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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Simple Arithmetic

According to the experts, Kier Starmer will be Prime Minister by March next year at the latest. On one level it makes little difference. The Conservative Party is indistinguishable from the Liberal Democrats, they are indistinguishable from Labour. Starmer pretends that Labour has moved right, to the centre ground. The reality is that while Cameron...

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Trashing the system

'Big crash coming' says Jimmy Dore, introducing his guest Paul Stone. They agree that the economy is being mismanaged, because interest rates are too high and the debt is ballooning. The problem is that everything depends on facts and interpretation, and about the only fact that is unchallengeab...

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Dysfunction Dominates American Politics

Alex Reinshagen | The Bruges Group March 19, 2024 The current US Administration (and Congress) needs to get its act together. The entire world - friends and foes alike - see how weak America is on the world stage. The United Kingdom would be correct in taking on more of a leadership role in keeping us from plummeting into WW III. Because right now,...

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Democracy on the Rocks?

The Tory party having abandoned Conservatism is now drifting like a metaphorical Marie Celeste. From the Heroic 80 seats to a potential near zero. An updated story of "From Hero to Zero". Rishi Sunak having usurped the leadership plays Captain Ahab uninterested in the calamity he has unleashed. The plan is working he cries while the Tempest rages. ...

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Unfunded Public Sector Pension Deficit the Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back?

We have a two-tier pension system in the UK whereby MPs and public sector employees have a defined benefit or final salary pension, whereas private sector employees have a defined contribution or money purchase pension. This raises the question: should the pension arrangements of MPs be aligned with those of employees in the private or public secto...

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Going back centuries alchemists were convinced they could turn base metals into gold, despite none of them being able achieve this, these days we laugh at them for their obvious foolishness and ignorance. Going forward in time, as machinery and technology advanced, a new breed of people were convinced they could invent a perpetual motion machine, l...

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It's the Hard Left, Stupid.

 Friday March 1st Rishi Sunak stood at a podium outside ten Downing Street. Like a trainee teacher lacking any form of sanction, he confronted a rebellious class. He did not quite say, "You are all very naughty", but it wasn't far-off. Lots of words, a threat to back the Police if they ever get off their knees. He had harsh words for two group...

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Another Glorious Revolution, or a Caliphate?

We are in trouble. It started when Ted Heath told lies about the Common Market and its true intention. Since then, a certain type of self-serving politician has lied about everything from expenses to democracy. According to Nick Robinson, Lindsay Hoyle can be forgiven for caving into Starmer because, "he's only human and wants to keep his job". The...

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Challenging "Net Zero"

Download PDF File Here Posted with permission of   Posted with permission of   BUY Green in Tooth and Claw Click the Image Below

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A Green Future – What might we expect?

Assume for a moment that the world achieves net zero carbon emissions and that no more fossil fuels are being produced or consumed. How might life change on Earth? Firstly, let us assume that with no fossil fuels being burnt the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere falls to pre industrial levels of around 280 parts per million. CO2 is an essential r...

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Just war and the squandering of peace

We live in a world increasingly beset with wars and rumours of wars, proxy wars and proxy-proxy wars. However, all forest fires begin with a spark or sparks and everything has a context. An unwillingness or inability to understand context is one of the ills of modern life. The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia early in 2022 has a context tha...

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BRICS vs Build Back Better: Lessons from history is again on the agenda. Different versions of authoritarianism are set against each other driving the rival camps from crisis to conflict. BRICS verses Build Back Better is the new divide. The principles which gave Britain and her allies victory in the last great conflagration have largely been forgotten. With...

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Digital Persecution

We live in a small village in Kent. Our 'Medical Centre' in the next large village has gone digital. Repeat prescriptions are only accepted if one uses the NHS Ap. It has a box where you can write a message. Oddly it has a notice stating "You can add a note about your prescription here. Your note may not be seen or replied to, so if you have an imp...

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More Carbon Dioxide cannot absorb more Infrared Radiation

In 1988, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was founded and its many scientists mandated by the UN Environment Programme and World Meteorological Organization to "make policy relevant – as opposed to policy-prescriptive – assessments of the existing worldwide literature on the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of climate c...

