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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

News Report: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Markets

The use of artificial intelligence is currently paving the way to unprecedented possibilities in the financial sphere. With AI's growing capability and development, which is the current focus of most major market players, AI is carving itself an invaluable role. With the use of machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning, finan...

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Sir-John-Redwood Rt Hon Sir John Redwood PC MP

The great western inflation should lead to changes at the Central Banks

John Redwood's Lecture, All Souls College, Oxford  Rt Hon Sir John Redwood will be giving a lecture on the great western inflation of the last two years. He will examine the role of the Central banks, explain how they could have avoided the general price rises, and ask how the Bank of Japan, the Swiss Central Bank and the People's Bank of Chin...

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eu-liabilities-behemoth Hidden EU Debts

The archipelago of EU public sector entities with borrowing powers has created a behemoth of liabilities

The EU member states contain numerous public sector entities with borrowing powers, and whose debts fall outside the definition of member state debt as reported by Eurostat. The responsibility for the debts tracks back, one way or another, to the member state but the amounts involved are opaque. All that can be said with complete certainty is that ...

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eu-banking-sysyem-falsification EU Banking System Smoke and Mirrors

The EU banking system has falsified the amount of its cushion against losses

EU authorities have permitted commercial banks to implement a particularly aggressive form of risk-evaluation methodology, the result of which is the ability to claim a thick loss-absorption cushion and to attest that the EU banking system is stable and resilient. It isn't: cushions are as thin as before the Eurozone financial crisis. This is laid ...

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Ten The Government are Not Listening

European Scrutiny Committee Letter To Rishi Sunak

European Scrutiny CommitteeHouse of Commons London SW1A 0AATel (020) 7219 3292 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. From: Sir William Cash MP 15 May 2023 Rt Hon. Rishi Sunak MP Prime Minister10 Downing StreetLondon SW1A 2AA Change in Government policy on Retained EU Law and the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill Dear P...

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change-671376_1920 Change is Overdue

Reforming the House Of Lords

It was often said about the anatomy of a bumble bee, when looked at its shape and size of wings, that they should not be able to fly, but do. There are lots of things like bumble bees that should not work but do, the House of Lords in the days before Tony Blair got his meddling mitts on it worked reasonably well. In those days the majority of membe...

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eurosystem-commercial-bank Eurosystem is an unregulated Commercial Bank

The Eurosystem has become a commercial bank, except one without a credit assessment department or loss-absorption cushion

The Eurosystem has expanded its operations well beyond what a central bank would have traditionally undertaken. It now owns assets that are not 'central bank money' definitionally. Assets have credit ratings as low as BB in the Standard and Poor's system, which means they are 'Speculative Grade' and involve 'Substantial credit risk'. It does not ev...

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What did we learn about the Conservative Democratic Organisation and Moggmentum Refreshing and something we needed to hear

What did we learn about the Conservative Democratic Organisation and Moggmentum

This Saturday, grassroot conservatives across the nation nestled in the city of Bournemouth to enlighten themselves with the refreshing back to basic Tory rhetoric. While enemies of Traditional Conservatives tried to thwart this event  as 4D Chess moves from Johnsonites (although repeatedly stated not a Pro-Johnson movement from the ...

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broken Broken Promises

Broken Promises

Rishi Sunak's government is consistent in one thing. It makes promises to implement policies clearly aimed at public support, only to, within a short period, to unfailing announce that it will not after all go ahead, or that oi might, but only at some indeterminate point in the future. Far from providing a reason to vote Conservative it is generati...

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The Woke Triumvirate Prime Minister: Keir Starmer (Left) Deputy Prime Minister: Ed Davey (Right)

The Woke Triumvirate

  He [Caesar] declared in Greek with a loud voice to those who were present 'Let a die be cast' and led the army across. — Plutarch, Life of Pompey, 60.2.9 The meaning of this quote from Plutarch describes the start of the Roman Civil War, Julius Caesar articularly describes that things have happened that can't be changed back. This was s...

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Out pops the cloven hoof

Yesterday (Thursday 11 May) was a wonderful demonstration of why we are blessed to have a sovereign Parliament. The Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch had informed the Press before telling Parliament about the decision to remove the deadline for abolishing hampering EU legislation. Coming to the House to explain, she began with an unfortunate turn of...

