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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

6 Situations When You Need To Hire A Lawyer

Do you find yourself in legal hot water and unsure where to turn? Have you been recently served with a restraining order or faced with bankruptcy proceedings? Or maybe you're starting your own business and want some specific pieces of advice. No matter what kind of situation you've found yourself in, if it involves legalese, it may be time to call ...

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The Importance of Office Furniture to Achieve Business Success

Choosing the best office furniture is more critical than many realize. Presenting the right professional atmosphere begins with choosing complementary office furniture. Shopping for office furniture takes a concerted effort, but it is worth the time spent. Why Is the Right Office Furniture So Critical? Before searching for furniture, business owner...

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Strategies to Maximize Your Car Accident Claim Settlement

Being involved in a car accident can be an extremely stressful experience, especially if you don't know what to do the moment it happens. From understanding how claims work to navigating medical bills and insurance quotes, you may feel lost and overwhelmed—which is why ensuring that you get the maximum settlement for your car accident claim is esse...

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The Biggest Issues That Keep Men Up At Night (And How They Can Sort Them)

There's nothing worse than a worry that keeps you up at night. That niggling feeling that you can't shake, that your brain starts to fret over as soon as you try and rest. And let's face it: there's hardly been a shortage of things to worry about recently! Ranging from personal relationships to career aspirations and health concerns, all of these i...

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A Curated List of Ways to Get Your Lost or Deleted Data Back

As we continue our journey into the digital age, data has become a universal currency of immense value. It is the backbone of businesses, the anchor of personal memories, and the foundation of countless intellectual endeavors. Protecting this data is imperative, yet many fail to realize its importance until it is too late. Data loss can result from...

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ULEZ and the Poll Tax

If you want more money off the poor you'll have to give it to them first. Even the Conservatives took some account of this when they first proposed a Community Charge. Here is how they announced it in their 1987 General Election manifesto: 'We will legislate in the first Session of the new Parliament to abolish the unfair domestic rating system and...

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Inflation and pay claims

Strikers are all evil, of course. I know because I was a teacher in 1987 and the newspapers made it clear how wicked and greedy we all were; a change from the cheery contempt everybody has for our profession. Now it's overpaid railway workers and horrid grasping doctors. Nobody in the public sector should be allowed to withhold their labour or othe...

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person-41402_1920 Panic

Predictable Panic and Populism

The by-election results have had a predictable effect on MPs of the two main parties. The real story is that because there is not a Conservative party to vote for, Tories stayed at home. With the exception of a minority of democrats still fighting to implement Brexit, the conservative party is now Labour-lite. The real Labour party in full throated...

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The Ultimate Guide To Investing In Precious Metals

Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have long intrigued investors due to their aesthetic appeal. But beyond their timeless beauty, these metals also provide unique portfolio diversification, wealth protection, and hedging abilities. Their distinguishing financial attributes explain the enduring investor attraction. This guide...

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No Deposit Bonuses Unveiled: How to Play With Free Money at Online Casinos

Have you ever heard the term "risk-free betting"? It is the dream of every online casino player, and these dreams have become a reality. You can get free money to play games online. While many new sites are popping up in the industry and seeking to convince gamblers to join their platforms, long-operating online casinos are constantly trying to win...

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Disadvantages Of The EU Universities Or Why UK Universities Are The Best Choice?

In recent years, choosing the right university has become an increasingly important decision for students around the world. With the rise in globalization, students now have a wider range of options when it comes to pursuing higher education. While European Union (EU) universities may seem like an attractive choice, several disadvantages make UK un...

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The Impact of Distracted Driving on Pedestrian Safety

In this day and age, the combination of busy life schedules, technology overload, and commuting to work or school can be a lethal cocktail for distracted driving. While most drivers focus on reducing their own risk factors while behind the wheel, few remember that there are others who rely just as heavily on the consideration of motorists—the pedes...

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'The European Project is Making People Poorer'

Have we in the UK been getting steadily poorer year-on-year over 46 years in the "European Project" [the EEC and then the EU] than if the UK had been out? What is the evidence? Remainers claim "We're better off in". But is it true? And if "We're better off out" people should know. The UK is tipped to overtake Germany and become the largest economy ...

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How Has Brexit Benefited UK Businesses?

The UK exited the European Union on December 31, 2020. Leaving the EU has been a double-edged sword for British companies, who have experienced advantages and numerous difficulties due to Brexit. Combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, the results have only sometimes favoured UK companies. Before Brexit, goods and services could be transported to and ...

