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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

It's the Hard Left, Stupid.

lenin-155794_1280 Socialist Nightmare!

 Friday March 1st Rishi Sunak stood at a podium outside ten Downing Street. Like a trainee teacher lacking any form of sanction, he confronted a rebellious class. He did not quite say, "You are all very naughty", but it wasn't far-off. Lots of words, a threat to back the Police if they ever get off their knees. He had harsh words for two groups. He mentioned the Far right twice. Islamism thrice. The Hard Left, Marxists not once, zero, zilch.

There is an idea that since Corbyn and BLM supporter Sir Keir Starmer took over the Labour party the far left has gone away. It is no longer a threat. This myopic view of politics if favoured by the BBC, Guardian and soft centre Tories. It is wrong and massively so. Corbyn was a mistake. He was a mistake because the Socialist dream cannot be achieved through the ballot box. The way to seize control has been demonstrated by the 'Broad Left' coalition that took over the BMA. First organise, quietly. Second, be secretive, especially about your members. Thirdly, vet your members to make sure they are ideologically sound. Fourth, choose your moment and then pounce. Following this simple formula the Broad Left and its Left running mate Doctor's Voice took control of the Junior Doctors Committee. They went on to elect Emma Runswick as the Vice Chair of the whole organisation. All with the votes of less than 3% of Junior Doctors.

Runswick, or RedRunswick as she prefers to be known is proud to be the 'first out LGBT person', fifth woman, and second junior doctor elected to a chief officer role. More importantly, for society, she is a member of Momentum and her contribution to the Covid debate was to parrot the Chinese Communist party and call for 'Isolation' as the only answer. Her Parents are long standing Labour activists and her mother a Corbyn supporter. Her council colleague Becky Acres has attacked the Labour Party as "proto-fascist Red-Tories" and the Conservatives as "almost genocidal". According to her the Westminster parties are "...extremists (and fascists) are trying to wrest control of our institutions from the artists, liberals and leftists; they must be resisted". It seems only the Chinese Communist model is fit for their purposes.

It is undeniable that the hard left have seized control of much of our education sector. Children are taught a version of critical race theory in the annual Black History Month. It ignores all black history except that which can be framed as 'White Oppression'. Of Black and Arab slaving it is mute. Our Universities churn out the likes of Runswick and Acres whose dream of the Socialist Shangri-La demonstrates an alarming lack of knowledge, both of history and reality.

How much of our present economic decline has been caused by the action of militant hard left unions? As if the Net zero fanatics needed any help.

The Labour Party is keen to make 'Islamophobia' a legal offence. This is important. A 'Phobia' is an irrational fear of something. For those subjected to or witnessing Islam, fearing its spread is perfectly rational. That, however, is not the point. Totalitarian states deal with dissent by killing people, locking them up or declaring them mentally disturbed so they can be committed. Straight out of the NAZI - Communist playbook. Labour Invent a term that makes their opponents mentally ill. They can then be silenced or prosecuted.

Socialism can only be imposed on a country by armed force or stealth. The latter works by destroying democratic society. Destroying the National Self, its beliefs, customs and mores. Out of the ashes, rises the new order. The WEF propose something similar in their push for one World Government. Universal Tax rates, Health 'Diktat' under one control. One people ruled by... Well that's the question. Of course it's not new. It's the basis on which the USSR was created. Nations ceased to exist. People learned Russian, not their mother tongue. They ceased to be what they were and became Soviets. They were ruled by Technocrats who knew everything. Until the whole ugly thing collapsed.

Why does Sunak find it impossible to talk about the real - Left - problem? Is there a point in pretending that our country has not been subverted by a malign left? The work Thatcher did to remove the cancer of Socialism has been largely subverted by a succession of politicians. They were either incompetent, spineless or in secret agreement with the Left agenda.

Plainly Islamists want to destroy the west and impose a Caliphate. The problem we face is that our democracy is being ground between two extreme stones. Whether Islamism is the useful idiot of Socialism or vice versa as each vies to impose their hegemony is a moot point. They cannot both win. Democracy and freedom can lose, however, unless action is taken now.  

The NHS doctors' strikes are a warning of what the left is capable of. They, like the Train and Tube workers to say nothing of many in the Civil Service, care not one jot for their fellow citizens or the Country. If you can't get to work or see a Doctor, that's OK. It's a sacrifice you are forced to make in their pursuit of a Socialist dream.

We will soon have the opportunity to decide if we want to continue with the Nightmare they inflict, or choose the dream most of us thought we'd been voting for. It should be the easiest decision normal people will ever have to make. 

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