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union-jack-3431475_1920 United Kingdom

Coronation Reflections

Our undoubted king has been anointed, crowned, walked through the Abbey accompanied by his queen, preceded by a priestess sword bearer - the lady of the lake. So far, so good. Britain was almost united again as it is sometimes and usually on a royal occasion, understanding implicitly that our monarch (but not their wider family) best represent...

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target-2-risks Target 2 - Enormous Hidden Risk

TARGET2 harbours risks even greater than the enormous ones acknowledged by the European Central Bank

There has been long and ongoing debate about the nature of the sizable loans and deposits that the Eurozone national central banks (NCBs) run with one another within the TARGET2 payment system. The debate has overlooked that the balances are nearly double what the European Central Bank (ECB) reports, and that the report only shows the amounts at th...

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Trafficking Soon - four star hotels, food and free money

Illegal Immigration

We are now well into May, and it appears that the flood of illegal immigrants across the channel has not abated – if anything, as the weather improves it is likely to increase. The opportunity to control our borders, and to decide who enters the UK and for how long, was a key strand of Brexit, yet nearly seven years after the momentous vote, nothin...

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ecb-major-funding-risk Major funding risk for Eurozone member states

The European Central Bank's programmes have created a major funding risk for Eurozone member states

The programmes of the European Central Bank (ECB) are extensive, and involve greater risks than the ECB can bear, it being very thinly capitalised. Even modest losses on its programmes would require it to be recapitalised by its Eurozone shareholders – the national central banks (NCBs) of the Eurozone member states. This is laid out in the newly-re...

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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Social Media

How State Power and Algorithms Can Threaten Humanity Are you ready to dive into an important and current topic? The COVID-19 pandemic has been the perfect pretext for governments around the world to restrict fundamental rights without due process, creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that threatens democracy. Furthermore, a new technologi...

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Should young people be allowed to vote?

In 1969 the UK lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, a move echoed in the Family Law Reform Act 1969. Not everyone thought the change to the age of majority a good idea. Of the eleven members contributing to the Latey Report on Civil Law reform, two dissented: Geoffrey (later Baron) Howe QC and Mr John Stebbings, later President of the Law Society....

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Voting: the numbers game

The requirement for ID in Thursday's local elections has caused upset - Richard Murphy calls it 'a reversal of the right to vote.' At least he (correctly) thinks it's important. So does the EU, which is why it is post-democratic by design: its Parliament is nothing more than a talking shop. Moreover, the individual's ballot is swamped by sheer numb...

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Coronation special: "King Charles is far better than 4/5th of the morons I have been presented to vote for" Interview with Charles Coulombe

Coronation special: "King Charles is far better than 4/5th of the morons I have been presented to vote for" Interview with Charles Coulombe

With the build up to the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, I took some time with leading Monarchist Historian Charles Coulombe, who gave us an insight into the event on Saturday.Mr Coulombe also gives us the privilege to answer a hotly contested conservative question of whether or not to take the once in a generation oath to His...

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The Multiculturalism Fallacy

The Multiculturalism Fallacy

 Let me tell you a fact: The population of the United Kingdom rose officially by nine million between 2000 and 2023 from 59 million to 68 million, due to documented immigration and not including the millions more undocumented illegal immigrants. take that information how you will at face value, but it is a genuine concern to be worried about t...

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Pliss, vot iss it, zis voting?

When William of Normandy fell down on disembarking at Pevensey, getting his hands full of sand and mud, he showed them to his army and said it was a sign that he would seize the country. As he strode up the beach towards his horse and Hastings, we can be confident that the liberty and prosperity of the English middle class was not uppermost in his ...

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Making a success of Brexit

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Fatal Traction: How Bad Ideas Gain Currency In Government

Three years ago today (2nd May) my MP wanted to demonstrate her responsivity to her constituents, which makes a welcome difference from the types that have allegedly represented me in the past. Unfortunately, we have locally an equivalent to Theodore Roosevelt's 'hyphenated Americans': some people who wish to embroil us in foreign matters beca...

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The Forth Brexit Crusade

The Forth Brexit Crusade

The fourth crusade led by the Papacy and it's stated objective was to recapture the Muslim-controlled city of Jerusalem, by defeating the powerful Egyptian Ayyubid Sultanate. However, any theological historian can tell you that this "righteous" cause was too soon fail, not because god was not on their side but it quickly fell out of Papal cont...

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A tale of three seas

 Three seas and two waterways comprise what is arguably the most important geopolitical hub on the planet. The Black Sea, Mediterranean and Red Sea are joined by the Bosporus and the Suez Canal as a vital trade and security crossroads connecting Europe with the MENA countries and Asia. During the Cold War the Black Sea was dominated by the War...

