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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Time for the Kissing to Stop


The Cummingsaffairfollowed a pattern familiar to those who have observed the Brexit process, since David Cameron announced the referendum. The pro EU media assisted by the civil service have lied, invented, threatened and twisted their way to what should have been ignominy. They have escaped that fate. Indeed, support from the Supreme Court's decision to ignore our constitution and make law themselves has emboldened them to repeat the process.

The media have been behaving badly since its creation. Good news, it seems, does not sell. Sleaze does. The £5.4 million Leveson inquiry should have drawn a line, it failed. The failure was the rejection of an independent press regulator. Most politicians and Media agreed that a voluntary body would serve. There was no example supporting that view. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) the model preferred by the media, should have served as a warning. A small example. The ASA provides people with an opportunity to register and not receive junk mail. Mail addressed to the, Homeowner, Occupier, Owner and other variations cannot be stopped because, they disingenuously claim, those recipients may want the information. The gamekeeper is the poacher's best friend. And so it is with the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The press escaped Leveson by claiming it was an attack on press freedom. To quote the Sun Newspaper. "We understand why phone hacking victims want newspapers muzzled. But, anger and the desire for revenge are not a basis on which to destroy 300 years of Press freedom. That is why we applaud David Cameron's courage in resisting Lord Leveson's call for a new law, saying he has "serious concerns and misgivings" over legal underpinning for a new regulator. Parliament must now give the Press the chance to respond to Lord Leveson with its own proposals." The broadcast media is, supposedly, regulated. OFCOM with responsibility to oversee Broadcast media has failed spectacularly - the Cliff Richard's case is an example. That freedom imposes a responsibility, is lost on the media.

Following the victory over Leveson, the media have been out of control, in a moral sense. In pursuit of their ends, they have stooped low in an attempt to conquer. Their behaviour over Brexit has been a disgrace - toxic in the extreme. With few exceptions, the Civil Service planned operation fear was faithfully relayed in a propaganda effort that would have delighted Joseph Goebbels. Not only that, but by their deliberate and sustained attempts to discredit and hound those supporting leave. Arron Banks was subjected to a campaign that only ended In September 2019. The National Crime Agency dropped its investigations into him and Leave EU, finding "no evidence that any criminal offences have been committed."

For years, Nigel Farage has been subjected to scurrilous attacks, his family exposed to intimidation. The culmination of the media's assassination attempt was undertaken by Andrew Marr a week prior to the 2019 EU elections. Instead of an interview, Marr sought to highlight every word Farage had uttered that would paint him in a bad light and undermine the Brexit party's chances. He failed because Farage is more than a match, and because the electorate saw through the ploy.

What was missing, was any examination of Marr. His fervent Maoist past. His self righteous born again 'liberalism' a continuation of the prewar Left elite's eugenics love affair. Indeed, the left's contempt for the 'workers' has only ever been assuaged by the belief that they could control them to deliver their own version of the perfect society. In a 1977 Guardian article titled, "Eugenics and the master race of the left" Jonathan Freedland wrote "On the contrary: eugenics is the dirty little secret of the British left. The names of the first champions read like a roll call of British socialism's best and brightest: Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Harold Laski, John Maynard Keynes, Marie Stopes, the New Statesman even, lamentably, the Manchester Guardian." In a 1999 Article in the same newspaper Marr writes on the subject of race relations "What then can be done? (Apart, of course, from widespread and vigorous miscegenation, which is the best answer, but perhaps tricky to arrange as public policy)" adding later, "And the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress." The man who personifies woke Liberalism suggesting a policy familiar to National Socialists.

Prior to the Tory Leadership campaign, in its desperation to stop Brexit much of the media tried crudely to smear Boris. In a signature move, a concerned citizen worried about others safety phoned not the Police, but the Guardian Newspaper. When that failed they tried to wreck him and the government claiming he 'lied' to the Queen in respect of prorogation. In this, they were extraordinarily helped, again, by the Supreme Court using its clairvoyant powers. All these machinations failed, and now we witness the desperate, possibly last throw of the dice.

The Cummings'saffair is blatantly political and orchestrated by the same coalition that has tried, desperately since 2015, to undermine our country. It even started with a 'concerned' citizen phoning the Guardian. There is nothing wrong in questioning a public figure, but if this were not political, equal scrutiny would have focused on Labour MPs Kinnock, Evans, Corbyn, Ali, Gething , Duffield and the SNPs Blackford. Such an investigation would have revealed that they broke the rules for their own personal gratification. Mr. Cummingsacted within the rules to protect his child.

