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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Our Nation State its Past, Present and Future. By Bob Lomas

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The intellect of mankind has developed down through millennia which has facilitated his progression of understanding. Unfortunately the level of understanding is not, and has never been, universal due to group isolation and environmental limitations. On a world scale it has been and remains a long and very slow learning curve, its progression hindered by man's imagination which he has exercised in his quest to find answers to overcome his ignorance, which in turn, in order to overcome his fear of the unknown, he has over that long time created answers which invariably bear no relation to reality which is increasingly being proved as scientific understanding progresses.

Nevertheless there has long been certain individuals with a particular ability to observe human traits and their outcomes and so speculate on the possibility of similar outcomes in the future, a process known as philosophy. If such predictions prove correct they are sustained in history but those that do not materialise are quickly forgotten. By and large the human condition is constant and unchanging and man therefore is limited to acting within the confines of that condition which in turn dictates that history is destined to repeat itself as is so often proved.

As a born and bred countryman with a lifelong interest in the natural world from an early age I could never understand superstition as to me it bore no relation to the natural world, there being no evidence to the contrary. My family were neither religious nor anti religion so my introduction to the Christian faith was at school. We had RI classes in which I contemplated and concluded that it was all about the superstitions of man a very long time ago before any understanding of scientific facts.

As a small boy I would observe the milky way and it occurred to me that our world was but a speck of dust in that enormous space and mankind was but a speck of dust on this world, yet he was claiming that he understood exactly how it was all created, which to me even at that early age was a total arrogance. It was much later in life that I came to understand the importance to man in sustaining that arrogance in order to allay his fear of the unknown. Later still I came to understand man's leaning towards political structuring, not only as a means of ensuring social cohesion but to control it. With this regard I came to view religion as no more than political endeavours mostly based on man's traditional fear of the unknown, which I fully understand and would deny no one providing it was not implemented to interfere with political and social stability or impede the evolutionary progression of scientific understanding.

Taking all of this into account and contemplating on our present political predicament I have concluded that in today's world the existing relationship between our system of monarchy, parliament and the church is no longer sustainable, it being of an era of radically differing political and social structures and circumstances which in my considered opinion is now evident and was proven when in 1972 all three conspired to surrender the nation's sovereignty and the people's lawful absolute autonomy to that of a foreign political power.

Since that time political corruption and contempt has flourished. Constitutional constraint has been ignored and oath's taken in accordance with the beliefs' of the national church have been abandoned. Time, as everyone understands, does not and cannot stand still. We as a nation state now live in an ever shrinking world. Contrary to what many might wish we as a nation state must now construct a system of governance capable of adjusting to the prevailing conditions and circumstances, not just at the present but to those which will inevitably come.

Fortunately this does not have to be revolutionary as we still have the understanding and wisdom gained from generations of our forebears providing we are disposed to use it. Over our long history those generations were confronted by social and political challenges, some not dissimilar to those which confront us today, including threats to the very existence of the nation state. It has been suggested in the past that physical confrontation and war is necessary to mankind as it stimulates and vitalises his mentality and will to survive. That might have been appropriate in times past but today it could end in the destruction of all life on this planet. It is essential therefore that we as a nation now construct a national leadership capable of creating a coherent national strength to ensure the protection and sustainability of this nation for many future generations. 

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