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Apologia Pro Raab

Apologia Pro Raab

To summarise the whole Raab "bullying" scandal is best described from Conservative MP for Peterborough, Paul Bristow, deploring the saga as cynically making the UK as "not a serious country". Certainly Mr Bristow is pristine clear about this, the mockery that the accusation of "bullying" affecting the civil service makes our nation a joke.From...

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What democracy?

We're still cutting the Lilliputian threads, but if we can prevent Remainer sabotage we shall be able to say that we're fully out of the EU. But then, so is North Korea. Rather than define our destiny negatively as against the puppet-empire in Europe, what positive vision should we have of Britain and our future? We talk of ourselves as a democracy...

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What is the EU for?

The EU has never quite decided on its mission statement and this has caused difficulties for itself and for us, even after our withdrawal. Its deepest roots lie in the desire to prevent a repeat of World War One. At the fateful Versailles peace conference in 1919 the French minister of commerce and industry, assisted by Jean Monnet, was seeking Eur...

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houses-of-parliament-4444870_1920 Royal Republic

The Struggle for Liberty

As we approach the Coronation we can expect much malign and ill-informed comment from people who do not understand our political system. One reason for their ignorance will be the deplatforming of speakers who could put them right, such as the redoubtable David Starkey, shunned by the woke for their misrepresentation of an impatient and infelicitou...

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netzero-eib-liabilities Net Zero Liabilities

Net Zero is the Rationale for the European Investment Bank to Help Manufacture Enormous Public Sector Liabilities

Net Zero is proving to be a good cover story for the European Investment Bank Group to create huge financial liabilities for the EU taxpayer. The amount looks set to exceed €1.2 trillion by the end of the current EU budget period in 2027. This is laid out in the newly-released book 'The shadow liabilities of EU Member States, and the threat they po...

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DS Civil Service Replace Elected Government

An Anonymous Tyranny

Adam Tolley's report on the behaviour of Dominic Raab is flawed. The accusations were plainly coordinated between departments and were 'afterthought' accusations that would have been dismissed by an employment tribunal. Of the accusers "Only some of those individuals had any direct experience of the DPM (Deputy Prime Minister - Raab); some had neve...

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misleading-accounting It is all smoke-and-mirrors.

Misleading Accounting Lends Undeserved Credibility to the European Stability Mechanism

The European Stability Mechanism is the main bailout mechanism behind the Euro. Croatia recently joined it upon adopting the Euro. The ESM uses two accounting tricks to make it appear larger and more robust than it actually is, disguising that it lacks the firepower to deal with a major incident. This is laid out in the newly-released book 'The sha...

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eu-supranational-liabilities EU Debts

EU supranational entities harbour major unacknowledged liabilities for member states

The structures of the EU and Eurozone have allowed the creation of a series of supranational entities that have taken on debts whilst having little financial strength of their own: their creditworthiness depends on guarantees or capital calls from member states, without the extent of the member states' liabilities being transparent and being added ...

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creditrating-discrimination Discrimination against UK

Public credit rating agencies discriminate against the UK and in favour of EU/Eurozone member states

Public credit rating agencies have not been even-handed in their treatment of the UK compared to EU member states, given the large shadow debts and contingent liabilities that weigh on the latter. This is explained in the newly-released book 'The shadow liabilities of EU Member States, and the threat they pose to global financial stability', writte...

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unrecognised-debt EU and EZ Debts ignored

Scope of EU and Eurozone Debts is Unrecognised by Public Credit Rating Agencies

The public credit ratings of EU/Eurozone member states are inflated, because the credit rating agencies have not factored in the significant shadow debts and other financial liabilities bearing down on the respective member state's debt service capacity. Total financial liabilities are much higher than these agencies appear to recognise. This is th...

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success-3138743_192_20230415-100634_1 BREXIT Success

Remain Eat Your Words (yet again)

 Full yet? You wont see this on the BBC news but the last three quarters have seen the biggest improvement in the UK trade balance ever in history … EV-ER. This is precisely, exactly what the Remainiacs swore would NOT happen if we became an independent democracy again. The full dataset is here if you want to satisfy yourself I'm not maki...

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germany-cannot-pay False assumptions of global debt markets.

