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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Which social media platform is most popular?


Are you looking to marketing your brand or business on social media and aren't sure which platform is the best for this? Have you tried using various different platform but don't think you are using the right platform or the most platform?

The world of social media is an every-changing landscape with new platforms an

d trends coming to the forefront every day. A recent study by Pew Research Centre found that Facebook has lost over 3 million users in just one year, while Instagram continues to grow. One would assume that this trend would continue for years to come, if not decades into the future; however, its difficult to predict what will happen as technology evolves and changes at a fast rate.

Social media is an important part of the way we communicate and share with others. If has become a major platform for businesses to advertise their products, brands, and services. With so may options available on social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, it can be hard to know which one will work best for your business and for your personal needs. If you are new to the world of social media, you might not know the differences, so here are a few.

Why does it matter?
For those looking to market their brand on social media and find success on the various different platforms, it is important to know that each platform is popular for its own individual reasons. They all have different demographics and different audiences, and knowing what makes each individual platform popular is important for businesses and brands in order to make sure they are using the right platform in order to reach their target audience. The three following social media platforms are the biggest platforms today and the most commonly used among businesses and individuals alike, making them the most popular around.

Twitter is by far the oldest popular social media platform around, having launched all the way back in 2006 and managing to reach over 300 million active users monthly after all this time. Twitter, as one of the oldest popular social media platforms around, caters to more of an older audience. These being that of the millennials who most likely grew up with twitter or were using twitter right from the start.

Twitter is a great platform to use as a business, not only because you can reach a large audience of people, but you can also market effectively using both words and visuals, and create a professional, yet fun and entertaining, voice for your brand. If you are able to find the right audience for your business, then your success is guaranteed. To do so, you can use tools, or even services like Twesocial, which offer you to buy Twitter followers that turn into lifelong fans who spend money on your brand / business. If you're worried about choosing a legitimate service, we would recommend looking at third party reviews of services like Twesocial, as they're likely to point out any flaws or issues with the service.

One of the newest and most popular social media platforms around is TikTok. In the short time that TikTok have been around since its launch in 2016, it has managed to gain over 1 billion active monthly users which is an incredible feat, considering other platforms have take over a decade to do the same thing. It is said that currently TikTok is the most downloaded app on the various different app stores.

TikTok is a short form video platform where you can film, edit, and post videos of you in the moment. This is a great platform for new businesses as the kind of content that is posted here is unique and, in the moment, and doesn't require you to have any fancy equipment or top-notch posts. You just have to be you. The target demographic of TikTok is teens and tween, so if this is your target market, it's the best platform to go with.

Instagram has ben the most popular social media platform around since its beginning in the early 2010s. it is said to reach over 1 billion people monthly which makes it a great marketing resource for business all over, giving them access to a much larger audience. Instagram is a visual social media platform where you can post both videos and photos in a variety of different feature son the app.

Their main demographic is much wider than that of any other platform ranging all the way from teens up to their parents. The content you will find on instream is more structured and proper and seems to promote a lifestyle rather than sell a product. If you are wanting to make use of Instagram you will have o, make top quality content that shows off all the best sides of your brand and give you a sense of luxury and glamour. 

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