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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Simple Arithmetic

to-learn-2387228_128_20240419-134452_1 Simple Arithmetic

According to the experts, Kier Starmer will be Prime Minister by March next year at the latest. On one level it makes little difference.

The Conservative Party is indistinguishable from the Liberal Democrats, they are indistinguishable from Labour. Starmer pretends that Labour has moved right, to the centre ground. The reality is that while Cameron's 'reforms' butchered the Conservative party, Starmer is an unreformed hard left Labourite. He knows, unlike Jeremy Corbyn, he must keep his mouth shut until he has plucked the ripe democratic plum.

Labour have rediscovered Wilson's 13 wasted years war cry (now 14) with which to beat the Conservatives, who like frightened Rabbits in the headlights say nothing in response. Hopelessly divided on almost everything the Conservatives seem to have lost the will to govern along with their patriotism. A small ERG rump still believes in Britain and democracy. The majority, Tory Liberal Democrats would happily sell our liberty. When Cameron flounced off in a huff after losing the Referendum he did so in the knowledge that as the heir to Blair he'd continued the process of destroying British democracy.

Increasingly, those who support rejoining the EU are given more air time, they shout loudly 'Brexit has failed' without of course specifying in what way. They cannot, because on almost all measures we are doing better than similar EU countries.

Labour have come a long way. Hugh Gaitskell, was against joining the Common Market, arguing that it would be an insult to "a thousand years of history". Tony Benn, Peter Shore (brilliantly), Barbara Castle and many others were passionately opposed to the Common Market and its successors. They feared a democratic deficit, but above all a concerted attack on the rights and living standards of working people. Neil Kinnock moved from vociferous critic of the EU to committed supporter. Was it simply the jobs he and his wife had in Brussels, or the 'European' career of his Red Prince son that changed his mind? Was this a Damascene conversion? If so I have failed to find a believable explanation for the scales falling from his patriotic eyes and him waking as a European federalist.

In the same way that Starmer has hidden his real intention, so too has the various incarnations of the EU. The real intention is the creation of a Unitary State that, like the USSR, will abolish nations and everyone will be a 'European'. The EU is a monolith, homogeneously designed to create a 'Super State'. Its member countries are in reality provinces subject to central diktat. It's structure provides an unelected Commission enormous power. The supposed 'democratic processes' are in reality at best opportunities for horse trading. The final arbiter is a political court specifically mandated to support EU integration.

Starmer, despite his new look, has previous form. Apart from his Trotskyist beginnings, his record as a 'Human Rights' lawyer demonstrates a contempt for the values the vast majority hold dear. He was a dismal Director of Public Prosecutions, ignoring the sexual exploitation of white working class underage girls in Muslim dominated Labour areas. As Labour leader he supported Theresa May in her attempt to reverse the Brexit referendum. He has consistently demonstrated his contempt for British values and the democratic process. Sadly, that is also true, of most MPs. The Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid, 99% of the Labour party and the majority of Conservative MPs all ignore the will of the people.

Since the establishment of Universal Suffrage, there has never been such a disconnect between the people and parliament. It is as if we have time travelled back to the 14th century. Once again, Serfs obliged to obey. Unlike our forefathers we have the means to rectify the situation. We simply need to show the courage they had. We can do so without facing the tyrannical suppression they did. It really is a simple question of arithmetic.

According to supporters of our failed political parties, we cannot change them because of the First Past the Post system. We are, so they say, stuck in a doom loop of alternating Conservative/Labour governments, each intent on undermining our Country. Each determined to replace it with something unrecognisable, as is the case in swathes of London and other major cities. Each determined on a policy of national dilution.

For the sake of argument, one hundred people listen to Jill and Jack debate. Up for grabs is Chairmanship of the allotment society. Each candidate has a vision. Each is questioned by the audience who although of different skill levels are united in a determination to keep their allotments. At the end, Jill gets 60 votes and Jack 40. She is elected and all pledge to work with her for the good of all. Simple democracy. Simple arithmetic. Why not for our country? Simply, because political parties have successfully developed a tribal system. Despite their support for Globalism, their power depends on tribes. My father always voted (whatever) and so have I. Why? Is it not time to put country before tribe? Is it not time to treat our legacy parties with the contempt the have shown us.

The forthcoming election may well be the last opportunity we have to preserve democracy. All the legacy parties stand for closer ties with (or rejoining) the EU. Unlimited immigration, instead of supporting our own people. Rule by unelected Quangos and the Civil Service, all of whom continually demonstrate a preference for managed decline, and the destruction of the values that the vast majority hold to be normal. We have to break the mould. What we have, is not only not working it is damaging our country. Since 1945, both Tory and Labour have had ample opportunity to put the people first. With the exception of Margaret Thatcher they have failed. They have had long enough. The rope we gave them should have hung them, instead it is strangling the country.

Where there is a UK supporting democrat the issue should not arise. In 95% of seats that is not the case. There are alternatives. Reform and the SDP Notably. To take our country back we need to shock the system. Demonstrate that the Legacy Parties and their Quangos and the civil service do not have a divine right to rule. The people have the divine right to select their government. We have chosen badly. It is time to right that wrong. It is time to use our divine right. We can use it or lose it. 

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