Germany Cannot Pay Totality of EU/Eurozone Debts

Global debt markets appear comfortable to absorb all of the bonds issued by the European Union for its €750 billion Coronavirus Recovery Fund on the basis that 'it all tracks back onto Germany'. This is true: the guarantee structure behind the EU's debts makes each member state liable for the entirety of them. The same debt markets do not seem to h...

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breaking-debt-rules_1 EZ break Spirit and Letter of Global Debt Rules

EU and Eurozone break both spirit and letter of global debt rules

The EU and its member states position themselves as a cornerstone of the rules-based international order, but they break its financial rules in both letter and spirit by failing to fully report their financial liabilities. The key measure tracked by Eurostat - 'General government gross debt' – is circumvented to such an extent that, based on year-e...

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How To Choose The Right Betting Platform

Sports betting has been a part of the sports culture since the establishment of organized sporting events. It has grown to be an industry in itself, and bookmakers have been the cornerstone of the growth of this business.   Bookmakers are entities that offer sports betting services and provide customers with lines of credit for bets and someti...

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How To Gamble Smart

Casino gambling has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment, offering an array of activities for players of all kinds. Whether they are seasoned veterans or new to the game, casinos offer a wide variety of exciting and entertaining opportunities.   The atmosphere of a casino is filled with the sounds of slot machines, cards shuffl...

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face-5478733_1920 Tyranny

The Tyrants of the Future

Cecil Rhodes once said: "to be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life". As a baby boomer growing up and going to school in the 1950's and early sixties, being taught to be proud of my country, our history, empire and its development into the Commonwealth, I always felt extremely privileged to be born British and fully agreed with...

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Nigel-Lawson Lord Lawson of Blaby

Lawson the Legend: The 'Unassailable' Face of the Boom Times

Vale Nigel Lawson, Lord Lawson of Blaby. One of the leading lights of Thatcherism, Cabinet Minister of the highest esteem, and a renowned journalist, Lord Lawson has rightly earned his place in history as one of the most significant Chancellors of the Exchequer in modern British history. Lord Lawson was one of the longest serving Chancellors since ...

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obscuring-over-indebtedness EU Obscure over indebtedness

EU and Eurozone are massively over-indebted - but official figures obscure it

EU and Eurozone member states fail to fully report their financial liabilities. The key measure tracked by Eurostat - 'General government gross debt' – is circumvented to such an extent that, based on year-end 2021 figures, debts of around €6.4 trillion failed to be registered, and contingent liabilities of around €3.8 trillion. This discrepancy is...

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Burn The Euro Zone is a Threat to Financial Stability

EU and Eurozone are Massively Over-Indebted - but official figures obscure it

 EU and Eurozone member states fail to fully report their financial liabilities. The key measure tracked by Eurostat - 'General government gross debt' – is circumvented to such an extent that, based on year-end 2021 figures, debts of around €6.4 trillion failed to be registered, and contingent liabilities of around €3.8 trillion. This discrepa...

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Shadow The Shadow Liabilities Of EU Member States

The Shadow Liabilities Of EU Member States And The Threat They Pose To Global Financial Stability

BUY THIS BOOK                                                                                                &...

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Dizzy_1 OBR the Doom Merchants

Politicking is Not the OBR’s Job

"Richard Hughes, the chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility, (OBR) claims Britain's departure from the European Union has reduced economic output by around 4 per cent compared to if the UK had remained in the bloc". "Speaking to the BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme, Hughes was asked to quantify the 4 per cent drop in UK e...

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2474152_1920 A Divided Country

The Windsor Framework is dangerous

The delicate balance of the Good Friday Agreement should be protected  By Derrick Berthelsen Reprinted by permission of the Critic Magazine There are many reasons to vote against the Windsor Framework changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol. Several excellent articles have been published outlining why — in this and other periodicals — but tod...

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rejected-5250678_1920__20230330-144103_1 The Blob Rejects Democracy

The EU Lobby’s Repudiation of UK Independence

The repudiation of the sovereignty of the UK's people by a pro EU elite has always been a puzzle. It is a puzzle because not one of them was able to explain their reason. In the absence of a cogent argument, independence opponents resorted to 'Project Fear' during the referendum campaign on leaving the EU. Blood curdling threats were rolled out exp...

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Defending-womens-spaces Defending Women’s Spaces

Defending women’s spaces

Karen Ingala Smith, Polity, 2022  This is a brave and eloquent statement of the case for women's rights, especially the right to have women-only spaces. As Smith remarks, "When I talk about women-only spaces, I mean single-sex spaces. From my perspective, a space which includes biological males who identify as women should be recognised as a m...