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tax-office-3102460_1920 Too Many Chiefs

Too Many Chiefs

There is an old saying for organisations that are over managed, which is: 'Too many chiefs and not enough indians'. No doubt such a saying these days falls foul of the P.C., woke, right-on campaigners and mad leftie nutters, who will want anyone cancelled for saying such a thing. However, as I stay clear of all social media as I feel it is the inte...

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Liberal Totalitarians

I agree with George Monbiot when he says 'Overwhelmingly, the risk of climate change is due to moving billions of tons of carbon from deep underground into the atmosphere.'Over time, if we keep doing this, the chemical makeup of our atmosphere will change enough to induce meaningful climate change.' So sorry, that was an error on my behalf. That wa...

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world A World of Opportunity

Brexit is Working - Part TWO

We are pleased to publish this analysis by Sebastian James based on his blog at The Blue Anchor. PART TWO In part two we look at GDP growth. The dataset is here. Here is the graph:  Below is the section from 1956 when records began up to the 1975 referendum vote to remain:  I see a line going up from bottom left to top right. GDP grew fro...

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Noose Strangled to Death

Inquisition Resurgent

As Cayetano Ripoll slowly choked to death on the Spanish scaffold, he would have been unaware that he was the last to suffer that fate at the hands of the Inquisition. They had demanded he be burned at the stake. As a compromise he was hanged, a slow death compared with the recently mandated garrote. Ripoll's crime was to have taught Deism, that th...

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Unfinished Business of Brexit

It's time to well and truly close a chapter and consolidate those newfound freedoms. Post-Brexit Britain needs a plan, it needs a rallying cry, and the anxiety of Britain's place in the world needs to end. Managed decline or nostalgia-driven fantasies of 'Global Britain', dictates the naysayers charter. There are no solutions, they claim. Well ther...

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world A World of Opportunity

Brexit is Working

We are pleased to publish this analysis by Sebastian James based on his blog at The Blue Anchor.  PART ONE After the vote to leave The Guardian started a regular tracker to chart its impact on the economy. But as the Remainer predictions turned to dust and the good news kept piling up the Guardian quietly dropped this feature. So I'm reviving ...

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Piggy-Bank Breaking the Bank

Eurozone’s ‘shadow debts’ start to become real ones, and threaten the Bundesbank with bankruptcy

The German Federal Audit Office ('Bundesrechnungshof') has warned that the Bundesbank may need a bailout due to losses on the EUR650 billion of bonds it bought as part of the Eurozone's equivalent of Quantitative Easing. The Daily Telegraph reported on this on 26 June. Of course the risk is not for the entire EUR650 billion but for the fraction by ...

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Indulge in Premium Gaming: A Look at the PlayStar Slots

The world of online gaming has witnessed a remarkable evolution in recent years, with advancements in technology and innovative gameplay experiences captivating players around the globe. One noteworthy contributor to this trend is PlayStar, a prominent player in the online casino industry that offers an array of premium gaming options, including ca...

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crying EU Loser Tantrum

The Seven Year Tantrum

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about the show trial of Boris Johnson. It attracted attention and comment on twitter. I have never looked at comments on the Bruges Twitter feed and it was a revelation. The level of spite and childish name calling was staggering. Since the removal of Boris the antics of EU acolytes and their rejoiner friends has be...

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IS Born in the Right Body

Born in the right body: gender identity ideology from a medical and feminist perspective

By Isidora Sanger, paperback, 359 pages, ISBN 9798364867902, independently published, 2022, £11.99.   Isidora Sanger is the nom-de-plume of a retired medical doctor. In this splendid book she demolishes the case for gender identity ideology. Both the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act have been systematically misrepresented to ju...

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Turning Things Around

The UK must not listen to declinists and defeatists. It is amazing how fast things can be turned around, and I've seen it in education, where the material we work with is often difficult. In the late Seventies I taught in an inner-city multiracial secondary school neighbouring Handsworth, where the first riots were to come three years later. The bu...

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No To Left-Wing Declinism !

coThe economist Duncan Weldon has told the New Statesman's Will Dunn that 'Brexit is a "slow puncture" on the UK economy.' As former business editor of BBC's Newsnight and so presumably of the Left he received soft treatment by Dunn. Let us deflate his arguments a little. Clearly much of our difficulty with the EU post-Brexit is intentional on thei...

