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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The polish comes off Davos, but the Great Reset continues


Is the World Economic Forum's annual shindig in the Swiss Alps becoming an embarrassment?
As more and more people wake up to the hypocrisy of those preaching from the podium and the dystopian designs of the Great Reset, the air is chilling. Yet the show must go on.

The WEF may be floundering, as observed by James Pinkerton in the 'Rise and Fall of Davos Man' (American Conservative, 19 January 2024). But the globalists are adept at shapeshifting. Their programme advances by stealth, under the cover of controlled mainstream media publicity.

Wikipedia has two entries for 'New World Order'. One is bracketed 'conspiracy theory' and the other 'political'. The difference is that when critical thinkers such as readers of this website discuss the globalists' plot, they are derided as delusional cranks or extremists. But when it's the topic of WEF-approved politicians and commentators, it is a legitimate political concept.

The globalists want you to know that they are building a brighter future for humanity, by tackling the major problems of sustainability, thereby saving the planet. The truth is that they want to save the planet for themselves. The goal is a technocracy with the masses reduced to neofeudalism, lorded over by a self-appointed elite. This new nobility, a predatory masterclass, will assume total control of population and resources through the tremendous advance of technology. We will be governed by artificial intelligence.

Green ideology is the rationale indoctrinated into society, ensuring that people accept their enslavement and impoverishment without too much dissent. As explained in my new book Green in Tooth and Claw: the Misanthropic Mission of Climate Alarm (Bruges Group, 2024), the underlying motive for ecological doom has been long in incubation. The driving force is – and always was - the depopulation agenda.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was a dramatic turning point for humankind, because it not only negated the historical accuracy of Holy Scripture, but it removed the special status of Home sapiens. Social Darwinists were concerned that instead of survival of the fittest, a principle of nature, industrialised society was leading to survival of the unfittest. The ruling class feared being overwhelmed by the uneducated, immoral and boorish masses.

Francis Galton, a close relative of Darwin, founded the Eugenics Society. The pseudoscience of eugenics took hold of the intelligentsia, from politicians to scientists to literary figures. Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw proposed gas chambers for the undesirable and unproductive elements of society (or 'useless eaters' as WEF advisor Yuval Noah Hariri describes).The First World War was strongly influenced by eugenics, eliminating millions of working-class men for no obvious gain, other than suppression of the burgeoning labour movement.

California and several other states introduced sterilisation programmes in the interwar years, and the Third Reich in Germany conducted a systematic process of euthanasia in mental hospitals and colonies. After the Nazi horrors, eugenics was distasteful and it seemed that post-war society was on an enlightened and liberalising path. However, the depopulation zeal never went away. Instead, it was rebranded in the colour of green.

The ecological schema had its Anno Domini in 1968. That year is best known as a time of revolutionary spirit: the Civil Rights movement in the USA, the student riots in Paris, and the ascent of feminism. But the two really significant events in 1968 are hardly known by younger generations immersed in woke and green dogma.

First, Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University wrote The Population Bomb. After decades of worry about falling birth rates in the West, Ehrlich revived the 18th-century thesis of Thomas Malthus, entailing a disastrous combination of infinite global population growth and finite resources. Secondly, the Club of Rome was founded at the Rockefeller estate in Italy. This body captured the United Nations, prioritising drastic reduction in consumption. To doubt this Secular Vatican is to commit heresy, as many a climate crisis sceptic has found to their cost.

We descendants of Adam and Eve are not taking good care of the Garden of Eden. But a growing number of ordinary people do not believe in a climate emergency (or 'the era of global boiling' as dubbed by UN secretary general António Guterres). Resistance is gaining ground. But the globalists have the power, propaganda and prowess to carry on regardless. So it is vital that the awakened spread the word as widely as possible, and I hope that my book Green in Tooth and Claw will contribute to humanity overcoming the dark forces of godless globalism.

Green in Tooth and Claw: The Misanthropic Mission of Climate Alarm McCrae, Niall: 9781739315283: Books

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