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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Has Anyone the Courage to Lead?

stop-1001138_1920 Time for honesty and courage

Since the referendum governments have squandered opportunity. We should be in a strong position, but a combination of Pro EU Tories, the Blob and the Civil Service has put democracy at risk. The daily attacks on Brexit citing idiotic opinion polls, demonstrate a determination by the opponents of democracy to take us back into the EU whatever the cost or terms. Supporters of democracy have consistently failed to fight on their own ground. The high ground has been conceded to the EU lobby and time wasted by concentrating on answering their false economic narrative.

There was, and is, only one simple question. "Do you want to be ruled by 27 unelected, democratically unaccountable mostly failed politicians, or, do you want to determine your own future?" One can add by way of explanation that membership of the EU entails Directives decided in secret and without scrutiny being enacted, also without scrutiny, into national law. It entails the adoption of a common currency that deprives its members of freedom to manage their own economies. It entails agreeing to the Federal aim of Nation States becoming provinces of a new country. National Law becoming not just marginalised, but overruled by a political EU court. Armed forces passing into the control of unelected bureaucrats. In a nutshell membership of the EU means surrendering our personal freedom to decide our nation's future.

Successive governments have deliberately thwarted the peoples will. The only one that promised not to was that of Liz Truss. She was subjected to a coup that replaced her with Sunak and Hunt. They seem determined to destroy our future by raising taxes and kowtowing to the unscientific net zero lobby. We have the natural resources to make us one of the most prosperous countries in the world. While Germany opens coal mines and burns coal to generate electricity our politicians witter on about wind and solar. Our government is even incapable of grasping the enormous economic potential offered by Rolls Royce SMNRs.

It is obvious to all that any hope of controlling immigration depends on withdrawing from the ECHR, but like rabbits in a car's headlights our leaders sit frozen in inactivity. The Northern Ireland Protocol is plainly an affront to the sovereignty of the UK. Instead of action we have endless talk. Talks with an organisation that has consistently demonstrated a determination to damage our country, economically and politically. Maroš Šefcovic the EU's enforcer is a hard line communist devoted to the creation of the EU Nation. What is the point of negotiating with someone who is determined to inflict defeat? Indeed, the question is. "What is the point of a government that by its actions is conniving with a foreign power to break up and impoverish our country?" We can still give notice to terminate the withdrawl agreement and free ourselves. The Labour Party offers no alternative. Indeed, Kier Starmer has called for closer ties to the EU in all aspects of policy. A clear indication that Labour would rejoin the EU if they came to power. Clear that is to those who want to hear.

Getting out of this mess requires action. It requires MPs who respect democracy to put their country before their self-interest and form a new party. The conservative party has failed. Failed its members, failed its stated aims and failed the country. The Labour Party of Peter Shore has disappeared, replaced by a North London centric association of pro EU worker hating chancers. Adherents of these anti democracy constructs believe they are untouchable. First Past the Post, they claim, ensures that the duopoly can continue to ignore the electorate. It need not be so.

Time is short. MPs who believe in democracy can ensure we get a government that truly believes in our country. A government that will act in our best interests. To bring this about requires courage and honesty. Courage to abandon parties that no longer serve the nations interest. Honesty in telling the truth. The truth about the EU and its ambitions. The truth about the fifth column that has worked against us ever since Heath lied to dupe us into joining a 'Trading Bloc'. The truth about net zero. The truth about how our own resources would transform all our futures. Sunak and Starmer are typical of politicians who believe that a few platitudes and insipid comments will keep the populace under control. It is the view of all current political parties.

Our nation's future depends on a radical upheaval. It depends on telling the truth and trusting the people. It depends on MPs who were elected because they claimed to believe in democracy, actually demonstrating that they do. The conservative party had its chance when Truss was elected leader. Whatever the 'optical' mistakes she and her team made, she was in tune with the people and the countries' needs. The coup against her was a coup against democracy. It is time for those who believe in democracy and the UK to stand up and be counted. It is time for a new party. Sitting MPs who believe in democracy have a duty to resign from their parties and join together to form a new pro UK one. MPs have taken the electorates shilling. It is time they served. 

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