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Why Casinos Have a High Impact on the UK Economy

When it comes to the UK economy, casinos are more than just places of entertainment and gambling. They profoundly impact the country's economic landscape, contributing significantly to its growth and development. This blog post will help us explore the top compelling reasons why casinos play a crucial role in the UK economy, driving employment, tou...

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Partygate: Mixed Feelings

The news is full of political parties at the moment - the drinking and dancing kind. No sooner did Boris Johnson decide to jump Parliament before he was pushed than it transpired one of the Privileges Committee himself attended a jolly during lockdown. The Guardian's piece on Bernard Jenkin is uncharacteristically balanced, perhaps because of mixed...

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Wannabe Dictators

Why do we ape America, but so badly? Let's start with our 'big brother': On Tuesday, an editor at Fox News (fascists!) subtitled a live feed 'WANNABE DICTATOR SPEAKS AT THE WHITE HOUSE AFTER HAVING HIS POLITICAL RIVAL ARRESTED.' The banner was taken down within seconds and the editor told to get his National Insurance card stamped or whatever they ...

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Boot Treading on Justice

An Attack on Law and Democracy

The hatred of Brexit is so great that it seems its opponents are happy to destroy not just the rule of law, but democracy itself in their quest for vengeance. Those who deny this, should read the Guardian newspaper Opinion piece 13th June 2023 Titled "Brexit was Johnson and Johnson was Brexit. Now that he has gone, Britain must think again" Its sub...

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A Closer Look at Playtech's Age of the Gods Jackpot Slot Series

Playtech is a market-leading online casino software provider that has developed some of the world's most-loved games. They have produced and supplied games to casino sites since the late 90s. On this page, we will be taking a look at the hugely successful Age of the Gods progressive jackpot slot series. You can also find out where to play some of t...

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Derek-Norman Derek Norman

Derek Norman Obituary

It was sad to receive the news of the death of Derek Norman from the head of the British Weights & Measures Association (BWMA), which he had been an active member of for many years, as well as an active UKIP member in his part of Cambridgeshire. He became well known as one of a team who, when given the location of illegal council signs showing ...

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wolves-924358_1920 The Wolves (now Blooded) Circle…

Call to arms

The Conservative Party killed the golden goose and got a lame duck. The wolves (now blooded) circle… A former prime minister has not only been pushed from office, but chased out of Parliament as well. Did that happen to Neville Chamberlain? Did it happen to Edward Heath? These days, however, former leaders need to be extinguished as well as removed...

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Ukraine_and_Great_Britain_will_continue_to_strengthen_anti-war_coalition_-_Volodymyr_Zelenskyy_after_meeting_with_Boris_Johnson_in_Kyiv._51994994336 Like the Terminator he will be back

Boris is playing 8D Chess

'It is very sad to be leaving parliament - at least for now - but above all I am bewildered and appalled that I can be forced out, anti-democratically, by a committee chaired and managed, by Harriet Harman, with such egregious bias.' This resignation of Bojo first starting point was the kangaroo court that was image  of the modern po...

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Boris and the divided house

Boris Johnson's letter of resignation wonders how Harriet Harman's panel could have come to its conclusion: I have received a letter from the Privileges Committee making it clear - much to my amazement - that they are determined to use the proceedings against me to drive me out of Parliament. That sense of injustice is reminiscent of Sir Thomas Mor...

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propaganda-3543257_1920 Ignore Facts

Answer the Question

Seven years after the Brexit referendum and three years since we actually left the EU project fear has intensified. Those who could never, and still cannot, explain why they want to be ruled by an unelected and democratically unaccountable president and 27 person commission, daily attack democracy. According to Osborne, Soros, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP...

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Tories: The Party's Over

It's time to call it a day. I'm not the only one saying it - ask Dominic Cummings, for another. The Party is moribund and we need to put it out of our misery. As for the Labour Party, that died a long time ago. New Labour gave a new meaning to the word 'New': 'Not.' Now it is a soft-handed version of revolutionary Communism, dedicated to the overth...

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Brexit and Day Trading: What You Need to Know

The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union has had a significant impact on many aspects of life, including day trading in the UK. As businesses had to adapt their international collaborations and activities, their market values were put through a new set of challenges. Before Brexit, the United Kingdom was a central hub for day trading ...

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Unlocking the secrets of winning at online slots

Slot machines are one of the most iconic aspects of the casino experience. The flashing lights add vibrancy to the casino floor while the bells and whistles provide an exciting soundtrack. It's hard to imagine a casino without slot machines. Online casinos have brought the slot machine into the 21st century. The continuing popularity of slots is ob...