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War on Freedom: War on the Poor

Straws in the wind   The NHS The NHS is crumbling and cannot continue for much longer in its current form. Free healthcare for all at the point of need was possible in the late 1940s and early 1950s but with ever more costly and complex interventions this is no longer the case. None of the modern imaging equipment had been invented when t...

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Green in Tooth and Claw: the Misanthropic Mission of Climate Alarm

By Niall McCrae, paperback, 196 pages, ISBN 978-1-7393152-8-3, eBook ISBN 978-1-7393152-9-0, The Bruges Group, 2024   This is a passionate attack on the new global elite, a small group of people who have risen to the top of corporations and political parties, who have such a high opinion of themselves that they believe they are entitled t...

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The Separation of Money and State

By Christine McNulty  Plato believed there exists an inescapable duality, a conflict between mind and body. He viewed human emotion as an enemy and saw reason as a "charioteer commanding horses: the unruly passions" - a view that has echoed down through the centuries.But the history of human achievement is a powerful testimony to the fact...

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Green in Tooth and Claw

By  Niall McCrae  Green in Tooth and Claw is not so much about climate change, but the elite forces that use fear and ignorance to push their agenda. Niall McCrae's fact filled book is a must read for all who value freedom and honesty. A variety of self appointed 'elites' belong to organisations that have been manipulating democracies to ...

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Burden of Taxation

Why have the Conservatives increased the burden of taxation on individuals earning between £100,000-£150,000, whilst at the same time reducing the burden on those earning over £150,000? Is this, yet another example, of how Conservatives have become out of touch with their key supporters?Under the last Labour Government taxable income between £100,0...

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Defender of?

Prince William was recently reported (wrongly as it turns out) as wanting his eventual reign to break with the Church of England, which led to questions as to whether that was desirable or even possible while retaining the monarchy itself. Now, sources claim that His Royal Highness will do no such thing, but that he does not share the dee...

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The polish comes off Davos, but the Great Reset continues

Is the World Economic Forum's annual shindig in the Swiss Alps becoming an embarrassment?As more and more people wake up to the hypocrisy of those preaching from the podium and the dystopian designs of the Great Reset, the air is chilling. Yet the show must go on. The WEF may be floundering, as observed by James Pinkerton in the 'Rise and Fall of D...

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Supply Chain Warriors

Successful American and British military action against Houthi targets in Yemen may not achieve positive results without negative consequences. There are four seas that rule the supply chain world - the Caspian and its link to the Black Sea with its waterway to the Mediterranean with its canal to the Red Sea. This is a lot more than grain and oil b...

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5 Customer Service Tips that Increase Customer Satisfaction (and Your Profits)

When your goal is to get repeat, happy customers, you need to be on top of your customer service game. Nothing can be left to chance. The good news is that customer service is completely within your control if you're willing to put in the time and effort to make it work. To get more satisfied customers who are willing to leave you the raving review...

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Plywood Formwork: It's Flexibility And Benefits to Construction

Concrete is a durable construction material used to construct many permanent structures. However, wet concrete requires temporary formwork to mold it into the desired shape. The formwork holds the concrete together until it is firm enough to withstand external impact. What is the best material to build these temporary structures? This question is i...

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The Green Affliction

Increasing numbers of people have become concerned about a dangerous condition sweeping the planet. Every time there is an annual COP meeting the hundreds of delegates attending, all looking forward to these lavish events after flying in from all parts of the world in their private jets, who require sustenance and are rewarded with tables groaning ...

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Brexit is Working

Reproduced with permission of Blue Anchor In this blog I'm going to run through the main economic consequences of Brexit. After the vote to leave The Guardian started a regular tracker to chart its impact on the economy. But as the Remainer predictions relentlessly turned to dust and the good news kept piling up, they quietly dropped this feature. ...

