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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Project Fatigue


Project Fear 3.0 has been in full swing since the summer as we approach 31st October 2019, the third date for leaving the EU. The unfortunate citizens of the UK who wish to leave the European Union have been fed wall-to-wall saturation coverage of how terrible Brexit will be. TV stations, newspapers, magazines and social media advertisements continually seek to subliminally lodge the message into people's minds that if the UK eaves the EU with 'no deal' on 31st October there will be shortages of food, medicine and even water. Lorries will be parked up in Kent turning the M2 and M20 into the world's largest car park. Our pets will die as vets will run out of supplies to treat animals. Life as we know it, will come to an end.

All of this is nonsense of course. Project Fear 1.0 was rolled out in 2016 before the referendum when UK citizens were told their tax bills would increase by £4,500 per year and 3 million jobs would be lost if they voted to leave the EU. The British people voted for freedom and the promised economic apocalypse did not happen.

Project Fear 2.0 was put into action before the first date the UK was supposed to leave the EU on 29th March 2019. It became so ridiculous that nobody believed it: we were even told that leaving the EU meant it would be harder to detect space debris so there would be a greater risk of being killed by falling objects from space. The sky was literally going to fall in! (1)

This just shows the desperate insanity and derangement of EU fanatics and the length they will go to try and convince the majority of the British people that they made the wrong decision. Project Fear is the largest and most sweeping propaganda campaign ever launched in the UK, and backed by hugely wealthy globalists who are trying to undermine British democracy at every level. But it is not working. If anything, it is having the opposite effect. A new poll shows that now 35% of people who voted to Remain now want to Leave. (2) They have seen the appalling and despicable lengths that the establishment has gone to in order to overturn the vote and they are disgusted.

However, a new media strategy is emerging based on clever mind programming techniques. We are being told what we think and feel, even if we don't. Presenting people using language such as 'people just want this to be over', 'We just want to get on with our lives', and 'Everyone is so fed up of discussing Brexit all the time', the huge media propaganda machine has instigated Project Fatigue. By repeating this message many times a day on multiple channels, the idea is that people will accept the message and assimilate it as how they feel as well. "you know, that's right – this has been going on for 3 and a half years. I'm fed up of it now, I just want Brexit to be over, one way or the other, and talk about something else." (3)

Project Fear tried to scare people into changing their minds, but was so overblown that it simply strengthed people's resolve to get out. Project Fatigue on the other hand is far more insidious and almost undetectable: it is attempting to dull people and lull us into a sense of being tired and fed up, so that we will accept Brexit on any terms, no matter how soft it is.

Unsurprisingly, accompanying Project Fatigue, Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement has been brought back from the dead and is back on the table. The EU loves this so-called Agreement. It is being called a 'deal' but it is nothing of the sort.

In English, the word 'agreement' is a fairly soft word – it implies a kind of gentlemanly friendliness, and by portraying it thus, attempts to take the sting out of the reality of it. In German the 'Withdrawal Agreement' is called a 'Vertrag'. 'Vertrag' can be translated into English as either 'treaty' or 'contract'. These are much harder words than 'agreement'. In the mind of a German there is no difference between a treaty and a contract as there is in English; they are one and the same – 'ein Vertrag'. The better English translation to use in this circumstance is 'contract', as it better relates to the everyday experience of the man-in-the-pub.

Treaties are grand agreements between nations signed by governments on a level above most people's heads, but most people have a contract of some kind: with a mobile phone company for example. If you sign a 3-year contract for a mobile phone, you are legally bound to pay a monthly amount for 3 years; in return, the phone company is legally bound to provide you with certain benefits such as providing full, fast mobile phone coverage, and servicing your phone. Crucially, most contracts have an end date, where both parties can decide to renew or not.

The 'Withdrawal Agreement' however, is nothing of the sort. It is a Surrender Contract. It has no end date and no benefits for the UK, but there is no obligation to agree to it. We can simply walk away without signing it if we want to. Only an utter fool or a traitor would sign it.

It forces us to continue to obey all of the directives and regulation of the European Commission, and all of the rulings of the European Court of Justice indefinitely. Our fishing fleets will continue to be decimated by a new Fisheries Agreement which mirrors the devastation of the Common Fisheries Policy. We will not be able to support or rescue vital strategic industries such as our steel industry if needs be as the Political Declaration forbids it. We will have to pay £39,000,000,000 of British taxpayers' money to Brussels bureaucrats rather than investing it in schools, hospitals, policing or social care in the UK.

In short, we will not be an independent, sovereign nation: even worse, we will become a vassal province obeying the rules of a foreign power with no say over them. We currently have 9% of the voting rights in the EU Council of Ministers and EU Parliament, but will lose even this measly amount. The idea of Brexit is that we increase our sovereignty from 9% to 100%, not have it reduced to 0% as stated in the terms of the Surrender Contract.

The Surrender Contract puts the UK in a state of indefinite vassalage.

We must counter the EU's propaganda and programming by taking back control of the language used in discussing our exit from the EU. At every opportunity, it should be stated that the 'Withdrawal Agreement' is a Surrender Contract or a Vassalage Treaty, and is certainly not a trade deal as it being portrayed.

Any UK-EU trade deal would only be negotiated after it the Surrender Contract is ratified by Parliament, and the conditions for such a future trade deal are set out in the accompanying Political Declaration. (4) Together these two documents are nothing more than a humiliation for our great nation, which condemn the UK to negotiating a trade deal from a position of weakness and subservience.

Whether it takes another two months or another two years we must not be lulled into fatigue.

The referendum was won on 23rd June 2016. By rights, Article 50 should have been triggered the next day, and we should have left the EU after a 2-year period on 24th June 2018. Even though it has been over 3 years since the referendum, we must steel our minds now and prepare ourselves to dig in for a long fight ahead. We all hope to leave the EU in full on 31st October, but in a worst-case scenario, the Remoaner Alliance could seize control of Parliament and hold it hostage until the end of the 5-year fixed-term Parliament in May 2022.

If that happens our democracy will be tested to destruction, but we must neither sink to the level of the Remainers in resorting to undemocratic methods, nor give in to fatigue. This is the strategy of the quislings, globalists and trough-snouting bureaucrats who want the British people to give up through wearing us out.

Whatever happens, we must declare it louder and louder on all channels for however long it takes: the only way to take back our sovereignty is to leave the EU in full with 'no deal' on WTO terms. Then, having taken back full control of our sovereignty, money, borders, fishing territory, international trade policy and armed forces, we can negotiate a mutually-beneficial trade deal with the EU as equal partners with our heads held high and our chests out, rather than on our knees with our hands tied behinds our back.

David Kurten

Brexit Alliance London Assembly Member


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