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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Were all our tomorrows yesterday?

thumb-440352_1920-1 84 Wasted Years

'Thirteen Wasted Years' is the war cry of Starmer's Labour party. To those who remember, it simply demonstrates that they have not got a new idea - on anything. The slogan was used by Wilson for the 1964 General Election.

I suggest that the truth is that, apart from Thatcher, we have had 84 wasted years, well 79 if one deducts WW2.

Neville Chamberlain's financial policies had made Britain an exception in the 1930s. The country had stable consistent growth. A whole new class of homeowners emerged taking advantage of Chamberlain's policy of slashing red tape and setting the economy free.

Hitler interrupted this. The destruction he failed to achieve was gleefully taken up by Attlee. The 1945 Labour government was communist. It called itself Labour, but a reading of its Manifesto will demonstrate that that was semantics. The Labour Party is perhaps a quarrelsome twin. One is represented by nonconformism and the Co-Operative movement. The other a Sidney and Beatrice Webb polished Marxist turd that when scratched has all the hallmarks of the USSR. Socialism is not compatible with democracy. It is a religious dogma and can only exist in its own vacuum. Whether one calls it Communism, Socialism or National Socialism it is a simple truth. What is not understandable, is that only National Socialism has been banned by democracies. Communism and its Socialist twin have caused death and misery for over a hundred years and yet continue to actively and freely proselytise and govern.

Attlee was a failure in Socialist terms because he failed to grasp the nettle and impose the one party state his program demanded. When thrown out in 1951 he accepted the electors' verdict. Sadly, others did not. Under orders from Moscow, trade unions set about destroying British Industry. Extraordinarily the incoming Conservative government let them. Quite simply, Socialism cannot take root unless all that contradicts it, is destroyed, imprisoned or banned. Bizarrely the Tory and Liberal Parties decided that the answer was to become Socialist - at least what is now termed Social Democratic. Having failed in their attempts to appease Hitler's Germany they now thought it would work on those espousing Marxism. The Labour Party, perhaps seeing the wind blow in their direction slowly toned down and pretended that they too were Social Democrats. Twin one always has been. Twin two is personified by Jeremy Corbyn. A man enthusiastically supported by Starmer until he saw the prospect of power and the need to be a Social Democrat to achieve it.

All governments, apart from Thatchers, have connived in the slow destruction of this country. They have done so by bribing the electorate with the word 'Free'. Bribing them with things the people paid for themselves. There is a song in the movie Cat Ballou that sums it up.

The tart sings: "I am old and grey; And I've lost my way; All my tomorrows were yesterday"

To which the chorus replies: "You bartered your graces; For silks and for laces; Your pure heart you sold; For silver and gold; And now you are old Madam"

The tart, sadly, replies: "And now I am old"

The central glory of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence is that it based on law by consent. It is one of the main reasons for the Brexit vote. The EU is governed by Civil Law which does not presume or require consent. Rather, like Socialism and Democracy, Common Law and Civil Law are incompatible. The leave vote was intended to restore our sovereignty. Restore both our democracy and law. The opportunity has been wasted. Deliberately by those who identify as Social Democrats. For them, the idea of a successful high wage economy Britain is anathema. For the patrician snobs (think Theresa May and Lady Nugee) it involves the common people getting above themselves. For Socialists it involves the certainty that successful people will not want them. An unholy alliance that mirrors the Social Democrat shift, that has robbed the people of their victory. By removing Liz Truss and replacing her with the rejected Sunak, the Tory parliamentary party and its manages have aligned themselves with May and Nugee. They have turned their back on progress, freedom and a decent socialist free future for our country.

I have voted Tory all my life even when it was simply because it was the least worst option. I live in a constituency represented by a Tory Spartan, one of the very few who stood against May and has been a constant critic of harmful government policy. I will vote for him because he represents my hopes and wishes for the future. There are possibly a handful like him who deserve support not as Tories, but as true representatives. If I lived elsewhere I would be working hard for any alternative to the status quo.

This country faces an existential threat to its future liberty and happiness. All the legacy parties are in fact singing the same song. The tune may sound different, but the meaning is the same. We need to find the strength and faith displayed at the Brexit referendum to totally change the face of politics. Either we can fight for our future, or like the tart resign ourselves to our Tomorrow being Yesterday. 

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