were gathered in the front room, the men out back. We still exchange cards at Christmas. Thi...

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Britain's Unique Aristocracy

The word aristocracy has many stigmas and dogmas to it, some good, some bad, and Britain's aristocracy has in the past deservingly or not earned most of them to some degree or another. The good far outweighs the bad, this good that our aristocracy has contributed mightily to our stability and prosperity and that without it we would have neither. To...

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Navigating the Complexities of UK Business Energy Rates

Navigating the complexities of UK business energy rates can be a daunting task for any business owner. With various suppliers, tariffs, and contract types to choose from, it's essential to understand the market and make informed decisions that will help you save money on your energy bills. In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of UK busine...

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Robin Page Obituary

Robin Page who sadly passed away aged 80 at the end of May 2023 was not only a famous countryman and conservationist, as well as being well known for being a presenter of 'One Man & His Dog', he was also a vocal and active campaigner against membership of the EU. He first came to my attention during the one and only Referendum Party conference ...

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