To the fevered media plotters - truth is a stranger. And so the Media, led by the BBC, held a Kangaroo court, found the accused guilty and dispatched a Lynch Mob to harass him and his family. Failing to claim the scalp, they switched to two other signature tactics. Firstly, the on line petition, where hundreds of thousands of 'concerned' bots vote repeatedly to express their concerned anger. Secondly, the blame game. In this scenario we are invited to believe that a man protecting his child will lead directly to mass civil disobedience and an increase in death. The Media suggestion that Cummings'sactions mean that others will follow and endanger all by his example, has at its root a contempt for its viewers, listeners and readers that is breathtakingly arrogant. Just like the Eugenicist and famous left wing snob Keynes, they have contempt for the 'ordinary ' people. In 1930 Keynes wrote "it may often profit the wisest to anticipate mob psychology rather than the real trend of events, and to ape unreason... so long as the crowd can be relied on to act in a certain way, even if it be misguided, it will be to the advantage of the better-informed professional to act in the same way – a short period ahead." Following his own advice, he lost 80% of his wealth in the 1928/29 crashes. A lesson that escapes today's elite left. The media has failed and abused the freedom it claims to treasure by trying to deny it to others.

It is, in my view, time to impose a proper regulator. One with teeth that will do what OFCOM and IPSO cannot or will not do. Stop the abuse, stop the lies and impose proper redress. Not a paragraph buried away somewhere, but an apology taking the same space and time, and at the same time of day (if broadcast). And for the day of the offence, the advertising revenue should be given to the complainant as damages. That leaves us with the BBC which, uniquely, has the luxury of a criminally enforced Licence to fund its misdeeds. We need money for the recovery phase. The BBC broken up into individual TV, Radio Stations, Production Companies and Web Sites would bring in a few billions. The World Service should be returned to the Foreign Office. The other media outlet with an unfair advantage is the Guardian. Without the shield its Public Sector advertising provides, it would change or go out of business. The public good is not served by supporting a medium that ensures the public sector an endless supply of left leaning Wokes.

The Heart of the Problem.

But, at the heart of this problem lies the EU, or rather their dream of keeping us in, and its UK fifth column that works assiduously to overturn democracy. Like the Hydra, the fifth column has many heads. The Civil Service, Political parties, Business Organisations, Many Public Sector organisations, the Judiciary, Politician and wealthy individuals who dream of a Single State to make their lives easier. All fronted by the BBC and other media outlets. It is pointless cutting off an individual head as we did last year at the General Election. The Hydra simply grows another. To prevent continuing infection we must, like Hercules, cauterise it by cutting it off at the neck.

There has never been a better time. Amandate that ensures a full parliament. The strong economic response to the pandemic, already rewarded by Nissan's announcement of moving some production from Spain to Sunderland. More will follow, especially now China has gifted us, potentially, a few millions hard-working entrepreneurial new citizens. They will come with the added bonus of knowing socialism personally.

The EU has, from the beginning, demonstrated that it will not agree to even a modest FTA. Michel Barnier's mandate actually makes it impossible. His petulant response to David Frost's letter; and writing to opposition politicians offering to extend the transition, both demonstrate that the EU has learned nothing. Now, in an interview with the Times, Barnier resorts to threats. If we do not agree to his terms, we will go to hell in a handcart. Coming from the man who boasted he would make life so difficult we would beg to stay, we can look elsewhere for the truth.

Fortunately, '@29MarchBetrayal', regularly tweets the cost we have incurred in not leaving on time. Since 11 pm, 29 March 2019. It is a staggering amount. The UK has paid the EU £14,4 Billion. This could have paid for 159 new hospitals, 623,266 nurses, 544,007 policemen. The EU project is under threat. To save it they need two things. Firstly, our money and secondly that we are hamstrung and cannot succeed. Their worst fear is the UK not just succeeding, but emulating Singapore when it left the Malay Federation. The thought of all those Hong Kong citizens must cause sleepless nights in Brussels.

In 1960, Constantine FitzGibbon wrote a novel, "When the Kissing had to Stop". It described a future, where under the sway of CND a Labour Government, having unilaterally disarmed, was powerless (even if it had wanted to) to stop a Soviet takeover. We came dangerously close to that last year as parliament tried to fill the role of the CND. Last November, we voted for change. We did not vote for continuity May. The talks are going nowhere. We desperately need the freedom to move ahead, both economically and politically - to reform those parts of our public life that has got used to working against our interests. We have tried to be reasonable and the EU has failed to reciprocate. There is no point in continuing the talks.Until the the Hydra is slain, we cannot control our future. It is a bright future and there is no reason to delay further. The talks should be stopped and their end used to exit the EU fully on Tuesday 30th June. We have waited long enough. We have compromised too much with too many. The kissing has got to stop now. 

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