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6 Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying Business Property

When it comes to investing in property for your business, there are several factors to consider before making a final decision. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, it is crucial to evaluate the key elements that can impact the long-term success of your investment. In this article, we will highlight six essential factors to co...

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How to Choose an Online Casino in the UK

The market for online entertainment has expanded greatly in the past few years following the evolution of the internet, computers and mobile devices. According to recent data, about 32.65 million Great Britain citizens are registered at online gambling platforms. Naturally, the number of gambling sites has also been manifolded since the creation of...

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Budget 2023: Trainlines for Growth?

In days past, the Budget has been slimmed down into a question of winners and losers, of pub-goers versus the public sector, of the rich versus the poor, but that merely masks the reality of a minimalist budget. Designed for small wins but to present an overall stability - one not to rock the boat so much so as to calm the once volatile markets. In...

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A hard look at the bright side

The rules that regulate the City of London are in the middle of a rewrite and risk-taking is on the agenda. With London having fallen behind competitors in the US and Asia in recent years, a post-Brexit refresh puts London in an ideal position to reposition itself once again as a world centre for finance. The recent attempt by Rishi Sunak to convin...

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The-assassination-of-Julius-Caesar Democracy in Danger

Where Have All the Tories Gone?

Politicians should have a vision. George H. W. Bush's perceived lack of one probably cost him a second term. Atlee's vision of a British Socialist Commonwealth condemned the UK to a painful exodus from the privation of WW2. Its legacy hampered our development. The Reagan - Thatcher vision was a time of hope, a vision of a renewal for the world demo...

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Transpositions Transpositions: personal journeys into gender criticism

Transpositions: Personal Journeys into Gender Criticism

Compiled and edited by Sarah Phillimore and Al Peters, paperback, 295 pages, ISBN 978-8362927219, P&P Publishing, 2022, £10.  This is a very impressive collection of essays and thoughts. The Irish television writer Graham Linehan writes in the Foreword of 'the absurdity, incoherence, misogyny, homophobia and toxicity of the trans movement,...

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Brexit Betrayed

Brexit has been betrayed, and Northern Ireland is paying for it. The Windsor Framework, while it has the safeguards necessary to protect NI from changes to EU regulation, hasn't the guardrails to protect Northern Ireland's sovereignty and place in the United Kingdom. Since the decision to give the Dublin government an extended role in the governanc...

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Temperatures-and-increasing-carbon-dioxid_20230315-135325_1 More carbon dioxide cannot cause more warming

A brief examination of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Assessment Reports which deal with the Physical Science Basis of climate change

Since its establishment in 1988, the IPCC's many scientists have been mandated by its founders (the UN Environment Programme and World Meteorological Organization) to "make policy relevant – as opposed to policy-prescriptive – assessments of the existing worldwide literature on the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of climate change....

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ULEZ_2 Freedom under threat

London's Proposed ULEZ Expansion...Basic Freedoms Under Threat

With little discussion most of the world (the democratic west at least) is in a race to a net zero bottom. Scientific evidence is manipulated to 'prove' carbon damage. Normal climate variations that have existed since the world began are now labelled a 'Climate emergency'. Scientists who disagree are silenced by withdrawal of funding and or loss of...

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book-4373283_1920 The Ministry of Truth is awaiting its moment to be born.

Orwell Saw the Future Clearly

Seventy five years ago George Orwell, in my view the greatest political thinker of the 20th Century, wrote the novel 1984. This was one of the most prescient books ever written, eclipsing most science fiction stories, in that it is so true to the age in which we now live, while, as a horror story it puts fantasies such as Dracula in the shade. Not ...

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Better Habits That Everyone Should Be Getting Into This Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to be thinking about better habits. Yes, most people tend to make their resolutions at New Year's. But how many of those have you actually managed to keep? This isn't supposed to be a knock on your commitment levels. It's just that it's tough to keep up those better habits when you're waking up when it's still dark ou...

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Restoration is just beginning, the Windsor Framework is just the start

It's been three years since the Northern Ireland Protocol, and the rest of the Brexit deal, was ratified in January 2020. In between then and now, we've heard about the impact of the Protocol from the Unionists in Northern Ireland in our 2021 Waterloo Day Lecture, we've seen Part 5 of the Internal Market Bill come and go, and we've seen the Norther...

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New-Horizon The World is more important than the end piece of Eurasia.