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Do Small Businesses Need to Provide Health Insurance?

Are Small Business Owners Obligated to Offer Health Insurance to Employees?  As a small business owner, you're incentivized to cut costs wherever possible so you can remain profitable and operational. At the same time, you want to keep your employees happy so you can retain your top talent. Do small businesses need to provide health insurance?...

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The Comprehensive Guide to Daily Fantasy Sports Wagering

Imagine a realm where sports aficionados combine their love for the game with their analytical prowess to win monetary rewards. Welcome to the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). This rapidly growing avenue in the sphere of online gaming allows you to exercise your knowledge of sports while chancing your arm at earning handsome rewards. Understand...

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Asian Wedding

When we came back off holiday our next door neighbours invited us to their son's wedding. The previous occupants had been Hindu refugees from Idi Amin's purges and when one of their sons got married the festivities were held at home. We looked in: the women were gathered in the front room, the men out back. We still exchange cards at Christmas. Thi...

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2020_31_lords-scaled Short defence of our timeless hierarchy

Britain's Unique Aristocracy

The word aristocracy has many stigmas and dogmas to it, some good, some bad, and Britain's aristocracy has in the past deservingly or not earned most of them to some degree or another. The good far outweighs the bad, this good that our aristocracy has contributed mightily to our stability and prosperity and that without it we would have neither. To...

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Navigating the Complexities of UK Business Energy Rates

Navigating the complexities of UK business energy rates can be a daunting task for any business owner. With various suppliers, tariffs, and contract types to choose from, it's essential to understand the market and make informed decisions that will help you save money on your energy bills. In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of UK busine...

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Robin-Page-ball--chain The EU Ball and Chain

Robin Page Obituary

Robin Page who sadly passed away aged 80 at the end of May 2023 was not only a famous countryman and conservationist, as well as being well known for being a presenter of 'One Man & His Dog', he was also a vocal and active campaigner against membership of the EU. He first came to my attention during the one and only Referendum Party conference ...

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The Beauty-Utility Grid

The architect Robert Venturi said buildings were either Ducks (whose exteriors advertise their function) or Decorated Sheds, where the ornament is independent of the contents. This idea has wider applications: for example the British Constitution is a Decorated Shed, if you accept Walter Bagehot's separation of its parts into 'dignified' and 'effic...

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The Persistence Of Memory

The Jewish Museum in Thessaloniki is carefully guarded. The man who let us in the outer door asked where we were from; it may have been more than polite interest. The inner door was electronically operated by another watchman in a shadowy cubbyhole. The first room held stone fragments from the centuries-old 80-acre Jewish cemetery outside the city'...

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3 Best Caribbean Second Citizenship Programs

Today's realities are so changeable that one has to think about the step to switch places of residence. Many people consider options with a favorable climate and unique nature, but at the same time, modern infrastructure to make a living more comfortable. That is why countries located on the Caribbean islands are gaining popularity. Have the best y...

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Tabela Do Brasileirão Da Série A Tabela Oficial Confederação Brasileira De Futebol

Paulo César Gusmão promoveu logo de cara uma mudança na estrutura tática do Tubarão. O time até chegou a sair em vantagem diante do rubro-negro. Ao sofrer o 2 a 1, acumulou a terceira derrota consecutiva. No grupo A7, a Ferroviária segue sem vencer e jogando, na Fonte Luminosa, não saiu do empate sem gols contra o CRAC-GO. A equipe de Araraquara é ...

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UK debt and the sword of Damocles

The general public has little idea of how much debt hangs over our heads. Today, Laura Perrins warns us that government borrowing is now equivalent to 99.2% of GDP (i.e. a whole year's worth of national economic activity); but that is only the tip of the iceberg, because it is only looking at public sector borrowing. Unlike the UK, where valuable f...

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Abolition The Abolition of Sex and its Harm

The Abolition of Sex: How the ‘Transgender’ Agenda Harms Women and Girls

  By Kara Dansky, paperback, 130 pages, ISBN 978-1-63758-339-9, Bombardier Books, 2021 This is a hard-hitting critique of the dangerous 'transgender' ideology. This ideology's central claim is that men can be some form of women - 'transwomen'. Anyone who questions this is labelled, libeled, 'transphobic'. One of President Biden's first acts wa...