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The Best Universities in the UK and What They Have to Offer

The United Kingdom is renowned for its higher education system, boasting some of the world's most prestigious universities. These institutions are revered for their academic excellence and the unique experiences and opportunities they offer. This article explores the best universities in the UK and what makes them stand out. University of Oxford Th...

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Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

A year ago, I wrote suggesting that many of the current Conservative MPs would rue the day they ditched Boris. The blog was published in October 2022, and identified three key reasons why people had voted Conservative in the 2019 election: (1) Boris's call to 'get Brexit done' – this reflected the national mood when 'leave' won the referendum in 20...

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A.I. Part 2 - Hidden threats: digital reputation and resilience by Frank Millard

 AI is a direct threat to formerly trustworthy and secure sources of information, image and data. In a recent open letter, AI-expert signatories of which included Elon Musk urged a pause in AI training to reflect and take stock. "AI research and development should be refocused on making today's powerful, state-of-the-art systems more accurate,...

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A.I Part I -A dark cloud over tech by Frank Millard

 Far from being located in the sky, cloud data centres are very large and earthbound with real effects on energy security There are differing statistics on the amount of electricity drained by data centres globally, but it is substantial and as cloud expands to and within developing nations, it will increase. There were already around 3.6 bill...

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No swing to Labour

There's been much talk of a swing to Labour in recent months - the Tories, by some measure appear to be 20 points behind. We must ask ourselves, what's behind this polling and how is it being conducted. There are some worrying signs.   From our statistics, one thing is for sure: There is no "swing to Labour" - or at least, not a sign...

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Cameron is Not the Tories Suppository

The conservative party is constipated. Bringing back Cameron makes it worse, not better. The One Nation group of MPs led by Damien Green are Europhile. Despite the failing performance of the EU's major economies they still worship the 'project'. It's hard not to believe that their shenanigans are not deliberate sabotage. They have no hope of rejoin...

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Division, War and the West

"We don't want to fight, but by jingo if we do…" was the music hall song from which the word jingoism originated. John Hobson, in his Psychology of Jingoism of (1901), referred to music halls of stirring up the crowds in favour of war, but that those who shouted loudest had no intention of fighting themselves. Social media is the modern equivalent ...

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Has Germany Learned from its Past?

Germany is a relatively young country. Created as a 'Customs Union' it quickly became an Empire as Bismark consolidated power through a war with France. In 1871 all members of the Zoll Union became provinces of the Empire, with the exception of Luxembourg whose ruling Duke opted out. Bismarck introduced reforms such as health insurance, but mainly ...

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Fearing the Future

Kids can be very cruel, when I was at the start of my teenage years at school in 1961 the banter we used was often quite cutting. If anyone wanted to wind another lad up they would often use an insult using the abbreviation of a word which inferred the other lad's sexual leaning were not quite what was expected from a member of the male species. Th...

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The war drags on

The Ukraine war drags on. It nearly ended in 2022, but the adversaries thought better of anything so untidy as a peace treaty. Since then, thousands of lives have been lost in an internecine struggle where intransigence has become policy and revenge a war aim. Montgomery cautioned the USA in the 1960s that its war in Vietnam was "insane" because it...

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Values, voice and virtue: the new British politics by Matthew Goodwin, paperback, 239 pages, ISBN 978-0-141-99908-9, Penguin, 2023, £10.99.

This is a fascinating study of British society and politics. There have been various popular insurgencies, including pro- and anti-Brexit, pro- and anti-Scottish separation, pro-Corbyn. Superficial explanations abound - social media, big tech, dark money, tabloid newspapers, fake news, lying campaigns, Farage, Russia, a slogan on a bus. But, as Goo...

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Barney Reynolds, Bruges Group Speech
25th November 2023

The UK's national governance is being corroded by a failure to identify and take the steps necessary to re-emerge as a sovereign country after leaving the EU. This is causing lower economic growth and an ungoverned clash of cultures which threatens the credibility of our system itself. The problem is that we are seeking to maintain large elements o...