A True, Tried and Tested Horizon

Whatever the choreography we have a clog dance not a ballet. Sunak's 'deal' is yet another fudge. Involving the King in politics and the manipulation, copied from the EU, demonstrate a cynical disregard for probity. The Northern Ireland Protocol is a travesty. No Independent nation can agree to be ruled by a political court (The ECJ) whose sole rem...

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How to Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Your Guide to Building an Amazing Outdoor Kitchen  Are you dreaming of having an outdoor kitchen for your next family gathering or barbecue party? Building your dream outdoor kitchen isn't easy, but with the right planning and preparation, it can be a fun and exciting project. The Exact Steps to the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen An outdoor kitchen ...

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The Influence of Pop Culture on Modern Casino Games

IntroductionPop culture has had a huge impact on the casino gaming industry, changing both the games and its future direction. Casino gaming has progressed from traditional play to a far more diverse selection of games in order to draw in a larger demographic. Pop culture has particularly aided this evolution, sparking an interest amongst younger a...

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tact-3036245_1920 Wake Up to the Woke Threat.

Wake Up!

 The values that have nurtured our law and democracy are increasingly under attack. Keir Starmer endorsing the move to enable people to declare that they are not the sex they were when born. He claims women can have a penis. He also, unsurprisingly was unable to define a 'Woman'. Supporting this idiocy, media reports of a rapist who claims he ...

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High Roller Casinos UK: Everything You Need to Know

If you're a casino enthusiast who loves playing big, you're probably aware of high roller casinos. High roller casinos are designed to cater to the needs of big spenders who prefer to wager large sums of money. These casinos offer exclusive perks, privileges, and bonuses to their VIP members, making them a popular destination for high rollers. In t...

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funny-3459623_1920 Stupid is as Stupid Does

As Thick As Two Short Planks

 For many years I have pondered the cunning, deceitfulness and often seemingly sinister actions of our elected Members of Parliament and Governments, I have tried to understand why they were so happy to surrender our country to rule from the European Union and why they are all so besotted with 'Net Zero' and spout a lot of nonsense about globa...

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How Political Betting is Making Waves in the Gambling Industry in 2023

Political betting has been on the rise in 2023, and it's easy to understand why. This type of wagering involves placing bets on the outcome of a political event or election. It has become more common due to an increased focus on politics in news coverage and media, as well as improved access to betting platforms through technology such as computers...

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stop-1001138_1920 Time for honesty and courage

Has Anyone the Courage to Lead?

Since the referendum governments have squandered opportunity. We should be in a strong position, but a combination of Pro EU Tories, the Blob and the Civil Service has put democracy at risk. The daily attacks on Brexit citing idiotic opinion polls, demonstrate a determination by the opponents of democracy to take us back into the EU whatever the co...

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europe-3256079_1920 EU Laws are Holding Back British Growth

Rishi Sunak Must Rip Up EU Laws Immediately to Deliver on Brexit’s Promise

The Bruges Group is pleased to republish this article by Barnabas Reynolds  Brussels' rules are prescriptive and controlling, and are holding back British growth The Prime Minister must restore Britain's sovereignty over our laws The Government is seeking the power to remove some of the vast swathes of EU-inherited law by the end of 2023 in it...

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teacher-651318 Numeracy is the Key

What Needs to be Taught

The Prime Minister advocates that the teaching of Maths should be a priority, although one suspects that he really means numeracy, as the ability to add up a few figures is more useful for the average person that knowing all about the calculus of the hyperbola. However the level of debate concerning economic matters in this country makes clear that...

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How To Determine A Good Online Casino

Casinos have long been a popular form of entertainment, offering a great way to socialize with friends, have a few drinks and enjoy a night of gambling. For decades, casinos were the go-to places to spend an evening out, but with the rise of the internet and the convenience of online casinos, the traditional format of the casino has been slowly rep...

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Betting Tips That'll Give You The Best Odds

Being a sports fan is an experience unlike any other. It provides a connection to a team that goes beyond just watching the game. It brings an emotional connection, a sense of belonging and community, and a deeper understanding of the game. First, being a sports fan provides an emotional connection with the team and its players. Fans can relate to ...

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How Brexit Affected Premier League Policies

Brexit has undoubtedly had an impact on multiple industries in Britain, one of those being professional football. It was always felt that Brexit could have a knock-on effect where Premier League policies, specifically, are concerned, and that has proven to be the case, but just how had the departure from the EU affected the English top flight? One ...

