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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Removing Freedom by Removing History


There is a strange thing when it comes to the politics of the right and left, many on the moderate right believe strongly in democracy, freedom of speech and little state control allowing people to get on with their lives without interference, as long as they do not break the law and do no harm to others and their property. However, those on the left of politics often take up drastic measures to curb people's freedoms, including freedom of speech claiming those they oppose are being offensive or racist when that person may be giving a personal opinion. Ironically, while those on the right of politics are happy to allow the left to spout their often quite ludicrous opinions, it is those from the left who accuse those on the right of being Fascists and anti-freedom. I have never managed to get my head around how they come to this conclusion when it is they who are anti-freedom and behave like the very fascists they claim they hate.

The most recent victim of those who oppose freedom of speech is Nigel Farage who has stood down from his regular programme on LBC radio as it is being claimed his contract was coming to an end. In effect he was pushed out for daring to speak out freely against the mainly Marxist and far left thugs and vandals who have been running riot in London, Bristol and many other places on the pretext of fighting against racism due to George Floyd being killed by a policeman in the USA, which is not even something that affected us here in the UK. It seems Nigel's downfall came after the mob in Bristol tore down the statue of Edward Colston when Nigel Tweeted: "A new form of the Taliban was born in the UK today. Unless we get moral leadership quickly our cities won't be worth living in". After we all witnessed the Taliban destroying many ancient and irreplaceable historic carvings some years previously, it is easy to understand his comparison.

He also spoke out two days later on the ITV Good Morning Britain programme and stated: "The slogan 'black lives matter' and wanting to end injustice and inequality is a laudable aim. The organisation Black Lives Matter is a far-left Marxist organisation whose chief aim is to defund and close down police forces so that we would live under anarchy." These statements of free speech and opinion ensured his broadcasting downfall and the woke anarchy had won.

I am of an age where history was taught in full when I was at school in the 1950's and early 1960's. Sadly, as I was not a good student and not all the history I was taught sunk in, it was years later when I began to take an interest in the past, although I freely admit, my historical knowledge is limited. None the less, when I watch quiz shows on TV and when what seems to me easy historical questions arise, I am staggered by how little knowledge many of the younger contestants have and wonder just what history they were taught at school. This is the problem, history teaching has become selective and has fallen victim of political correctness leaving many ignorant of our past, including historical moments and figures of both the good and the bad, the heroes and the villains. It seems our children cannot be taught the realities of the past as it may upset them or it was not "inclusive"!

Sadly, TV and Hollywood films are also responsible for adding to this general historical ignorance, we are often shown scenes depicting a period in history which include many none white people when we know in that time period those people were not present in large numbers. Ethnic actors are often included by the film and programme makers because they fear being accused of being racist if they show a true version of the populace at the time in history the story covers.

Then there is the Hollywood abominations of history such as the film where it depicts Americans discovering the German Enigma machine on a submarine when, in reality, it was the British who took that machine and used it at Bletchley Park to crack German coded messages. I fear I get extremely depressed when watching these things, even in the generally excellent film 'The Darkest Hour' about Winston Churchill's early Premiership during World War Two, it went into the realms of fantasy showing him absconding and using the London Tube where he speaks to the people and asks their opinion - I grind my teeth when watching scene of pure fantasy.

Our history, along with the effigies of many historical people, is being trashed by those who were never properly taught about our rich and fascinating past. The ignorant are running riot in our cities and doing everything to ensure their children will grow up in a country and world where the past and all what was good and bad in history does not exist. Without knowing about how the evils of slavery, which included white people being taken by North African slave traders who raided the South West of England, Ireland and many places around the Mediterranean, as well white slavers taking black Africans, often with the help of black African's themselves, will never know of the good work of William Wilberforce and the many English people who dedicated their lives to eradicating the evils of slavery. Nor will they ever understand the norms of the times and why these things done in those times, the true nature of all history will be lost.

If we are going into the realms of removing effigies of those from history we do not like I wonder how these left wing rioters would react if it was decided to comply against those from history who did much harm, to also tear down the bust of Carl Marx in Highgate cemetery and all traces of his grave removed. He and Engels were the fathers of Communism which over the past century has created equal, if not more, misery than slavery ever did. Under Communism hundreds of millions of people lost their freedom, many millions died because of it and even more were thrust into poverty. Marx's ideas created misery across the globe for the masses in many countries that took up his teachings. Sadly, the woke left see that man as a hero but if they want to see those who were responsible for creating suffering eradicated from history, surely Marx's bust should also be included in the rogues gallery of effigies to be removed.

If we erase our past all we can look forward to is an ignorant future, our freedom will be removed by removing history.

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