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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Green Anarchy and the Illeberal Elite

Green Destruction Green Anarchy and the Illeberal Elite

Democracy, liberty and the continuation of western civilisation is under threat. It is threatened by those we have elected to protect and nurture our society. A small number of self entitled politicians and bureaucrats take decisions without reference to their electorate. Sunak's decision to raise Corporation tax to 25% next year has everything to do with Davos man and nothing to do with the needs of the country. OECD officials, who are tax exempt, push the implementation of standard universal tax rates, easy when they are not affected.

The democratic world's leaders are in the grip of a Stockholm Syndrome that threatens its destruction. From Global Tax to so-called Climate change they are arrogantly behaving like international sycophants determined to impress each other. They act with little reference to facts or the needs of those who pay their wages.

History is rife with the mad theories and actions of the self appointed Elite. From Religion to Anti Semitism, Communism to Nazism, Eugenics to Gender Identity. All prospered because any challenge to there presumed orthodoxy was ruthlessly suppressed. Now, with the future of civilisation itself threatened, the Climate 'Religion' is also unchallenged. Not just unchallenged, but those who speak out against it including scientists are gagged, their jobs threatened or lost.

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) is alarmist in its dire warnings and ignores anything that contradicts its opinion. Frighteningly, its founders included anarchists whose avowed aim was, and is, to destroy modern life. They vow to recreate a preindustrial world. They claim that all the world's experts agree with them. Experts do not have a perfect record of being expert even their own fields. These range from Lord Kelvin's "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible." Thomas Edison in 1889 "Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. No one will use it, ever." To Bert Bolin, the Swedish climatologist credited with inventing Global Warming and first Chair of the IPPC. In 1975 Scientist were convinced that the world was cooling. Bolin advocated that people burn more coal and oil in order to generate greenhouse gas to stave off the anticipated ice age.

Leaving aside the fact that experts can be wrong, is the proven fact that the IPPC has manipulated data and suppressed scientific evidence. For example, contributing scientists were told their dissenting commentaries were deleted from the final report of 1996 "in order to ensure that it conformed to the policy makers' summary". Mark Pawelek has published a list of 100 quotes of scientists disagreeing with the so-called climate consensus:.

John McLean of James Cook University, has published a paper Reviewing the IPPC. The Heartland Institute's Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy publishes articles presenting factual rebuttals of alarmist propaganda. The BBC has admitted that its Climate Editor, Justin Rowlatt, made a number of false claims.

How were the world's politicians and self appointed elite bamboozled by anarchists into conniving at the potential destruction of modern civilisation? If the madness stops it will be a great subject for a psychology PhD.

Almost half the food we eat is grown thanks to fertilisers that are made from fossil fuels. That includes Vegan and Vegetarian food. Natural gas is a vital element in fertiliser production.

Synthetic fertilisers have seen yields skyrocket. Wheat yields, for example, have almost tripled over the past 60 years. Gas is a fossil fuels. Thanks to fossil fuels hunger has been eliminated. Hunger is now caused by politicians invading others or imposing 'Green' targets without reference to facts or the needs of people.

In May 2021 the Sri Lankan government banned the importation of chemical fertilisers and President Rajapaksa declared that he wanted to make Sri Lankan farming 100% organic. Within six months rice production had fallen by 20% and shops had rationing. In November the government allowed chemical fertiliser use to resume. Too late. Reduced production of cash crops like rubber and tea has led to a full-blown financial crisis in Sri Lanka. The Green Agenda has left the country impoverished. The economy a basket case.

In the Netherlands Mark Rutte's governments Green Agenda requires farmers to curb their nitrogen emissions by up to 70 per cent in the next eight years, requiring a massive reduction in the number of livestock. 30,000 farmers protested against the threat to their livelihoods and the world's food supply.

When, in 2021, Transport Minister Trudy Harrison called for the UK to move away from car ownership with shared mobility instead becoming the norm, there was outrage. Unusually, perhaps, Harrison was simply letting the truth cat out of the bag. For the first time in history we face the prospect of progress being reversed. Under the present policy, future generations are faced with declining standards. They are faced with food shortages and a breakdown in power supply.

The events in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka are alarming. They are the start of an awakening to the effects of the Green Net Zero agenda on people's lives. They are an early warning of the civil strife and breakdown of society that Elite mulishness has caused.

The BBC and others are indulging in a media terror fest as we enjoy two days of hot weather. It fits their non stop Climate Change propaganda. They must wish for something even more dramatic. The River Thames running dry , for example. Well, that has happened in 1114, 1158, 1281, 1541, 1591, 1592, 1687 and 1716. Otto von Bismark stated, "What we learn from history is that no one learns from history". Certainly, Climate Change terrorists are blind to the fact that climate changes, always has, always will.

Without a proper and open debate the democratic world is condemned to a self-inflicted decline. Reliable energy has been abandoned for expensive unreliable alternatives. Hard pressed consumers have 25% added to their bills to support a green agenda foisted on them without proper examination. Worse, the Green favourites, Wind and Solar are ecologically damaging and, by their nature, unreliable.

Following a fire at a solar farm in Verwood, Dorset that damaging some of the 81,400 panels. Professor Alastair Buckey from Sheffield Solar at the University of Sheffield said: "Solar likes sunshine, but it doesn't like being hot". As with wind, conditions have to be exactly right. Not to hot, not to cold, not to windy not to still, not too cloudy. It's as if Goldilocks were running our energy policy.

In his 2008 book, Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg demonstrates the lefts use of 'Liberalism' for illeberal ends. The title is sometimes attributed to H.G. Wells. In his negative review of the book, Philip Coupland wrote, "Liberal fascism was the name which Wells (and I) gave to his theory of praxis, that is his method of achieving his utopian goal, not the goal itself. ... Wells hoped for activists who would use what he considered to be 'fascist' means (technocratic authoritarianism and force) to achieve a liberal social end".

Since the end of WW2, Liberals have been in the ascendant. Heath lied to ensure the UK's entry into the Common Market. Democratic referenda have been ignored in pursuit of the creation of a unitary state ruled by 'Technocrats'. Boris Johnson had the courage to accept and implement what the Liberal elite sneeringly called 'Populism' and tried hard to overturn. He has paid a heavy price. If the Conservative party shirks its duty and elects a 'Centrist', democracies gains will be lost.

Our future, the future of the civilisation we know, is under threat. The Liberal elite have an agenda. It has everything to do with maintaining their grip on power and nothing, except lip service, to democracy and the needs of citizens. If they were forced to explain their actions the Elite would claim Plato's strategy of the Noble Lie, serving to create a better world. That the result is the collapse of nations and societies will not deter them. BREXIT was a beacon of hope. It demonstrated that ordinary people's common sense is worth more than all the technocrats gainsaying them. We, indeed the free world, cannot afford to see that beacon stamped out. 

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