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Greece's Vampire Squid Rings

In 2010 journalist Matt Taibbi shot to a new level of prominence with his 'vampire squid' label for Goldman Sachs '… relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.' Greece's Establishment has chosen to use that as a model. In a moment, we will look at the official scam known as 'Hercules'. As with the concentration of p...

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face-4908263_1280 See Behind the Mask

The Conservative Party is Mr. Hyde

The Conservative party is in trouble. The problem is that most of its supporters and a few of its MPs don't understand its ethos. During most of the last century, fear of a rabid socialist party (Atlee's 1945 party was really communist) has conspired to keep the wool pulled over most voter's eyes. If Brexit had never happened this situation may hav...

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cloaked-liabilities Hidden Debts

Totality of on- and off-balance sheet liabilities of the EU public sector is cloaked in obscurity

The totality of the public sector liabilities of EU and Eurozone member states is clouded in obscurity. The key measure tracked by Eurostat - 'General government gross debt' – is circumvented to such an extent that, based on year-end 2021 figures, debts of around €6.4 trillion failed to be registered, and contingent liabilities of around €3.8 trill...

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Greece's New Democracy

From Our Man In Thessaloniki Greeks go to the polls on Sunday to elect their national legislature. Voting is compulsory, even for Greeks abroad (as so many are, since the economy crashed), but the obligation is not enforced and the turnout in 2019 was less than 58%. Foreigners who are permanently resident may also take part (something that our Sir ...

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News Report: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Markets

The use of artificial intelligence is currently paving the way to unprecedented possibilities in the financial sphere. With AI's growing capability and development, which is the current focus of most major market players, AI is carving itself an invaluable role. With the use of machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning, finan...

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Sir-John-Redwood Rt Hon Sir John Redwood PC MP

The great western inflation should lead to changes at the Central Banks

John Redwood's Lecture, All Souls College, Oxford  Rt Hon Sir John Redwood will be giving a lecture on the great western inflation of the last two years. He will examine the role of the Central banks, explain how they could have avoided the general price rises, and ask how the Bank of Japan, the Swiss Central Bank and the People's Bank of Chin...

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eu-liabilities-behemoth Hidden EU Debts

The archipelago of EU public sector entities with borrowing powers has created a behemoth of liabilities

The EU member states contain numerous public sector entities with borrowing powers, and whose debts fall outside the definition of member state debt as reported by Eurostat. The responsibility for the debts tracks back, one way or another, to the member state but the amounts involved are opaque. All that can be said with complete certainty is that ...

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eu-banking-sysyem-falsification EU Banking System Smoke and Mirrors

The EU banking system has falsified the amount of its cushion against losses

EU authorities have permitted commercial banks to implement a particularly aggressive form of risk-evaluation methodology, the result of which is the ability to claim a thick loss-absorption cushion and to attest that the EU banking system is stable and resilient. It isn't: cushions are as thin as before the Eurozone financial crisis. This is laid ...

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Ten The Government are Not Listening

European Scrutiny Committee Letter To Rishi Sunak

European Scrutiny CommitteeHouse of Commons London SW1A 0AATel (020) 7219 3292 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. From: Sir William Cash MP 15 May 2023 Rt Hon. Rishi Sunak MP Prime Minister10 Downing StreetLondon SW1A 2AA Change in Government policy on Retained EU Law and the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill Dear P...

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change-671376_1920 Change is Overdue

Reforming the House Of Lords

It was often said about the anatomy of a bumble bee, when looked at its shape and size of wings, that they should not be able to fly, but do. There are lots of things like bumble bees that should not work but do, the House of Lords in the days before Tony Blair got his meddling mitts on it worked reasonably well. In those days the majority of membe...

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eurosystem-commercial-bank Eurosystem is an unregulated Commercial Bank

The Eurosystem has become a commercial bank, except one without a credit assessment department or loss-absorption cushion

The Eurosystem has expanded its operations well beyond what a central bank would have traditionally undertaken. It now owns assets that are not 'central bank money' definitionally. Assets have credit ratings as low as BB in the Standard and Poor's system, which means they are 'Speculative Grade' and involve 'Substantial credit risk'. It does not ev...

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What did we learn about the Conservative Democratic Organisation and Moggmentum Refreshing and something we needed to hear

What did we learn about the Conservative Democratic Organisation and Moggmentum

This Saturday, grassroot conservatives across the nation nestled in the city of Bournemouth to enlighten themselves with the refreshing back to basic Tory rhetoric. While enemies of Traditional Conservatives tried to thwart this event  as 4D Chess moves from Johnsonites (although repeatedly stated not a Pro-Johnson movement from the ...

