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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Democracy on the Rocks?

ghost-ship-8306430_1280 Democracy Heading for the Rocks

The Tory party having abandoned Conservatism is now drifting like a metaphorical Marie Celeste. From the Heroic 80 seats to a potential near zero. An updated story of "From Hero to Zero". Rishi Sunak having usurped the leadership plays Captain Ahab uninterested in the calamity he has unleashed. The plan is working he cries while the Tempest rages. A few deck hands, like Jacob Rees-Mogg claim that the ship is more important than the passengers and crew. It does not matter if the Captain has steered onto the rocks because even a wrecked Conservative party is the only opposition to Labour. Right on cue, up pops barrack room lawyer Stanley Johnson, he proposes steering to the safe harbour of the EU and increased spending on the Green agenda. The Tories can "Only win from the 'middle', he claims, forgetting Margaret Thatcher and the 80 seat majority awarded his son to 'Get Brexit Done'.

May and Starmer with the support of most of the Labour Party and a chunk of the Conservatives fought against Brexit, after the people's decision. Their refusal to accept democracy led to a parliamentary standoff. For a while it seemed we might have a parliamentary dictatorship imposed. Having placed what they hoped were land-mines in the way of democracy, the anti democrats finally agreed to an election. The people's verdict was straightforwardly in favour of democracy. Boris with a comfortable majority sort of got Brexit done. Then, the Covid hysteria blew up a gale.

We were disabused of the idea that the EU cult followers had accepted democracy. They were out to destroy the man they saw as the leader of the rebellion against their Imperial dream. A piece of uneaten cake did for Boris. A mutiny led by Sunak sunk the knife in the back of the man they owed their jobs to. Understandably the opposition parties gleefully joined in. Vaughan Gething, Welsh Labour Health Minister ordered the Welsh to stay at home, and promptly went on a family picnic. Red Prince Stephen Kinnock drove hundreds of miles to give his dad a cake. Corbyn supporter Keir Starmer enjoyed beer and Curry (or was it Pizza the story kept changing). A mild rebuke for the Red Prince and a Whitewash from Labour Controlled Police for Starmer. Only Boris was hounded out. Not just of office, but parliament too. Despite its coup against Truss (democratically elected) the rage of the EU Cultic blob is not yet sated. Having arranged the coronation of Sunak, they are now unsure of him. Nothing short of a return to the EU will satisfy them.

History has a valuable lesson. When George II ascended the throne, the country was tired of European involvement. The Whig Robert Walpole offered a different vision. A world vision without European involvement. It was a huge success. Great Britain flourished. Trade boomed. Living standards rose. Daniel Defoe was able to boast of Britain's pre-eminence and wealth. So successful was Walpole that the Tories were out of office for years. Divided between Jacobites seeking a Stuart restoration and the Anglican Church desiring greater control. Today's Jacobite Tories support the EU. They want to impose unaccountable Politburo rule on this country, against the wishes of the people. So too do Labour, Lib-Dems and SNP. The UK is confronted with a situation where only a limited number of Tory MPs actually support democracy and the will of the people.

Between Walpole and Heath, the UK has only intervened in Europe to ensure that its inhabitants natural Totalitarian instincts did not threaten our freedom. Certainly, it cost blood and treasure. However, as can be seen from our recovery from the Great Depression and our 1930's sustained growth, it served us well. Heath's lies changed that. Maybe the lure of lucrative jobs in Brussels has seduced the elite. Whatever the reason we now have a position where the majority of the people are not represented. A position where Politicians have turned their back on democracy and the Tory party has reneged on its agreement with those who gave it power. Our Political Parties have abandoned democracy and they no longer deserve support.

Soon there must be a General Election. We are faced with an existential choice. Either we stick with those of all parties who have abused our trust or we use our votes to clean our democracy and restore our rights. Those who claim that we are stuck with the present because of FPTP are siren voices luring us on to the rocks of democratic destruction. We cannot let that happen, we cannot fail future generations by abandoning our duty. For the first time in democratic history we are faced with the prospect of an all party conspiracy to deny democratic right.

To fight back we need to use the ballot box. Where there is no MP with a proven record of supporting democracy and Brexit, we must have the courage to vote for either Reform or the SDP which ever is best placed to win. I hope the pact between them that was under discussion is made reality. We are faced with an appalling future unless we use the one weapon we have to alter it. This is time to put our country first and abandon party, tribal, loyalties. 

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