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Bruges Group Conference 2023

The National Interest  Advancing freedom, Brexit, and the British national interest.  Speakers include;Sir Christopher Chope MP, Bernard Connolly, Barry Legg, Barney Reynolds, The Rt Hon. the Lord Lilley, PC and Sir Bill Cash MP. Location:Pall Mall Room, Army & Navy Club36-39 Pall Mall, St. James's, London SW1Y 5JN Speakers ...

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British Values

We should be suspicious of anything that tries to wrap itself in the Union Flag. Do you remember the episode of Yes, Minister in which the government blackmailed Eurocrats into renaming our 'Emulsified High-Fat Offal Tube' as the 'British Sausage'? Similarly in 2014 the coalition government sought to define 'British Values'. These were designed to ...

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Harnessing the Positive Impact of DisplayPort Cables on Climate Sustainability

It is crucial for technology to evolve for a sustainable future. Even components like Audio and visual cables play a vital role in climate sustainability. DisplayPorts emerge as a saviour in the world of high-performance visual experiences for users. Given below are various environmental advantages and other contributions that DisplayPort cables ma...

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The Blob Triumphant

I have no idea whether Rishi Sunak worships Kali among his pantheon of Hindu Gods. His betrayal of Johnson and coup against Truss and the membership of the Conservative party certainly bear they hallmarks of the Thuggee sect that worshipped her. The word 'Thug' comes from the Hindu word 'Thag' which means 'swindler' or 'deceiver'. Certainly it seem...

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The specifics about the bonus codes that no one talks about

There are not many things online gambling websites can do to make themselves stand out from their competitors other than focusing on providing people with a unique range of online betting bonuses. Some websites try to exceed users' expectations and allow them to try many deposit deals, whereas others also have no deposit perks. No matter the promot...

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4 KYC specifics that online casinos don’t talk about

Have you ever wondered how online casinos monitor the people who use their websites? Everyone can sign up and start betting because the registration process is simple. Needless to say, people also lie there so they can sign up faster. With that said, online casinos have developed a way to monitor who is lying and who is a real person, and we'll lea...

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Hospital Negligence Claims And Your Path To Resolution

Trust stands as an uncompromisable foundation in healthcare. A direct and purposeful path to resolution becomes imperative when this trust fractures due to hospital negligence. The occurrence of medical negligence is unforeseen, making informed action the initial stride toward resolution. Instances of negligence carry profound consequences. The gra...

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iGaming Expansion: New Markets & Growth Opportunities

In the fast-paced realm of entertainment and technology, the iGaming industry has emerged as a dynamic and transformative force. This digital playground offers a wide array of experiences, from online betting and immersive casinos like Vulkan Bet Casino to interactive gaming platforms. It's a realm where excitement meets innovation, and where playe...

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Is re-joining the EU an option?

Leading economist Professor Tim Congdon, CBE, discussed whether or not Brexit was here to stay, and if re-joining the European Union was ever an option. Below is a transcript of his speech. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, it's a great honor and pleasure to be talking at a Bruges Group meeting again. Thank you very much for inviting me. I have...

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The Climate Scam - Part 2

THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM  Major factors affecting global temperatures in order of importance are:- 1. Variations in solar radiation reaching our planet, (not much we can do about that). 2. Relative concentrations of gases and particulates in our atmosphere due to natural causes. (volcanic eruptions; marsh gas; animals releasing bowel gas; plant...

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The Climate Scam - Part 1

Deceits; Fake Science and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  Dr C Landsea, Hurricane Researcher at NOAA resigned from the IPCC when his contribution, "Little if Any Increase in Hurricane Strength in the Next Eighty Years" was replaced with different conclusions. In his resignation he wrote, "I cannot in good f...

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Why Do So Many Students Dream of Studying at UK Universities?

The United Kingdom, with its rich academic heritage and a diverse range of universities, stands as a beacon for higher education globally. Thousands of students worldwide dream of and strive to study in the UK every year. This article explores the key reasons behind this enduring aspiration to pursue academic goals in British universities. World-Cl...

