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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place


There is probably no greater struggle in life than the one with oneself.

The European Union has always been a contentious issue in this country this is why David Cameron decided to call a referendum. The so-called Remainers believed wholeheartedly that they could win it and lay to rest once and for all oppositions to the UK's EU membership, but it was not to be.

Cameron resigned after campaigning for the losing side and Theresa May took over as PM. She endeavoured to create a government of unity integrating both Remainers and Brexiteers. The gig was up when Olly Robbins moved to 10 Downing Street reporting directly to Theresa May and David Davis was left out of the presumably crucial talks. The Withdrawal Agreement confirmed suspicions that the point of a deal is ultimately to achieve what Cameron failed to do at the referendum, which is for the UK to remain tied to the EU through a treaty the UK cannot exit.

The speediness at which Parliament convened to pass the Benn Act – also known as the Surrender Act, is further proof that a large portion of the Establishment is intent on ensuring that Brexit really means remaining in the European Union by any means possible. It is important to remember that the United Kingdom entered the European Economic Community (EEC) to build economic ties and in decades the EEC morphed into a failed political union taking sovereignty away from nation states. This is exactly what a so-called deal is supposed to achieve. Remainers are focusing their effort on creating a continuous link between the European Union and the United Kingdom to prevent our effective exit.

There have been very little talks politically as to why our exit from the European Union would prevent further talks when we leave once and for all. It is simple because the balance of power has always resided with the United Kingdom. We have provided Europe with an exporting market to sell their German cars or French produce. We are also the clearing house of the European Union. Claims that financial institutions would leave have yet to materialise.

Furthermore, one very important point to consider is that the European Union has always felt threatened by our institutions. Their ultimate goal was always to make them subservient to the European Commission – and most importantly the European Court of Justice to impose their laws and regulations with very little fight back from UK politicians. Remainers may say that the games played by John Bercow and the number of MPs was a mean to 'take back control' ridiculing the PM but they are wrong. The European Union lost all credibility when Remainers openly destroyed the institutions further radicalising those who voted for Brexit. It is inevitable that this has strengthened Nigel Farage one way or another – and this is what the EU wanted to avoid at all cost. From an EU's perspective, the European Elections have revealed that they have not made any progress in reversing mindsets by delaying Brexit – quite the contrary. And it is worth remembering that Brexit is not the only issue threatening the survival of the European Union. The departure of German hawk Sabine Lautenschlaeger from the European Central Bank is of great concern to those who are campaigning for a fiscal union. The Bundesbank may seek financial guarantees meaning that money lent to other countries should be repaid in full (The German Central Bank is likely to re-evaluate its targets and collaterals on its balance sheet relying on the Bank of International Settlements to implement varying values of euros depending on each European country's debt. Currently the Euro has one value irrespective of each European country's economic development). The Italian debt's saga may have been halted by the alliance between Five Stars and Democratic Party, but this is unlikely to hold the tides of the Northern League in subsequent elections. Five Stars have shown their true colours by forming an alliance with their presumed arch-political enemy to the dismay of their supporters. See the uncanny parallels between what is happening in Italy and the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom those who are sure to lose their seat have resigned, for instance John Bercow will leave on 31st October 2019. Amber Rudd is unlikely to run as an independent. There are others who have been thrown out and may also lose their seat. The restructuring of the Conservative Party is underway. It will be complete with an alliance with the Brexit Party. Why?

Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Moog have voted once for the unpalatable Withdrawal Agreement, which would have turned the United Kingdom into a vassal state. For Brexiteers, this is one time too many. The current toying between seeking a deal and going for no-deal is destabilising those who hope that Johnson and his team will not desperately sign a deal at the 11th hour enabling Johnson to succeed where his two predecessors have failed. This is where Nigel Farage's Brexit Party comes in. He ultimately retains the trust of Brexiteers, whilst the Tories have created this mess and continue to do so. It is after all David Cameron who called the Referendum, Theresa May who tried unsuccessfully to push for her Withdrawal Agreement and John Major who has come out of retirement to publicly attack Boris Johnson and testify against the prorogation. The Tory Party is a dysfunctional family, which does not inspire confidence at this time.

The presumed Opposition in none the wiser. The failed coup to remove Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson demonstrated that Jeremy Corbyn is on a tight leach. Despite Watson's statements undermining the Leader of the opposition, Corbyn halted the coup after Tony Blair and Gordon Brown called the move dangerous. Corbyn has always had a challenging relationship with his MPs. They passed a motion of no-confidence by 172-40 in June 2016, less than a year after his appointment. Corbyn's approval rating sunk to the lowest of any Opposition leader since records began in 1977. No wonder he is fearful of an election. Corbyn should remember that entering Number 10 through the back door will only be the beginning of the end for his career. Once he serves his purpose to delay or block Brexit altogether, there will be plans to replace him as his MPs believe he is unlikely to win an election. Corbyn's rapprochement with Remainers is an insult to all Labour voters who voted for Brexit. They believed him when he said in his manifesto that he will honour the referendum results.

Jeremy Corbyn had countless opportunities to stop this parliamentary farce but perhaps just as Boris Johnson stated in the Commons on Wednesday, he is being held, controlled managed by moderates and/or the Momentum movement.