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The Evolution Of Sports Media And The Rise Of Sports Podcasts

Sports media has come a long way since its inception, evolving significantly over the years. From print, and journalism to live broadcasts and now to podcasts, sports media has adapted to the changing needs and preferences of sports enthusiasts. Horse Racing One of the oldest and most popular sports in the United Kingdom is horse racing. The countr...

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lifeboats-6590295_1920 Wasted UK Money & Resources

Nothing is Done

In the Middle Ages, before the widespread use of gunpowder, the moat of a castle was an effective means of defence. Although the age of castles as strongholds is long gone we in this country have one trusty moat which has protected us for centuries, and I have often remarked, when contemplating history, and indeed modern threats, "Thank God for the...

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Innovation and Technology: How New Bookmakers Transform the UK Betting Industry

Sports betting in the UK has a long-standing tradition, beginning as early as 18th century when bookmakers would accept bets at horse races. Today, this sector has blossomed into an expansive industry with numerous sports, events and markets available to choose from. According to figures released by the UK Gambling Commission in 2022, gross gamblin...

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The EU's Shadow Liabilities: Risky Business

 The EU likes to sell itself as the high priests of the 'rules-based' system, as the bedrock of financial stability worldwide. So much so that 'stability' was one of the main arguments of the remain side back in 2016 - and remains a prominent argument for rejoining today. In this Bruges Group publication, "The shadow liabilities of EU member s...

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Nats in Westminster: Runaway Horses?

The SNP is a party that has undoubtedly enjoyed significant electoral success and has conferred upon itself an advantageous political position. The party of government, yet simultaneously the party of opposition and resistance; arguments against its 15 years in government in Holyrood have so far, failed to cut through. Compared to most of the other...

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Counter-Attack Counterattack: Montgomery and the Battle of Bulge

Counterattack: Montgomery and the Battle of Bulge

By Robert Oulds, 67 pages, Kindle e-book, 2022  This is a very useful and thoughtful study of the Battle of the Bulge, which at last gives due credit to Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery for his crucial role in ensuring the Allied victory. Hitler's Ardennes counter-offensive was his last desperate throw on the Western front. The author, Ro...

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Why Does the UK's Tech Scene Stand Out From European Competition?

The technology sector is thriving in the United Kingdom and shows no signs of slowing down. The UK has established itself as a European leader in several technological fields, and it's down to a variety of reasons. Why does the UK tech scene stand out from other European countries? For several years, the technology sector in the United Kingdom has ...

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fantasy-2847724_1920 Net Zero Terrorism


This paper was written in November 2022 by: Stuart Agnew. MRAC (Agricultural science) Roger Helmer. M A Cantab (Mathematics) It is published by the Bruges Group as an Important contribution to a debate we should be having. OVERVIEW Within the last 20 years a belief has become established that the planet is imminently destined for catastrophic clima...

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How to Provide Safety Training to New Hires

X Tips for Improving Your Safety Training for New Hires  Your seasoned veterans on the job-site should already be familiar with the fundamentals of workplace safety, but your newest hires might be lagging behind. If you want your new hires to engage in your culture of safety and keep themselves and others as safe as possible, you need to train...

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Counterattack: Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge

Kindle Edition by Robert Oulds   'Victors write history', is a disputed truism that today could be more accurately rendered as 'Movie makers create history'. Certainly, Hollywood has done an excellent job of presenting the Battle of the Bulge as an exclusively American victory. The military historian Robert Oulds's new kindle book 'Counteratta...

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Martin Howe KC at Conference: Delivering Brexit

Martin Howe KC, Chairman of Lawyers for Britain and silk, addressed the Bruges Group's October Conference on delivering Brexit. The KC discussed the more technical aspect of ensuring Brexit was truly delivered. Brexit, he said, was not completed, and the 2020 withdrawal was merely the removal of Great Britain from "directly applying EU laws…out of ...

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big-ben-2007165_1920 Freedom

A libertarian defence of national sovereignty

Three quarters of a century ago, when Britain was fighting for her life and the freedom of Europe, no important body of opinion would have questioned the value of patriotism or the importance of preserving and cherishing our nationhood as a focus of resistance to Nazi totalitarianism. Pride in our heritage, our sense of connection with the past and...

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W-Racis_20221203-113703_1 Woke Racism

Woke racism: how a new religion has betrayed black America

by John McWhorter, paperback, 201 pages, ISBN 978-1-80075-144-6, Forum, 2022, £9.99. In this brilliant book John McWhorter exposes the new form of anti-racism as yet another new religion, born in that most religious of Western countries, the USA. The author teaches li...