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broken Broken Promises

Broken Promises

Rishi Sunak's government is consistent in one thing. It makes promises to implement policies clearly aimed at public support, only to, within a short period, to unfailing announce that it will not after all go ahead, or that oi might, but only at some indeterminate point in the future. Far from providing a reason to vote Conservative it is generati...

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The Woke Triumvirate Prime Minister: Keir Starmer (Left) Deputy Prime Minister: Ed Davey (Right)

The Woke Triumvirate

  He [Caesar] declared in Greek with a loud voice to those who were present 'Let a die be cast' and led the army across. — Plutarch, Life of Pompey, 60.2.9 The meaning of this quote from Plutarch describes the start of the Roman Civil War, Julius Caesar articularly describes that things have happened that can't be changed back. This was s...

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Out pops the cloven hoof

Yesterday (Thursday 11 May) was a wonderful demonstration of why we are blessed to have a sovereign Parliament. The Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch had informed the Press before telling Parliament about the decision to remove the deadline for abolishing hampering EU legislation. Coming to the House to explain, she began with an unfortunate turn of...

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union-jack-3431475_1920 United Kingdom

Coronation Reflections

Our undoubted king has been anointed, crowned, walked through the Abbey accompanied by his queen, preceded by a priestess sword bearer - the lady of the lake. So far, so good. Britain was almost united again as it is sometimes and usually on a royal occasion, understanding implicitly that our monarch (but not their wider family) best represent...

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target-2-risks Target 2 - Enormous Hidden Risk

TARGET2 harbours risks even greater than the enormous ones acknowledged by the European Central Bank

There has been long and ongoing debate about the nature of the sizable loans and deposits that the Eurozone national central banks (NCBs) run with one another within the TARGET2 payment system. The debate has overlooked that the balances are nearly double what the European Central Bank (ECB) reports, and that the report only shows the amounts at th...

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Trafficking Soon - four star hotels, food and free money

Illegal Immigration

We are now well into May, and it appears that the flood of illegal immigrants across the channel has not abated – if anything, as the weather improves it is likely to increase. The opportunity to control our borders, and to decide who enters the UK and for how long, was a key strand of Brexit, yet nearly seven years after the momentous vote, nothin...

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ecb-major-funding-risk Major funding risk for Eurozone member states

The European Central Bank's programmes have created a major funding risk for Eurozone member states

The programmes of the European Central Bank (ECB) are extensive, and involve greater risks than the ECB can bear, it being very thinly capitalised. Even modest losses on its programmes would require it to be recapitalised by its Eurozone shareholders – the national central banks (NCBs) of the Eurozone member states. This is laid out in the newly-re...

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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Social Media

How State Power and Algorithms Can Threaten Humanity Are you ready to dive into an important and current topic? The COVID-19 pandemic has been the perfect pretext for governments around the world to restrict fundamental rights without due process, creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that threatens democracy. Furthermore, a new technologi...

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Should young people be allowed to vote?

In 1969 the UK lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, a move echoed in the Family Law Reform Act 1969. Not everyone thought the change to the age of majority a good idea. Of the eleven members contributing to the Latey Report on Civil Law reform, two dissented: Geoffrey (later Baron) Howe QC and Mr John Stebbings, later President of the Law Society....

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Voting: the numbers game

The requirement for ID in Thursday's local elections has caused upset - Richard Murphy calls it 'a reversal of the right to vote.' At least he (correctly) thinks it's important. So does the EU, which is why it is post-democratic by design: its Parliament is nothing more than a talking shop. Moreover, the individual's ballot is swamped by sheer numb...

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Coronation special: "King Charles is far better than 4/5th of the morons I have been presented to vote for" Interview with Charles Coulombe

Coronation special: "King Charles is far better than 4/5th of the morons I have been presented to vote for" Interview with Charles Coulombe

With the build up to the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, I took some time with leading Monarchist Historian Charles Coulombe, who gave us an insight into the event on Saturday.Mr Coulombe also gives us the privilege to answer a hotly contested conservative question of whether or not to take the once in a generation oath to His...

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The Multiculturalism Fallacy

The Multiculturalism Fallacy

 Let me tell you a fact: The population of the United Kingdom rose officially by nine million between 2000 and 2023 from 59 million to 68 million, due to documented immigration and not including the millions more undocumented illegal immigrants. take that information how you will at face value, but it is a genuine concern to be worried about t...