So now ladies and gentlemen, we have a government without a majority, which is being denied an election by an Opposition leader whose lacklustre performance and indecisions are likely to end his political career. And let's not forget the dead parliament and its sister House of Lords, the residence of several cronies that Garvin Barwell and Olly Robbins, the joint architects of this mess, may be joining. Self-preservation and personal interests have poisoned the system, this is why we are where we are.


As unlikely as it sounds Corbyn has the power to stop this mess and refocus the debate on domestic issues by following through with his manifesto promises to honour the referendum results. By voting or pushing through Brexit, he may have an opportunity to rebuild his party without moderate forces refusing to toe the party line. He would ultimately succeed in Opposition where Conservatives have failed in power. This would also mean that he would no longer need the support of the Liberal Democrats or the Scottish National Parties to campaign in a subsequent election. Corbyn would still be punished at the ballot box but he would be able to campaign with no strings attached like the promise of a second Scottish referendum. This is unlikely to happen as the Opposition Leader wants to humiliate the Tories, get Boris Johnson to seek an extension, call an election, which will weaken the Tories and present himself as the man with a solution. Corbyn should take a serious look at the electoral map and focus on his Brexit voters as therein lies the power. Following an election, Corbyn may ultimately go for a no deal Brexit with a parliament more inclined to support this, thus resurrecting his political career. One could say that dreams can come true because currently blocking Brexit is strengthening the hands of Labour moderates and they will not allow him to pursue Brexit. Corbyn seems to forget that these same moderates will remove him and continue to use the Labour party as a powerful levy to retain power.

There is a parallel here. Boris rightfully expelled 21 Tory rebels after they lent their support to the opposition in an attempt to remove no deal off the table. This is significant because these people have been operating under Tory colours whilst undermining its brand by attacking the government of late undermining its effort to leave the European Union and respect the wishes of the people. They were elected on the premise that they would honour the referendum results but instead have chosen to make a mockery of the democratic process and their constituents by putting their own interest first. This is further confirmed by their refusal to call a by election whilst resigning from their respective party, which has given them a mandate. They have denied the electorate a vote. Be in no doubt that there is no other word to describe these shenanigans than a COUP. These 21 Tories have managed to create havoc not because they are a full-blown political force but because they constituted a force within a wider party. All one need to steer the balance of power is a few destabilising elements, which those rebels were.

Boris Johnson must follow suit with his statement that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on 31st October 2019 come what may. This will be the end of Corbyn's dreams to save the day. The Labour Leader would face further calls to resign and could be replace by a moderate such as Yvette Cooper (if she retains her seat, although it is relatively easy to place her in a safe seat) or Hillary Benn for instance. So Corbyn has a lot of pondering to do over his game planning (or lack of).

Finally, it will be the end of the Conservative Party and Boris Johnson if he goes to the European Union to seek an extension. His cabinet of Brexiteers, now in charge of our exit from the European Union, would have failed. After May, this would be THE END for the Tories and be of in no doubt that Nigel Farage will eventually rip the rewards of Brexit. One must remember that the more Remainers scheme to stop Brexit, the more they are radicalising voters and the bigger the backlash.

Parliament has failed to honour the results of the referendum. It is as good as dead to repeat the words of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. The power lies with the executive branch. It was insightful to see Remainers ask the PM whether he will abide by the law and resort to calls of resignation in light of the PM's defiance to leave on 31st March. Johnson should continue to defy them.

  • The Parliament has been debating on Brexit for three years with no end in sight and no solution, except delay (the third);
  • The Parliament is broken tearing centuries of rules to favour Remainers courtesy of John Bercow;

The strategy must be NO EXTENSION followed by a General Election. PM must provoke Remainers, confront them and denounce them in parliament. PM must annihilate them in parliament because otherwise this nonsense will continue. These political parasites are trying to STOP our exit to survive because they know they are as good as dead if Hard Brexit goes through. There must be a degree of political if the PM is to survive and win this battle.

This is no longer a game between parties or factions within the establishment, the power ultimately resides with the electorate. It should come as no surprise that several MPs who stood on a manifesto in 2017 only to defy it two years later have announced their 'retirement'. It is worth remembering that there are no remainers, just people putting their interests above that of the electorate. They are just a bunch of delusional saboteurs with no electoral support in the Tory or Labour parties.

It is undeniable that in light of recent developments, there is no other choice but a hard Brexit. The PM should defy the law and take the country out of the European Union. Boris should prorogue again, it will undermine further the parliamentary game. The deadline of 31st October is important because it will determine the future of British politics. Remainers are aware that time is no longer on their side hence the speediness at which they are passing laws to frustrate Brexit.

It is worth remembering that at the European Elections, the Conservative Party's clout was in the single digit. It is important to realise the European Union is the end game and these MPs will stop at nothing to destroy the institutions that Brexiteers seem so intent on protecting. The parliamentary monarchy as we knew it is dead courtesy of a few Blairites/Cameronites' dangerous games, which have re-written the rules of our unwritten constitution at their advantage - Fixed term parliament Act for instance. We now have a parliament, which no longer represents the people. Rogue parliament, rogue MPs ...perhaps we need a daring PM. 

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