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Beyond the Books: How Digital Tools are Enriching the Educational Landscape

The wave of digital transformation is reshaping numerous sectors, with education standing as a notable sphere of influence. In Pembrokeshire and across the wider UK, schools and educational institutions are progressively moving beyond traditional teaching paradigms, venturing into a domain where digital tools are becoming the linchpins of modern-da...

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Teaching Cultural Exchange Through Historical Artifacts and Objects

Cultural interchange promotes tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and understanding among diverse societies. It is a crucial aspect of our globalized world. One effective way to encourage this exchange is using historical artifacts and objects. Teachers can impart cultural exchange in a way that is immersive and tangible with the aid of these tangible...

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Where Has My Country Gone?

By  Dr Jonathan S. Swift On Saturday 14 October, I took my daughter to the Open Day at Manchester University. It is some five years since I have spent any length of time in Manchester, and I was shocked by what had happened to a once-vibrant and beautiful city. The most disturbing part of the whole experience was the seeming acceptance - dare ...

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The Spiders and the Web

Are Israel and the West walking into a trap? In this increasingly binary, digital and divided world people are encouraged to take sides on almost anything and respond to events, people and actions emotionally rather than objectively. Israel's response to unspeakable acts of terror against its civilians has resulted in death and injury to women, chi...

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Comment: On European Defence by David Banks

The following is comment on recent comments by European Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, a potential Commission President candidate, regarding Commissioner Breton's calls for an EU carrier strike group and missile defence shield. Forgive my long read here on EU defence. It is relevant to the UK and hopefully gives you something use...

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Is Gambling Industry Beneficial for Card Companies: An Example of Mastercard Casinos

The intertwining of the gambling industry and financial services, particularly credit and debit card companies like Mastercard, presents a dynamic that is both multifaceted and influential. Mastercard's journey, starting in 1966, has seen it evolve from a plastic payment card to a globally recognized financial services giant. Given its wide accepta...

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A Moment so Brief it Never Happened

Women seem to provide us with consistently better common sense leadership than men. Leadership that reflects the values of the majority rather than a self-indulgent minority. Elizabeth 1, Queen Anne, Victoria, Margaret Thatcher all reflected the hopes and wishes of the people. All were proud of their country and their pride was matched by the ...

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Unlocking Europe's Wonders: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Unforgettable Journey for Health and Wellness. Exploring the Intersection of Travel and Mental Health

Traveling has always been more than just a means of reaching a destination; it's an experience that can transform our lives. Introduction In recent years, the connection between travel and mental health has gained significant attention. People are increasingly seeking destinations and experiences that not only rejuvenate their bodies but also nouri...

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Bruges Group Conference @ DemocracyZone

 The Bruges Group, in collaboration with the Conservative Democratic Organisation, the Campaign for an Independent Britain, and The Freedom Association, is proud to announce that we will be hosting the Democracy Zone at the Friends’ Meeting House in Manchester at the Conservative Party Conference. Attendees will have the chance to he...

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Transforming Your Creative Ideas Into Professional Digital Publications

The skill of turning creative ideas into professional digital publications has become increasingly important. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a freelance designer, or just someone with a compelling story, being able to effectively share your vision is a key differentiator in the crowded online landscape. Your unique ideas deserve a platfo...

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Why Work With a Third Party Logistics Company?

Managing logistics and your supply chain is time consuming, expensive, and complicated. But it's a key aspect of your business that needs to be covered adequately. So why not consider outsourcing it to a third party logistics company? The premise is simple. You'll hire an external partner to take care of most, if not all, of your logistics and supp...

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David Banks' Take on World War II: The First Culture War

You'll rarely find a historical book on any era which takes such a fresh approach to its subject.The thorough analysis of the cultural reasons for victory and defeat (as well as countries' attempts to remain neutral) is such a crucial component that this book can make others appear devoid for omitting the subject, as is so often the case.The author...

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World War II: The First Culture War, by Robert Oulds

This remarkable and comprehensive study of World War II focuses on the crucial role of ideas - moral and intellectual - in the different ways the opposing sides fought, and explains the role of these ideas in the Allies' ultimate victory. The author examines the differing strategies pursued by each of the rival powers, and their tactics and weaponr...