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Post-Brexit Online Trading for Better Opportunities: Study Promises Steady Economic Growth

Although Brexit and the free trade agreement initially disrupted and confused UK-based business operations due to the UK's dominant role in cross-border online distribution and sales with other European countries, things are finally looking up in the long run. A study published by the Board of Trade stresses the enormous prospects that digital trad...

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Jeremy Nieboer at Conference: Nature's Gift Author on Climate Facts

Author Jeremy Nieboer spoke to The Bruges Group's October Conference on his latest book, Nature's Gift, on his book's central thesis on climate change, the greenhouse effect, and saturation. The most important issue relating to climate change, Nieboer argues, is saturation, and he goes deeper into its importance in debating this issue and bringing ...

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Mark Francois at Conference: How to solve the protocol issue

The Bruges Group had the pleasure of hearing from the distinguished Mark Francois, Chair of the European Research Group and MP for Rayleigh and Wickford - a longtime advocate of Brexit with a significant impact on the UK's direction in Europe, at The Bruges Group's Conference in October. His bestselling book, Spartan Victory, was an insider's ...

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signpost-5274077_1920 Our future destroyed?

The End of The Road

For over a century the UK has struggled with political realism and to an extent, its identity. In 1918 the Labour Parties pamphlet 'Labour and the New Social Order' set out an essentially communist agenda. Beatrice and Sidney Webb's 1920 book ' Constitution For The Socialist Commonwealth Of Great Britain' fleshed it out. Many were taken in by talk ...

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How Is Green Hulk Strain Better Than Other Strains?

The internet is now advocating for an organic lifestyle which indicates refusing the use of chemicals as much as possible. Individuals also embrace the change, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, to boost their immunity. Thus, everyone is looking for the best organic products in the market. If you are familiar with Kratom, you must know it is o...

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Laws and Online Gambling Popularity in Europe

When it comes to gambling in Europe, different countries have different attitudes, something reflected in the gross gambling yields of the countries. The European gaming market raised a total revenue of 81.1 euros in 2020. Experts have predicted that by 2026 this figure will have increased to 126.3 billion. Below is a look at laws around gambling i...

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Fix Your Diet: How Clean Eating Is an Act of Resistance

X Reasons to Clean Up Your Diet Now It may not seem like it, but clean and healthy eating is an act of resistance against the status quo. Regardless of intentionality, our store shelves are flooded with unhealthy and artificial products that are making us miserable – and there are some easy steps you can take to avoid them. Why is clean eating such...

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Autumn Statement: Think big or enter the great darkness

So this is what it's like with the grown-ups are in charge. After some £55 billion in tax rises and spending cuts, the Trussian mission for reformation of the state is most definitely over and the entrenched consensus, for now, has won the day and forced the hand of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt. The common conclusion, is, that it's ...

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How To Identify The Best Subscription Box For Vape Juice?

Vape juice subscription boxes are an ideal way for regular vapers to explore a variety of flavors and products. Whether you're new to vaping or have been vaping for years, these boxes provide users with a convenient way to try something new and stay up-to-date with industry trends and products. Every month, subscribers can expect to receive high-qu...

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6 Factors That Affect The Quality Of Your E-Liquids

E-liquids, also known as a vape juice, or e-juice, make up vape devices' flavor and nicotine content. These liquids come in various flavors and can contain different levels of nicotine to suit each user's unique needs. Whether exotic fruits, candy flavors, or something more traditional like tobacco and menthols, whatever flavor suits your palate be...

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Apple Pay Becomes UK's Most Popular Electronic Payment Service

The proliferation of contactless payment methods is having a positive impact on how brands interact with their customers. From international retailers to small local outlets, many sellers in the UK have already embraced this new trend. However, there are still a lot of people who like to pay for goods and services in cash. Electronic financial tran...

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Reasons You Should Consider Starting a Business in Central Europe

Europe today has become one of the world's largest business hubs. It has several cutting-edge infrastructures, a skilled labor force, a large market, and robust legal protection. Therefore, if you are perplexed by the massive influx of businesses into Central European nations like Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, among ot...

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Tips for Playing Online Poker Responsibly

Online gambling has become a game changer for many people who love games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and even slots. It has allowed them to access their favorite games wherever they are and whenever they wish to, as long as they are connected to an internet source. Many people who play online games not only do it as a source of fun and enterta...

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