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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Of Our Hard Won Sovereignty

ballot-1294935_128_20240524-164618_1 Democracy?

"Finished", "stuffed", "toast" . These have been the words and worse that many otherwise loyal Conservatives used about their own party recently.

However, now that the election has been called in spite of such pessimism, there is hope for the beleaguered Tories.:  A week is a long time in politics, said Harold Wilson, so how much longer are six?

The Labour Party are following the New Labour book and trying to look like a government in waiting rather than an aspiring opposition. They are also trying to look proactive and full of ideas (following years of just and arguably just criticism), but they may have peaked too early. Thus, if they can be seen to fail as an effective opposition and their wishy washy statements of policy and Starmer's pledges called into question and demolished just as soon as they are made, they may prove to be less than credible.

The Conservatives must be the change that the public really want if they are to stand a chance. One proactive policy and positive intention after another around a central core declaration could win the day. The old 'get Brexit done' slogan should be replaced by something currently relevant as a national call to arms to unite and restore Britain as a progressive caring and prosperous country and a beacon of hope to the wider world. In short, people respond to a call of hope and so a party that wants to be or remain in power must be that hope, be positive and sound positive. So, improvement in everything.

Win or lose, it will be those Conservative MPs elected who will determine the future of the Party, not those who gave up, lost or did not stand. So, candidates must reflect the wishes of members and associations rather than remotely at CCHQ.

Few people actually want Starmer, but he could get in by default if he isn't stopped. The economy will improve, but the shift must come from within. Conservatives have lost their self belief and if they find it and can mobilise soon they can win. Being in tune with the country will be key.

There ought to be a good look at what is polarising society (including politics and including within the Party and other parties). A lot of people could be won over by a push back against that with an emphasis on unity of purpose.

Tribalism and division are the consequences of categorisation, and believing that one has to take sides over any and every debate however remote from one's everyday life or natural affiliations.

Years ago young people might try to 'find themselves', develop themselves, search for their inner strengths or find purpose and direction in honour, duty and service. These days a young person is more likely to invent an identity or collection of identities to both fit in and stand out.

We are each now no longer regarded as unique individuals but rather as a collection of syndromes and categories. This has been encouraged by science and society to the detriment of both. Individuality and nationality and individuality and universality work, but division into groups and sub groups polarises and creates an us and them attitude.

Whatever one might think about the old Labour Party, it contained some great Eurosceptic members and was honestly what it was, but all that Starmer's creatures are is the 'not the Tory Party' with all its fellow travellers and socialist climbers wanting to associate with something with no purpose and no direction just because it looks like winning by default.

Change is Starmer's cry as it was Blair's and others including Cameron and Corbyn, so a plagiarism on all their houses. Their pointless one word chant implying Change for its own sake should be countered by another: improvement. Improvement of the economy, living standards and opportunity. Improvement in realising the rewards of sovereignty, the rewards of Brexit.

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