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Fred's Nightmare

It was just gone midnight when a loud banging on the door woke Fred blogs from his slumber. The banging on the door increased as Fred donned his dressing gown, stepped into his slippers and, bleary eyed, stumbled downstairs to see who was creating the racket on his front door. The sight that confronted him made his mouth drop as he s...

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Danegeld and Cult Crash

The chief executive of Deutsche Bank Christian Sewing told a meeting in Frankfurt "We are not the sick man of Europe. But, it is also true that there are structural weaknesses that hold back our economy and prevent it from developing its great potential. And we will become the sick man of Europe if we do not address these structural issues now." Ac...

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3 Ways to Future-Proof Your B2B SaaS Business

The global SaaS market size is predicted to grow from $261.15 billion in 2022 to $819.23 billion in 2030.  It shows that the growth of the SaaS industry isn't slowing down. But is this a guarantee of a high growth trajectory for your B2B SaaS business too? Hardly. To achieve constant growth, you have to adapt your business to the changing dema...

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RAAC: Brutalism's last straw

It's yet another few weeks and the government has received criticism over a report over historic structural issues with schools, namely the structural defects found in Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC). Now an international concern, with the German public broadcaster DW identifying it as a 'global issue', it is clear that this has moved...

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Pro Birmingham And Contra HMG

Brum is bust, but the problem is not that the council is 'socialist'; the problem is that the national government is not 'conservative.' When did the soi-disant Conservative Party last show a deep interest in the security and welfare of the nation as a whole? For example, it's estimated that the UK's spending on defence for Ukraine totals £4.6 bill...

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What are UK Players' Priorities and How Does Generation VIP Cater To Them?

Hey there gaming enthusiasts and casino connoisseurs! Have you ever wondered what truly matters to UK players in the world of online casinos? From seamless gameplay to enticing bonuses and personalised experiences, UK players have discerning tastes. Enter Generation VIP, a platform that not only understands but also caters to these priorities like ...

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Reasons Why You Should Seek Legal Counsel for Personal Injury

It's a little-known fact that many people injured due to another person's action may be entitled to financial compensation. But with so much information and intricate legalities, the process can be daunting for someone unfamiliar with the law. Thankfully, consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer can guide how best to proceed—and often, they...

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A Guide to Seasonal Skin Care for Pembrokeshire Residents

Pembrokeshire, with its pristine coastlines and varying climate, offers a unique blend of experiences for both residents and visitors alike. But, with its seasonal charm comes a set of challenges, especially for skin health. As the weather shifts from the brisk cold of winter to the warm glow of summer, our skin, too, experiences a myriad of change...

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North and South in a new geopolitical dichotomy

.What used to be East and West is now the global North and South in a new geopolitical dichotomy. While not strictly ideologically divided, the ascendancy of (southern) BRICS members being largely economic, they and the whole Global South are increasingly defined politically according to their perceived history. Much is spoken about multipolarity b...

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Our Nation State its Past, Present and Future. By Bob Lomas

The intellect of mankind has developed down through millennia which has facilitated his progression of understanding. Unfortunately the level of understanding is not, and has never been, universal due to group isolation and environmental limitations. On a world scale it has been and remains a long and very slow learning curve, its progression ...

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The Elites: Myth or Reality?

The word 'elites' has come to mean a shorthand for 'the powers that be', which may include or be separate from and above one's elected representatives including international regulators that dictate to and restrict governments. This comprising an embryonic world government for whom and for which no one voted. According to various conspiracy theorie...

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Stealing Freedom of Movement

 The photo of me is from 1968 when I was young, beardless and fresh faced, it was one taken for my very first passport. In those days our British passports were wonderful things, they were dark blue with a hard cover and inside were the instructions from our Monarch to let the holder of the passport pass without let or hinderance. As I used th...

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The mass media are warped as a barley twist

On Tuesday night BBC4 screened a 1980 episode of 'Yes, Minister' about the dangers to personal privacy of a governmental national database. Things have certainly moved on since then - we surrender our DPA rights almost every time we shop or go online. But the information asymmetry between officialdom and the citizen is still a live issue over four ...

