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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Online Gambling Is On The Rise In The Arab World While Gambling Laws Remain Strict

In the Arab world, online casino gambling is rising in popularity. Despite gambling being prohibited locally, there are online websites that are available to players around the world. These online casinos and betting sites are mainly in Malta or the United Kingdom. Arabic gambling affiliate websites such as 7alalcasino review and test their Arabic services. The evaluations ensure that Arabic gamers are directed to trustworthy gaming sites and have all the information they require about the wagering requirements in their native tongue.

When registering at an offshore gambling website, players should select the best online casino that caters to their needs and cultures, and the casinos should have a legitimate license. Before they decide to gamble for money, players should also be aware of the country's legal status regarding gambling. has reviewed the gambling laws and options to gamble online from twelve different Arabic countries. For each country, they list the best operators based on language support, available payment methods, and local currency promotions.

Here is a selection of some of the countries and their gambling laws and options;

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Even though online gambling and casinos are illegal in the UAE, a closer examination of the country's gaming policies reveals that online gaming is permitted to some extent. Some of the best online casino sites in the UAE provide safer gambling and gaming options. In addition, they enable players to take precautions to ensure their safety throughout the gaming process. Casino 888, 1XBET, LUCKY DREAMS, and Betway are some of the best online casinos for UAE players.


Tunisia's official state religion is Islam, which is practiced by 99.8% of the population. Tunisia, unlike other Islamic countries, does not mix politics and religion. While the Tunisian religion teaches Muslims to work hard for money rather than rely on luck, the country's laws allow land-based casinos for tourism purposes.

Tunisia is unique in the world of online gambling. All forms of gambling are prohibited, and no licensing authority exists. On the other hand, foreign gambling sites are not blocked, paving the way for online casinos. Some online casino sites available to Arabs in Tunisia include Betway, Casino YYY, 777 Casinos, and 888 Casinos.


Although gambling is illegal in Qatar, prize drawings are permitted under Articles 247-277 of the Penal Code. It will allow for withdrawals based on investments and deposits. The law also allows people to win large sums of money if they invest or are loyal. Qatari nationals can play at online casinos such as Lucky Dreams, BetOnline, Regent Play, and Spin Casino.


Although gambling is illegal in Algeria, no one has ever been prosecuted for visiting casinos. The Penal Code focuses on the consequences of providing gambling services rather than participating. Only those convicted of running land-based casinos face prosecution. Algerians have access to online casinos where they can freely play. Lucky Dreams, 777 Casinos, YYY Casino, 888 EU, and Bet O Bet Casinos are some of the online casino sites available in Algeria.

Will The Arab World Join The Trend Of Regulated Gambling?

The global trend of regulated gambling is slowly shifting in favor of legalizing gambling in previously prohibitive countries such as Japan and Thailand. How resistant the Arabic countries are to this shifting policy remains to be seen. Already UAE is starting to change with their acceptance of a casino room at the new Wynn resort.

While local gambling remains illegal in most parts of the Middle East, there are already a few exceptions. Lebanon boasts the largest casino in the Arab world, and Egypt has numerous land-based casinos. Online casinos and betting are popular with players from Morocco, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates. Jordan and Qatar are two countries that struggle with underground gambling establishments. Residents of these nations enjoy traveling to nations like Egypt to gamble openly or to Western states and cities to enjoy the casinos. You'll see that many Arab gamblers appreciate the freedom of European casinos when they travel to European cities such as Berlin, London, and Paris.

Legalizing casinos and online betting might also benefit the Arabic region if the market is well-regulated. Hopefully, in the future, Arab countries will consider supporting the casino legalization movement.

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