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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Changing the Climate on Climate Change

She_20240513-164257_1 Derek's Shed and Thermometer

Every now and then, like most people, I come across something which I feel others need to know about and e-mail details of whatever that has got my ire, or offended me, to many who I feel should be equally rattled. Usually when something has got my goat and I send the offending item around to my contacts, I may get a few people who, out of politeness, reply and say tut - tut too, but to use a past quote, in reality I have done nothing more than "gone around stirring up apathy"!

Then, recently, one morning my clock radio came on and awoke me to the nonsense on the BBC Radio Four Today programme, I fear I leave it on that as I can't be bothered to change it and it usually starts my day with something to grumble about - this particular morning really set me off.

There are many thing these days regarding our national broadcaster which gets my ire, from its left wing ideology, pro-EU and woke fanaticism to BBC announcers who can't even speak the English language properly and, not even knowing how words are pronounced. However, when it comes to really winding me up all the BBC has to do is wheel out its climate reporter, the known climate misinformer in chief, Justin Rowlat - listening to him is when my blood pressure rises by several notches.

This particular morning, with his oversized ears flapping excitedly, he enthusiastically informed all that not only was 2023, which as far as I experienced, was one of the most miserable summers I can remember in a long time, yet somehow according to him had been the hottest on record. During August of that year it became a standing joke with my wife and myself, every time we went out in our car, it showed the outside temperature at 59f, which in reality is cold for the height of summer. Not just content with this unbelievable fact, with his ears flapping wildly with the shear delight of the impending global disaster he was about to impart, believe it or not, he blurted out that April 2024 was the hottest since records began. Wow, we are all going to die! The world is going to burn and Justin Rowlat was really enjoying every moment giving us this terrible news - never had a BBC reporter sounded as deliriously happy to impart bad news.

As the sleep from my slumber began to wear off and Mr. Rowlat's irritating voice got ever more excited, I began to wake up and laying in bed with the family cat still curled up on my pillow feeling like a busby on my head, I began to ponder what April this BBC twit in chief was prattling on about, surely not the same April I had experienced the month before? Yes, it most definitely was. Maybe Justin lives in a different dimension to the rest of us and his April was hell in a hand cart with the world burning up, while my April had been nothing in particular to write about, mostly cool, dull and wet.

Due to finding it hard to believe the gloom laden warmist's misinformation that 2023 was the hottest ever, at the start of October that year I began taking my own daily temperatures. I purchased a simple and inexpensive thermometer from a garden centre and set up a couple of spread sheets. on my old Mac. One was based on each month daily, the other set up to record my own readings of the monthly averages for each year. It will not be until we get to October 2024 before I can begin to compare the temperature of each month in the previous year, or years if I keep it going.

My garden centre thermometer was placed 70" up on the north facing side of my garden shed and from the 1st October, month on month, taking three readings a day, I began building up a good average of temperatures in my part of Walsall, which is very close to central England. Due to this I had a full record of temperature readings for the very same April the BBC was claiming was the hottest, so I decided to e-mail out a copy of my April spread sheet to one and all who receive my monthly bulletin, expecting to receive just a few polite replies. The response I received was quite a surprise, I had never before sent out anything that had touched such a nerve and the replies thanking me came back thick and fast, I am obviously not the only one who is very skeptical about the constant brainwashing and diatribe about global warming, very many others obviously feel the same way as me.

The big problem is we face a brick wall from the media, especially the BBC, who will not allow any dissent from their constant mantra that the world is heating up and it is oil, gas and human activity which is creating this alleged problem. The BBC did, reluctantly, allow limited debate on Brexit, despite its fanatical pro-EU bias, but when it comes to challenging misinformation about so-called global warming, debate is most definitely not allowed, only those who agree with the warmist propaganda are allowed air time to give their one sided view.

Even the right wing press, such as the Daily Mail, have only limited coverage of this topic, I have written many letters to the Daily Mail, occasionally some get published on their letters page, but none, ever, when I have sent letters critical of global warming lies and the stupidity of net zero, I presume others have experienced the same.

However, those of us challenging this pro-warming propaganda have to keep writing those letters, they have to be like a tidal wave which will eventually swamp the media with common sense, just as we did with Brexit and setting ourselves free of the EU. In the meantime we can continue to support those such as those who will give an opposing view including, as well as the Bruges Group, Net Zero Watch and Watts up With That? who give some real fact and challenge the lies peddled by the eco zealots. We have to change the climate on climate change. 

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