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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Democracy Under Threat

big-ben-450819_1920 Churchill Led the Fight to Preserve Democracy

Democracy is in serious trouble. Before Trump was sworn in, many Democrats took to the streets to protest. 'He is not my president' was their battle cry. The American people were presented with a choice between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. They had to elect one of them and the majority chose Trump. For democracy to function there must be loser consent. The democrats refused that. Increasingly, withholding consent has become a new 'normal' in the US and UK. Labour, Lib-Dems, SNP, the Blob, Broadcast Media and, of course, the EU refuse to accept the BREXIT result.

Denying losers consent is endangering democracy in the UK and USA. Those opposed to voter decisions are not exercising their rights, they are seeking to deny the democratic rights that are the cornerstone of liberty. They play a dangerous game, that if successful, must lead to totalitarianism.

The pressure on Truss is evidence that contagion has reached the Tory Party. Pundits opine, "Truss is in trouble because most MPs didn't vote for her" and many MPs have agreed. Not just agreed, but decided to do their utmost to sabotage her. Tory leaders are elected by the membership. The fact that the membership chose someone other than the one most MPs supported simply reflects the wisdom of ordinary people. They are in touch with reality rather than a Westminster bubble. Without the membership Johnson would never have been elected either.

A new prime minister and government, its start overshadowed and delayed by the sad death of our Queen, is now attacked by a feeding frenzy that would awe a pack of hyenas. As usual most of the broadcast media can think of nothing better than trying multiple 'Gotcha' moments in the hope of bringing down another government. The BBC's sneering interviewers demand to know what taxes will pay for everything. Of course, an organisation funded by a legally enforced tax that is levied indiscriminately and without reference to ability to pay has a mindset that cannot understand cake sizes.

In terms of policy the antics of the defeated candidate's supporters are absurd. It is obvious to a child that the only way for everyone to have a slice of cake is to bake one big enough. That was the point of the budget. Arthur Laffer, told The Sunday Times: "In six months to a year, you'll see the economy come roaring back. What your Prime Minister and Chancellor are doing is the right thing, right away". He added Ms. Truss and Mr Kwarteng had done a "better job" than Ronald Reagan did when he implemented Reaganomics, as the former US president delayed tax cuts. Mr Laffer was an advisor to President Reagan. Reaganomics was based largely on Laffer's advice. During his presidency, marginal tax rates decreased, tax revenues increased, inflation decreased, and the unemployment rate fell. Annual federal government current tax receipts grew from $344 billion in 1980 to $550 billion in 1988, and the economy boomed. What's not to like? Plenty if you want to rejoin the EU. If you want to remain in lockstep with an increasingly sclerotic bloc. Instead of supporting the government bold plan many MPs have joined doomsayers and market spivs to gripe and talk us down.

They demand more taxes. They demand that more must be given to benefit claimants (most were oddly silent when Sunak abandoned the Triple Pension Lock). The idea of encouraging entrepreneurs to earn more by lowering the top rate of tax has them in paroxysms of fury normally reserved for the far left.

Opponents of UK renaissance demand an OBR forecast, as if that organisation is a Delphic Oracle of blameless rectitude. Osborne created the OBR for a couple of reasons. One to aid his project fear and for the reason boards of directors use expensive consultants. So he could look at us with wide-eyed innocence and claim "It wasn't me Guv". That it brought us into line with other over regulated economies was just a bonus. The OBR is chaired by Richard Hughes, ex Resolution Foundation (Left-wing think tank), IMF and French government advisor. Others have a similar profile. Unsurprisingly the OBR entered into the spirit of Project Fear with relish. Hughes is still at it, claiming a year ago that the impact of Brexit on the economy would be "worse than Covid" which was responsible for over 100,000 deaths. In 2018 they had to admit that the deterioration it forecast in the public finances after the EU referendum has not materialised. John Redwood - OBR Errors are Damaging

Although frustrating none of this would be existentially threatening if we had an obvious alternative. Our first Past the Post system provides the alternative choice of the Labour party or a coalition. Despite its new found love of the national flag Labour is hard left and devotedly undemocratic. Harsh? Look at the facts. It is in hock to hard left Unions trying to achieve political ends through industrial action. Its leader is a man who grew up hard left. He supported Corbyn and tried to have him elected. He worked tirelessly to overturn the democratic Brexit vote. He was one of the main leaders of the attempt to make our country ungovernable and install a parliamentary dictatorship to reverse the peoples will. Imagining he or his supporters have changed their spots is ridiculous. Corbyn's failure (from the hard left view) is that he was honest about his intentions. Of course the EU election rise of UKIP and latterly the Brexit Party (now Reform) demonstrate that a focused offering directed at voter concerns can succeed. Undoubtedly, Farage standing down candidates in Tory seats helped produce Johnson's stunning 2019 victory. Something back stabbing MPs in cahoots with the blob celebrating U turns should think about. MPs do not have a divine right to rule. The Labour and Tory parties could disappear just as did the Wigs and Liberals.

The Starmer/May democracy opposition followed by Covid and Johnson's Green fixation deprived us of part of the BREXIT dividend. Finally, we have a government that promises to deliver. Time is short. The question for everyone who believes in democracy is simple. Are you prepared to support a legitimate government as it enacts the peoples will? Anti Democrats may feel a warm glow of self entitlement as they refuse losers consent and seek to overthrow our history. History, however, will judge them harshly. But we all have a chance to stop their mischief from being more than a sentence in a future history, rather than the book they dream they are writing. 

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