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Pliss, vot iss it, zis voting?

When William of Normandy fell down on disembarking at Pevensey, getting his hands full of sand and mud, he showed them to his army and said it was a sign that he would seize the country. As he strode up the beach towards his horse and Hastings, we can be confident that the liberty and prosperity of the English middle class was not uppermost in his ...

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Making a success of Brexit

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Fatal Traction: How Bad Ideas Gain Currency In Government

Three years ago today (2nd May) my MP wanted to demonstrate her responsivity to her constituents, which makes a welcome difference from the types that have allegedly represented me in the past. Unfortunately, we have locally an equivalent to Theodore Roosevelt's 'hyphenated Americans': some people who wish to embroil us in foreign matters beca...

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The Forth Brexit Crusade

The Forth Brexit Crusade

The fourth crusade led by the Papacy and it's stated objective was to recapture the Muslim-controlled city of Jerusalem, by defeating the powerful Egyptian Ayyubid Sultanate. However, any theological historian can tell you that this "righteous" cause was too soon fail, not because god was not on their side but it quickly fell out of Papal cont...

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A tale of three seas

 Three seas and two waterways comprise what is arguably the most important geopolitical hub on the planet. The Black Sea, Mediterranean and Red Sea are joined by the Bosporus and the Suez Canal as a vital trade and security crossroads connecting Europe with the MENA countries and Asia. During the Cold War the Black Sea was dominated by the War...

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Apologia Pro Raab

Apologia Pro Raab

To summarise the whole Raab "bullying" scandal is best described from Conservative MP for Peterborough, Paul Bristow, deploring the saga as cynically making the UK as "not a serious country". Certainly Mr Bristow is pristine clear about this, the mockery that the accusation of "bullying" affecting the civil service makes our nation a joke.From...

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What democracy?

We're still cutting the Lilliputian threads, but if we can prevent Remainer sabotage we shall be able to say that we're fully out of the EU. But then, so is North Korea. Rather than define our destiny negatively as against the puppet-empire in Europe, what positive vision should we have of Britain and our future? We talk of ourselves as a democracy...

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What is the EU for?

The EU has never quite decided on its mission statement and this has caused difficulties for itself and for us, even after our withdrawal. Its deepest roots lie in the desire to prevent a repeat of World War One. At the fateful Versailles peace conference in 1919 the French minister of commerce and industry, assisted by Jean Monnet, was seeking Eur...

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houses-of-parliament-4444870_1920 Royal Republic

The Struggle for Liberty

As we approach the Coronation we can expect much malign and ill-informed comment from people who do not understand our political system. One reason for their ignorance will be the deplatforming of speakers who could put them right, such as the redoubtable David Starkey, shunned by the woke for their misrepresentation of an impatient and infelicitou...

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netzero-eib-liabilities Net Zero Liabilities

Net Zero is the Rationale for the European Investment Bank to Help Manufacture Enormous Public Sector Liabilities

Net Zero is proving to be a good cover story for the European Investment Bank Group to create huge financial liabilities for the EU taxpayer. The amount looks set to exceed €1.2 trillion by the end of the current EU budget period in 2027. This is laid out in the newly-released book 'The shadow liabilities of EU Member States, and the threat they po...

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DS Civil Service Replace Elected Government

An Anonymous Tyranny

Adam Tolley's report on the behaviour of Dominic Raab is flawed. The accusations were plainly coordinated between departments and were 'afterthought' accusations that would have been dismissed by an employment tribunal. Of the accusers "Only some of those individuals had any direct experience of the DPM (Deputy Prime Minister - Raab); some had neve...

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misleading-accounting It is all smoke-and-mirrors.

Misleading Accounting Lends Undeserved Credibility to the European Stability Mechanism

The European Stability Mechanism is the main bailout mechanism behind the Euro. Croatia recently joined it upon adopting the Euro. The ESM uses two accounting tricks to make it appear larger and more robust than it actually is, disguising that it lacks the firepower to deal with a major incident. This is laid out in the newly-released book 'The sha...

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eu-supranational-liabilities EU Debts

EU supranational entities harbour major unacknowledged liabilities for member states

The structures of the EU and Eurozone have allowed the creation of a series of supranational entities that have taken on debts whilst having little financial strength of their own: their creditworthiness depends on guarantees or capital calls from member states, without the extent of the member states' liabilities being transparent and being added ...