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Were all our tomorrows yesterday?

'Thirteen Wasted Years' is the war cry of Starmer's Labour party. To those who remember, it simply demonstrates that they have not got a new idea - on anything. The slogan was used by Wilson for the 1964 General Election. I suggest that the truth is that, apart from Thatcher, we have had 84 wasted years, well 79 if one deducts WW2. Neville Chamberl...

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Censorship is deadly

The danger of suppressing information and alternative views in matters of public interest is that it will likely lead to costly and lethal policy errors. Alastair Campbell says it is a shame that the UK does not jail politicians for misleading Parliament. Can he have forgotten that Blair assured the Commons that he knew - rather than was personally...

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Mastering the Startup Space: Key Moves for New Entrepreneurs

Diving into the world of startups is akin to embarking on an exhilarating yet demanding adventure. It's an expedition filled with opportunities, challenges, victories, and lessons. Every new entrepreneur brings to the table a spark, a dream. Yet, while the energy is abundant, the path to success can be elusive. This guide aims to illuminate that pa...

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Legal Trumpery

Donald Trump is to 'surrender' to a court in Atlanta on Thursday to face thirteen charges. As a Brit I have no dog in this fight, and DJT is definitely a Marmite person, but I am not alone in viewing the whole affair as at least partly party-politically motivated, employing a spray-and-pray tactic in the hope that at least one bullet will hit its t...

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Batten the Hatches!

I have been following a select group of (mostly American) financial commentators since 2007, before the Global Financial Crisis. Their tone is even more sombre now. Charles Hugh Smith posted 'I Have a Very Bad Feeling About This' a few days ago, following it with 'No, Central Banks Won't Save Us This Time.' He has been warning for years that we sho...

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Climate (sic) "Science" Mythology and an Historical Perspective. 

One of the few benefits of being old is a weary perspective - that our untameable climate has caused self-acclaimed scientists to be perpetually baffled. When it comes to this force of nature I am firmly encamped with King Canute who, possibly unlike our present king, deserves to be remembered as a debunker of baloney. Growing up in the 60's, and f...

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Artificial Idiocy and Productivity Damage

Last Saturday we went to the theatre in Windsor. The car park no longer has a machine that takes cash. It does have two parking aps. The first was out of order, or at least it could not be downloaded. The second was one my wife has. Her credit card is registered with them, but she could not pay. She phoned them. A human sorted the problem, confirme...

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Cock-a-knee Rebels

A friend once gave me a spray can of 'bullshit repellent.' The cover showed a man in an Edwardian swimming costume chesting back prime surfer quality waves of the stuff. There's so much of it now. Bookmaker Paddy Power has just released a promo video linking to the Women's World Cup (htp: PJW), insulting white men as misogynist gammons uninterested...

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Robert Oulds in the Express: World War 2 was the first culture war and now we are fighting another

Director Robert Oulds' recent article in the Daily Express on what his latest book, World War II: The First Culture War, means to him had struck a chord with readers and explains his thinking behind his latest book. Embedded in this latest publication is a deeper exploration of Britain and the societies it created, the Empire it built, and wha...

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EU and Maui: Burning Issues

Everything is proof we should have not left the EU and that climate change will kill us all. If the UK has an economic boom and Arctic weather, those are sure signs that a bust will follow and our trees will burst into flame. We are in a time like the periodic madnesses that seized Europe in the Middle Ages - Norman Cohn's 'The Pursuit Of The Mille...

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World War II: The First Culture War

Mr Robert Oulds' new book, World War II: The First Culture War has received praise and plaudits from all quarters. War strategists, academics, and politicians alike have praised his book as detailed, illuminating, and comprehensive. It's a book that goes deeper than merely the events, the politics, or the history many of us understand - it's a...

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Why Inflation Must Be Killed

The inflation rate was over 11 per cent last Autumn; in the mid-Seventies it surpassed 25 per cent. You would want to be protected against this rotting of your money, especially if you were a pensioner. Last month I explained how the Government's choice and operation of inflation indices for State benefits doesn't work. Now I want to show how, even...

