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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Where is the Centre?

middle-finger-149667_128_20240618-072533_1 A Message from your Rulers

Ask a child to tell you where their centre is and they'll point at their belly button. It's obvious. It's in the middle. Politicians of the legacy parties bleat incessantly about the 'Centre'. Apparently, no one ever won an election to anything unless they were precariously perched on a fence. Where has that got us? In reality the 'Centre' is the elite giving us all the middle finger.

Prior to WW2 Britain was a country of people who believed in what one might call traditional values. Patriotism, democracy, self reliance, hard work, decency and fairness. It grabbed the opportunity Neville Chamberlain gave it to build and buy houses. Embraced the economic opportunity that saw Britain stand out in the 1930s as the country of sustained growth. When called upon, it's people rallied around Churchill and stood alone long enough to save the world. It's centre was clear.

Clement Attlee's attempted to create a Socialist state in 1945. He cannot be blamed for that attempt. The Labour Party manifesto was clear, the communist intention spelt out. Luckily, we still had a democracy so that when the mistake was realised it could be reversed. But it was not reversed. Successive governments have been noteworthy for not undoing it all. Even Margaret Thatcher left some of the communist inspired interventions in situ. Of course, state control, a growing civil service and a myriad of Quangos suit big business, rent seeking bureaucrats and control freak politicians, it's poison for everyone else.

Reinforcing the bad that is sold as good has seen decades of state intervention erode individual responsibility. The Labour party now propose free lunches for all children. What is the point of parents? What's next, human breeding farms with the potential economic units removed to safe schooling where they learn the benefits Mother State?

The middle has moved to a point that would cheer Attlee. It is not a centre that anyone who believes in democracy, sovereignty, family, progress,ambition or aspiration can relate too. And yet, the peddlers of failure bleat on and on. The Conservative party, with a long history of telling lies, (Ted Heath) ignoring democracy (John Major) Trying to rig results, sneering at working people and running away (David Cameron) trying to overturn democracy (Theresa May) Promising and not delivering (Boris Johnson) and stabbing people in the back (Rishi Sunak) beg for votes. Vote Reform and get labour, they cry perched on their centrist fence. That they have become a quasi Socialist party is obvious to most of us. The fact that they still imagine they can fool everyone simply demonstrates the depths of their moral bankruptcy. They have failed and we do not deserve to be part of their failure.

There has never been a Labour government that did not leave the economy worse than they found it. Up until Blair they were at least honest in their pursuit of Socialism. Blair was smart, he recognised that Socialism as a political religion is bound to fail, even when achieving a one party state ideal. No, he realised that the state control and denigration of ordinary people fitted perfectly with the big state One World project. The mine fields he laid and the damage to our constitution, law and democracy are now becoming apparent. Obviously, Labour want more, want to build on his legacy. Dream perhaps that this is the time for a one party state, when Starmer can achieve his Trotskyist dreams. One cannot blame the Socialist Leopard for having spots. One can blame the Conservative party, who have been in power for most of the last 79 years, for not restoring our economy and society. It is their failure that the centre is now to the left of Harold Wilson.

The centre supported by all the legacy parties supports Net Zero. They support destroying industry with ruinously high energy costs. They support making people poorer and colder. All in pursuit of a scientifically questionable idea promoted by those who benefit from the subsidies paid by working people. Subsidies introduced without a mandate or examination of the evidence. 

There are a handful of real Conservative MPs. I hope they keep their seats. I hope when the dust settles that they wake up to the fact that the Conservative party no longer represents aspirational small C conservatives. It no longer represents anyone who wants a brighter future. It has betrayed those in the Red Wall who believed they were voting for opportunity. Sadly, many of those MPs are repeating the Central office mantra 'Vote Reform and Get Labour' It is just not true.

A vote for Reform or the SDP is a vote for positive change. A vote for a new Centre. It is a vote for renewal. A vote for anyone else is a wasted vote A vote for a continuation of 79 years of failure and broken promises. 

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