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creditrating-discrimination Discrimination against UK

Public credit rating agencies discriminate against the UK and in favour of EU/Eurozone member states

Public credit rating agencies have not been even-handed in their treatment of the UK compared to EU member states, given the large shadow debts and contingent liabilities that weigh on the latter. This is explained in the newly-released book 'The shadow liabilities of EU Member States, and the threat they pose to global financial stability', writte...

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unrecognised-debt EU and EZ Debts ignored

Scope of EU and Eurozone Debts is Unrecognised by Public Credit Rating Agencies

The public credit ratings of EU/Eurozone member states are inflated, because the credit rating agencies have not factored in the significant shadow debts and other financial liabilities bearing down on the respective member state's debt service capacity. Total financial liabilities are much higher than these agencies appear to recognise. This is th...

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success-3138743_192_20230415-100634_1 BREXIT Success

Remain Eat Your Words (yet again)

 Full yet? You wont see this on the BBC news but the last three quarters have seen the biggest improvement in the UK trade balance ever in history … EV-ER. This is precisely, exactly what the Remainiacs swore would NOT happen if we became an independent democracy again. The full dataset is here if you want to satisfy yourself I'm not maki...

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germany-cannot-pay False assumptions of global debt markets.

Germany Cannot Pay Totality of EU/Eurozone Debts

Global debt markets appear comfortable to absorb all of the bonds issued by the European Union for its €750 billion Coronavirus Recovery Fund on the basis that 'it all tracks back onto Germany'. This is true: the guarantee structure behind the EU's debts makes each member state liable for the entirety of them. The same debt markets do not seem to h...

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breaking-debt-rules_1 EZ break Spirit and Letter of Global Debt Rules

EU and Eurozone break both spirit and letter of global debt rules

The EU and its member states position themselves as a cornerstone of the rules-based international order, but they break its financial rules in both letter and spirit by failing to fully report their financial liabilities. The key measure tracked by Eurostat - 'General government gross debt' – is circumvented to such an extent that, based on year-e...

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How To Choose The Right Betting Platform

Sports betting has been a part of the sports culture since the establishment of organized sporting events. It has grown to be an industry in itself, and bookmakers have been the cornerstone of the growth of this business.   Bookmakers are entities that offer sports betting services and provide customers with lines of credit for bets and someti...

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How To Gamble Smart

Casino gambling has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment, offering an array of activities for players of all kinds. Whether they are seasoned veterans or new to the game, casinos offer a wide variety of exciting and entertaining opportunities.   The atmosphere of a casino is filled with the sounds of slot machines, cards shuffl...

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face-5478733_1920 Tyranny

The Tyrants of the Future

Cecil Rhodes once said: "to be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life". As a baby boomer growing up and going to school in the 1950's and early sixties, being taught to be proud of my country, our history, empire and its development into the Commonwealth, I always felt extremely privileged to be born British and fully agreed with...

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Nigel-Lawson Lord Lawson of Blaby

Lawson the Legend: The 'Unassailable' Face of the Boom Times

Vale Nigel Lawson, Lord Lawson of Blaby. One of the leading lights of Thatcherism, Cabinet Minister of the highest esteem, and a renowned journalist, Lord Lawson has rightly earned his place in history as one of the most significant Chancellors of the Exchequer in modern British history. Lord Lawson was one of the longest serving Chancellors since ...

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obscuring-over-indebtedness EU Obscure over indebtedness

EU and Eurozone are massively over-indebted - but official figures obscure it

EU and Eurozone member states fail to fully report their financial liabilities. The key measure tracked by Eurostat - 'General government gross debt' – is circumvented to such an extent that, based on year-end 2021 figures, debts of around €6.4 trillion failed to be registered, and contingent liabilities of around €3.8 trillion. This discrepancy is...

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Burn The Euro Zone is a Threat to Financial Stability

EU and Eurozone are Massively Over-Indebted - but official figures obscure it

 EU and Eurozone member states fail to fully report their financial liabilities. The key measure tracked by Eurostat - 'General government gross debt' – is circumvented to such an extent that, based on year-end 2021 figures, debts of around €6.4 trillion failed to be registered, and contingent liabilities of around €3.8 trillion. This discrepa...

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Shadow The Shadow Liabilities Of EU Member States

The Shadow Liabilities Of EU Member States And The Threat They Pose To Global Financial Stability

BUY THIS BOOK                                                                                                &...

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