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World War II The First Culture War

Robert Oulds new book, 'World War II The First Culture War', is a remarkable literary accomplishment. This is history of a different sort. It looks in detail at nations, cultures and people and examines the reasons for events. Rather than a catalogue, with endless references, of events, it examines the reason for the event(s). When the events thems...

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The EU - A GDP Graveyard - Proved by 40 Years of IMF Statistics

Still Want to Rejoin? - Read This  If you want still to rejoin the EU, ask yourself after reading about nearly four decades of IMF economic data, how in the name of good judgement anyone might want to do that.   For those four decades the EU has been a graveyard for UK GDP along with the r...

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Affairs are now soul size

Why do bad men do bad things? Because they are mad, that is the modern explanation. But 'mad' is just English for 'I don't understand.' It's become common wisdom that all religious belief from Animism to Zoroastrianism is wrong, loopy and solely responsible for mankind's atrocities; but it's the irrationality and inhumanity of worldly wisemen that ...

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Booze Boosts Budgets

The tax on alcohol has been raised by 10.1%; the reasons given are 'wider UK tax and public health objectives.' It's mostly to do with the money: last year the Treasury raised £12.4 billion from alcohol duties. This compares with around £8 billion in the US, which has 5 times our population. Clearly the UK Government needs the cash and depends on d...

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A Guide to Understanding Casino Payout Rates

When diving into the world of online casinos, one term you'll frequently encounter is "payout rate." It's a crucial metric that can significantly influence your gaming experience. I've often found that players, both new and seasoned, can benefit from a clear understanding of this concept. In a study conducted by, they shed light on t...

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Is Natural Gas a Good Investment? Analysing Benefits, Risks, and Opportunities

Natural gas has emerged as a significant player in the global energy landscape, positioned as an intermediary energy source between traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy. Its cleaner and lower-cost attributes have attracted attention, making it a potential investment opportunity. However, with the transition to renewable energy gaining mome...

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Immigration: Robert Oulds' TalkTV Interview with Mike Graham

In a recent interview with Mike Graham on TalkTV's 'The Independent Republic of Mike Graham', Director of The Bruges Group Mr. Robert Oulds spoke on Immigration, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's priorities before the next General Election, and what can be done to stop the boats. Mr Oulds said that for the Prime Minister to retain the trust of many of t...

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Keith Shotbolt: The True Science of Climate Change

As part of the Bruges Group's Climate Change Programme, we present this paper on the True Science on Climate Change by Keith Shotbolt. Download PDF File Here

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Nick Schroeder: Greenhouse theory goes kerbluey

Greenhouse Emissions say, without Greenhouse Gases, Earth becomes -18 C ball of ice.Science says not so.K-T balance graphics show a 396/333/63 GHE energy loop.Science says bad math & badder physics.GHE says Earth upwells "extra" energy as a BB surface. Science says not possible. No Greenhouse Emissions, no Greenhouse Gas hea...

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Britain's debt pile is NOT higher than the EU's

Contrary to the Daily Telegraph's story today claiming that Britain's debt pile does not outstrip the EU's, Britain's is far lower, because the EU's is masked by creative accounting. The full extent of the EU's debts and other financial liabilities is detailed in my book recent book 'The shadow liabilities of EU Member States, and the threat they p...

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How Live Streaming Works and Its Impact on the Gambling Industry

Live streaming has become a transformative force in the gambling industry, creating a bridge between physical casinos and virtual platforms. Through the use of high-definition cameras, specialized software, and secure internet connections, live streaming delivers real-time data from casino floors or live studios directly to users' devices. Technolo...

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A Physician Assistant's Amazing Role in Healthcare

Physician assistants (PAs) are rapidly becoming integral providers in healthcare. Their advanced medical training, versatility, and collaborative approach enable PAs to help fill provider gaps, increase access, coordinate care, and elevate outcomes. Pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant offers tremendous rewards and growth opportunities. PAs e...

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